Ibanez RG2610Z
Ibanez RG2610Z
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All user reviews for the Ibanez RG2610Z

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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King Loudness10/23/2011

King Loudness's review"Cool simple Ibanez"

Ibanez RG2610Z
The Ibanez RG Prestige RG2610Z is a recent model offering from Ibanez made in the last few years as a stripped down/simple guitar for those players who wanted a killer Ibanez superstrat, but in a very simple package with no needless extra features, and just a very direct guitar overall. It features a basswood body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and 24 frets, standard Ibanez Edge Tremolo and a single Seymour Duncan TB10 Fullshred humbucker wired to a single volume control, no other pickups or switching options. Definitely a rig for the player who will sacrifice features for a powerful and high octane sounding guitar with playability from beyond.


The guitar is extremely ergonomic like most Ibby RGs. The sculpted basswood body is fairly light and the whole guitar sits well on the body, and feels very sleek to boot. The cutaway has great access to the upper frets, and when combined with Ibanez's classic AANJ neck heel, the reach to the highest frets is really quite good.

Getting a good tone out of this guitar is fairly simple... if you understand that it's a one trick pony. It contains just a single Fullshred humbucker, which is quite high output and given that there's no other pickups or switching options, the tones are pretty high gain and shreddy. It's not a guitar I'd use for low gain bluesy stuff by any means... this thing was meant to soar.


I've tried this guitar through a variety of amps and have concluded that it sounds best through a modern amplifier like a Mesa Boogie or similar high gain amplifier rigs. The clean tones really don't do much for me... the combination of the basswood body and the high output humbucker make for cleans that sound pretty gained out and far from the pristine and textured/vintage voice that I look for in a clean tone. However, the high gain tones are wonderful. Whether doing fast staccato rhythms for hard rock/metal or playing some shred ala Paul Gilbert or Jason Becker, it really shines. The Duncan Fullshred really shines when hit with a fair amount of output. It doesn't get overly compressed in this guitar either which is nice. It's definitely worth looking into for high gain rock/metal styles, but it's a bit of a one trick pony.


All in all I think the Ibanez RG26120Z is a cool guitar from the company that offers great high octane tones and killer playability in a simple and direct package. They can be had for about $1,000 new which is a decent deal considering the fact that it's a well crafted and great, if not unversatile instrument. Definitely worth looking into if you're a rock or metal player craving a simple yet deadly superstrat with which to unleash a sonic assault.

Hatsubai's review"Old school 1 pickup guitar"

Ibanez RG2610Z
For all you EVH lovers or people who just hate the neck pickup in general, Ibanez has FINALLY made a guitar for you. For all these years, they made guitars with either two or three pickups, but these one pickup guitars seem to be selling quite well in the store. Hopefully Ibanez will continue to take the hint that there's a demand for these... The guitar features a basswood body, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets with ghost shark fin inlays, an Edge Zero tremolo, one humbucker configuration and one tone.


The fretwork on this was absolutely superb. The ends were beveled nicely, and the crowning was just perfect on these things. I was able to get 1/32'' action at the last fret without any fretting out with these guitars. The volume placement might not be for everyone. It's more in the strat position, and that might bug some people who hit it. I never had any issues, and I find that it helps for volume swells. I really like the sleek look of this, and the Edge Zero works great on this guitar once you disable the ZPS system. The inlays were also a very nice touch on this guitar.


The guitar has a single pickup installed in it -- the Seymour Duncan TB-10 Full Shred pickup. This is a pretty cool humbucker that is gaining more popularity in the Duncan line up. It can be a bit bright at times, but it absolutely excels at that 80s style tone, and let's face it, this guitar was designed partially with the 80s crowd in mind. If you're looking for the utmost versatility in an instrument, this isn't really your cup of tea. However, if you're looking for a guitar that's awesome for metal, this could be very much what you're looking for. The pickup cleans up nicely once you roll down the volume a bit, and you can even get a clean tone going on. Combine this with a boosted Marshall, and you got yourself a very great setup.


If you like one pickup guitars, you really need to check this out. It's great for those 80s metal covers, and it's actually fairly versatile once you learn how to properly utilize the volume knob. The trems on these are very solid, and the necks on these are great for shredding. These are going real cheap on the used market, so buy used.