Ibanez S270
Ibanez S270

S270, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/J's review"Ibanez S 270"

Ibanez S270
I bought it in a local store (I live in Maceió - Brazil) called Cactus. I paid R$1.750,00 (something like $730) after testing almost every electric guitar on the store. It was the best guitar I could buy, since JEM and JS guitars were too pricey for me (near $1670).

The body is made of mahogany, which means it's a light guitar with a sustain that lasts ages. Your fingers can move really fast in this thin rosewood fretboard and the jumbo frets sound really nice. The guitar itself looks great and the color is beautiful (jewel blue). The 5-way selector switch provides you a good range of different sounds, being the position 3 my favorite for clean sounds, the position 5 (bridge) for regular distortions sounds, and position 1 for blues distortion sound.

It has only 22 frets (I wish it was 24), the pick-ups sound nice, but kinda cold. The patented Floyd-Rose tremolo lock is terrible and can give you some headaches in staying in tune. I had to tighten the whammy bar (that's not a problems, actually...you can fix it easily).

As I said before, it's pretty light, beautiful, and thin. For these reasons, it seems to be a little fragile. The finish is perfect, all round, and the painting is great. There are 3 Ibanez pick-ups: a humbucker on the bridge, a humbucker on the neck, and a single coil between these.

So, if you're looking for a all-around guitar that sounds really nice, looks great, and isn't expensive, Ibanez S 270 is a good option and you'll probaly love playing it. Adding some extra info: it's made in Korea, there are a tone control and a volume control, and when using distortion the pick-ups enhance a little bit the picking, sounding a little dirty.

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barte555's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" God bless rock'n'roll"

Ibanez S270
The guitar is a Korean, with floyd rose type bridge (but without having to cut the ropes after big advantage). The handle is fine and will appeal especially to shredders and those who spend hours playing. It has 22 frets. : 3-MSM (double single double) for a certain flexibility (5-way switching). Channel


super nice, a perfect body, the weight is correct for the mahogany. Easy access to acute. For sound, it is not di Marzio but it is good provided you have an amp right. In any case, one has for his money.


She is comfortable in all styles. Nothing more to say. I play on transistor and also lamps. She defends well on the transistor, but the lights there it sends severe.


Almost 10 years and I still think 10 years (regular maintenance, no problem). For me the S series guitars are ideal. The value for money is as always very good at ibanez. I would do this choice and I would take more prestigious model.

Ld's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quality and versatility"

Ibanez S270
It is an Asian with floyd rose tremolo type.
22 frets, ibanez micro configuration 2 doubles and 1 single.
1 volume 1 tone, 5 position selector.


The neck is quite thin and the palm of your hand slides over her own, for my use is the ideal (I play a bit of everything).
Very good balance shaft body. Access to easy high notes.
The sound that can be expected in this range but made more qu'honète (quality ibanez).


Can play all styles well crystalline thick metal.
I play on Marshall amps. The microphone is serious for me the most interesting (for solos to slash with the tone slightly reduced).


Use: 5 years.
It's one of my favorites in this price range. Gorse most: versatility, mahogany body, its general shape. Super value for money. Yes, but it is no longer produced, I'd take the model above.

pelly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S270
Describes dj below.
There are currently little official information on this skyscraper in fact, the only information I found on the opinions are CHARACTERISTICS previous ones.

Roughly 22 square, mahogany body (mahogany) neck is, floyd rose.
I colored blue (navy).


The neck is super enjoyable to play as often on the ibanez. It is a very easy highway for solis. CHAC is super easy to acute. Weight is one of the most lightweight I've ever seen. ca ESG prefrent certain that many feel the weight of the guitar. Personally, I find it much more comfortable (matter of taste). the guitar is well balance.

The floyd is pretty easy and settle the agreement is good. I have heard many on this point ngatif floyd that does not. I personally use it quite often and as a gross and it is always the same place .. Never problem with .. I use it with 9-46. May be I have come down on a high SERIES, I do not know ..


I play everything. Jazz, funk, rock, metal, but varitblues plutt solo rhythmic pattern. I would say the sound is really good in all styles .. It is versatile and trs that's why I bought it. I manage to have a clear and his trs in prcis clean. trs distos sounds are good with lots of sustain (mahogany body ..).

Well, it is clear that this is not a DiMarzio and that a ct meuilleures ple with microphones, sound less ca. Nanmoins, the sounds are convincing and trs is probably the most versatile of scratches I had.

even when I put 10 in spite of the microphones because you have to locate CHARACTERISTICS in the price range in which it is and leaves the ionconditionelle DiMarzio sound, the pickups are original although the trs case ..


I use it for over 9 years (my Premire scratches). I had lots of guitars and have been sold as and for financire reason or other.

I sold a trsrcement prestige RG2550 which sounded better but it is true that costs double or even triple. The S270 is the only one I kept. It gives me Entire satifsaction and for the price, I find it gnial.

In the era, I bought 24,000 FB (Belgian franc), it must do so within 600 euros, the prices c'tait era ... Now, we find less than 300 euros OCCAZ and I think they are great for the price the business.
EDIT, I had Seymour uncan I wanted to sell. as I have not found a buyer right away, I put on my S270 in the meantime. This amazing scratching! great sound (super micro also said this). I'm really happy with the scraper. I jou in jam this week with a gibson. The lightness of this skyscraper I missed too! lol

Sortsol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S270
Sabre Korean with microphones Powersound I think he (2 doubles, 1 single), a vibrato lic. floyd rose, 1 vol / 1 tone, etc ... What the basic ...


Although fine corp sword requires, I think the weight is quite big for a small scratch like that, heavier than S470. Channel typed Ibanez, refined and easy. Floyd copying a little pity, I use it too so it's not a huge problem, but excited to have the trigger tears of despair after a few frenzied phrasing, in short it is not the masses. But the ergonomics of Ibanez is there, and the guitar is really nice to use.


Guitar quite versatile, with the combis are very nice single coil clean sound, if not only feel sorry for the double, no power, no heat or aggressive, well dishes. body weight gives a good return against the micro level of shit power and sustain, and I imagine that a small or TB6 SH8 bridge will do in a terrible metal spade! (For example)


Very nice guitar with great potential, provided they invest in a real floyd and microphones. Given the purchase price and the "more" weight, I prefer it to a S470. I play mostly black / death with an engl E530 and Marshall 8008, and that scratching is currently a backup satisfactory.

kadoroco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S270
Made in Korea
Guitar 22 frets, two doubles and microphone setup a simple, Ibanez Floyd Rose bridge (ie allows easy installation without cutting the string balls !!!). A volume control and one tone control. Mahogany body and maple neck bolted, rosewood fingerboard. This model was replaced by the S 370 is exactly the same. The only difference is aesthetical order, the mother of pearl inlay on the handle are standard on the S 270 round while they are waves on the S 370.


The neck is very thin Ibanez typed so nice, the frets are very accurate, access to acute is facilitated by the notch and the fineness of the round-body connection. The form common to the series sword, fine and elongated gives a good ergonomics, easy to play guitar is sitting as standing. The five position switch offers a range of different sounds and makes the guitar very versatile. The violin is good for a Korean guitar and it fits perfectly well-ordered agreement. It therefore offers a good comfort of play that does not drip beginners. The guitar is very heavy and yet it has a lot of sustain.


Like all guitars versatile, the sound is less typical ... you can have your cake and eat it. In short it is suitable for beginners who do not yet agreed on by its own style. The pickups handle is hot desire for the blues, the micro power plant is like slamming a telecaster great for funky rhythm pickup and very cold with lots of treble to suit hardos.
I play more blues, so I am delighted with the neck pickup. Plugged into my Fender Super Reverb All Tube I get great bluesy sounds. The sounds are warm, clear light, if I push a little crunch volume I at leisure, in the saturation sound is fat and always sounds great blues. The central micro and intermediate positions are ideally suited for rhythmic and funky cocottes typed. In fact I am less happy with the sound of the pickup. It is a double which is very cold with lots of treble and little presence in the media. I can not find a setting that suits me. I think replacing it with a seymour (can be a sh-4).


I use it for 4 years, I love the playability and sound of the neck pickup, I do not like the sound of any pickup. This is a great guitar for its price range. Although you have set a comfortable guitar that takes the agreement even if you pull the floyd. Many guitars in this price range does not offer the same benefits (I have tried many). For 300 Euros in hand a very good deal for both the beginner in the second guitar for the guitarist confirmed. I Replace only for high-end guitar otherwise it would not be worth the time.

rowerfox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S270
Weed then the S270 is an ibanez guitar wood (c quoique. .. TFW board, actually) with a wooden handle, in mtal frets, plastic microphones, etc. ...
it is Corenne I believe it has 2 pickups Ibanez Powersound double and a single. she rglages 2: Volume and Tone. a floyd, some cool, I admit that I do not use it!

one thing to say: it's all fine and trslgre, cool!


Honntement, it is more than playable trs. the neck is super fast and quite enjoyable (Ibanez, what) and the weight is really great enjoyable: no risk of scoliosis and other dirt from back pain.

the use is simple: once the branch jack you have to turn the volume and strum and presto! Sound!
my word, it works like a guitar, then!



My ptite scratch has gone through several microphones, and many sounds: the original pickups beginners, and a Di Marzio Superdisto in acute, and the famous and terrrrrrrrrrrible kit EMG Zakk Wylde! What's more, the I a more than adequate, a big big sound that fits more than perfectly my style of zic: The "More Than Rock '!


The note I put the max, because this guitar has a rvlation t in my life "guitar". yeah it is great, although she would like the agreement, it has a grosson with EMG, supports the handle without complaining drafts buggers that I imposed (if agreement with the 60 bottom) and roll!

Ibanez frankly it's really a cool brand, excellent value and sends qualitprix, koi!

now I want to change because I am a little tired of all lgres guitars and I want something more vintage and "heavy", but I never will sell it !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!