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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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Fab6901's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ideal"

Ibanez S420
Origin: Japan
Bridge: ZR tremolo with ZPS-2 system
: Sleeveless Wizard II maple - rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
Pickups: Humbucker INF2 (vibrato) + humbucker INF1 (handle)
Adjustments: 1 tone - volume 1 - 1 5 selector positron


The neck is fine, very fine. Ultra nice for me but love the Ibanez ...
The interface is excellent, the guitar is light but not too perfectly balanced.
Access to the treble? a wonder with this handle and specific cutting ...
The ADJUSTMENT PLAIN dy Ibanez floyd house is very hardu for the uninitiated, but once you got it, not rocket science (there's a few tutorials on the web in case ...)


The 420 is comfortable in all styles covered: clean sounds are light and crystalline, balanced mids and bass very present and powerful.
For distortion sounds, INF 1 & 2 do the job. it's not Seymour but the quality / price is indisputable.
So, good clear sound, crunch pop rock blues or heavy metal though: all went very smoothly ...
His specialty is the solo, Gilmour way or becker ... La, with bigMP and a good tube amp, it's a treat ...
For home and mao, with digitech and simulated amp, it can do almost everything.


In recent months, I really enjoy. But beware, this is like driving a Formula One: the slightest deviation is off the road and we can not accuse Ibanez !! and yes, every Paing means !! So one learns to play clean and to challenge ...
For 25 years, this is perhaps the best round that I had ...
Only negative I would have liked but good active pickups is to seek the little beast ...
Recommended for intermediate or schredders apprentices ...
Beginners, go your way, you will come later.

For now, I enjoy playing again, without limitation of the guitar ...
I am far, far away, to have done the trick ...

Oh, added bonus, it is a true sublime, better than the pictures ...

Akuu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very nice"

Ibanez S420
I bought this guitar a month of its first release many years ago (10 or 12 years I think). I have version 22 Deep Violet Flat color boxes that no longer exists, mahogany body, a volume knob and one tone knob, a 5-way switch and 2 humbuckers Ibanez V1 and V2


Like all S it is super light and thin and yet it sounds so incredible, you feel the body vibrate as notes and action.

The neck is fast and enjoyable from anywhere. The frets are sharp easily because of the indentation of the body.

I can hit him around the neck for several hours without feeling the weight unlike many other guitars.

The Floyd Rose is nice but I came back when I wanted to explore other tunings and string tie, it requires about 2 hours from setting and a crisis of nerve bonus if we can not. If it stays on the type of rope and tunning factory planned no problem floyd fulfills its role perfectly.
PS: since Ibanez has released more efficient version of Floyd's notably with the SPA that allows children to stop without breaking a string tune the other 5 so that's not too much to consider.


The pickups are well made without being at the level of EMG for example, but have excellent sustain and a good attack. They can thanks to selector produce sounds really different. I use mainly the neck pickup selection for arpeggios (selector towards the top), 2 microphones full (selector in the middle) to the rhythmic and some solos and aggressive sound for the microphones bridge (switch down). The others sounds a bit more specific but trSE pleasing to the ear as well (especially the 2nd selection from the top)

I play mostly metal but I also do blues, I can take a piece of Dire Straits or Pink Floyd to do without AC stain. Personal


I use for over 10 years (I stopped counting) and I use it again and again. I never get tired of that sound that I like and who m'aacompagne so long. I'm using to play Iron Maiden and consors but all other genres that are played in open tuning.

What I like most is its light weight, versatility (can play almost everything) and its different sounds.
What I like least is the Floyd but now it would be less current with new versions.

The value for money, so today the product remains almost the same, is very good, very solid, nice, comfortable.

With experience I think I rather switch to a fixed bridge with SV but it is purely personal. Since I bought an ESP / LTD EC401 but I have not dropped my S to the contrary. I always do my exercises with her, the PSE's not for me to play DropD, tuning I use to make the big metal.

So much for my opinion I hope I have helped. A versatile guitar