Jackson PS2 Dinky
Jackson PS2 Dinky

PS2 Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 9 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Budget Dinky"

Jackson PS2 Dinky
The Performer Series Jacksons are fairly low quality guitars, and they're more geared towards beginners than anything else. This guitar is the HSS version of it with the locking tremolo. The guitar has the following features:

Alder body
Maple bolt-on neck
Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets
Licensed floyd rose bridge
HSS configuration
Dot inlays
One volume pot, one tone pot and a five way switch


The guitar has put together kinda sloppy. The first thing that jumped out at me was that the frets were sharp. Whenever I moved my hand up and down the neck, I noticed that they would feel a bit sharp. That's a big killer in terms of how a guitar plays. The frets themselves should have been leveled and crowned better, too. The bridge on this is an awful tone sucking licensed crap floyd. It's made out of pot metal and sustains like ass. I really dislike these bridges on this, but considering the cost, you can't really expect something like an OFR or the equivalent.


The pickups in this were pretty dull sounding. Nothing stood out in terms of overall tone because they were so bland. The bridge was muddy and undefined sounding once you start getting some gain going. On the clean channel, it just sounded really dull. The neck pickup was a bit bright, and I didn't like the sound I was getting under gain. I'm not exactly the number one guy to talk to about clean tones since I'm a metal player, but the neck clean tone was workable. I never used the middle pickup, so I can't comment on that aspect. It sounded decent in positions 2 and 4, however.


I don't recommend these cheaper guitars like this. You're better off buying something of much higher quality guitar if you can afford it. If you can't, save up your money until you can. For just a few hundred dollars more on the used market, you can pickup on a very solid Jackson that'll blow this one out of the water.

DoWn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
The PS2 is scratching a Japanese box with a handle 24 screwed in maple, rosewood fingerboard and alder body in all probability.

the microphone is the standard config jackson: 2 singles and a double (bridge) with a 5-way switch (the micro double is not splittable) ..

floyd rose tremolo

1 volume, 1 Tone (very effective) (a note, the volume knob is a bit "soft" on mine)


The handle is great, super comfortable slim frets with fine and soft, it's all over for a guitar of this price!

Access in acute, however, limit (yes it's a Bolt the join is thick!)

the guitar is a nice little weight PSE you a little about Paul after a few hours of RPET up!

the sound is not always great but ok for the price. It may need to consider changing the pickups (I think one has EMG or Seymour Duncan humbucker in place of)


This scraper is perfect for my style of music: rock tends punkisante!

J'obtient mainly fat or crunchy sounds clear but it is played too ...

I like the sound of the humbucker, and the microphone of the handle does not please me much .. surprises, we can not adjust the height of simple microphones, the screws are killing!


I use this gear for ... dja pff 7 years!

I love the handle, well-aggressive form without cover plate, the fittings of very good quality (mechanical, vibrato) and fat humbucker sounds.

I hesitated between AC and a BC Rich warlock more expensive ... and I think I made the right choice!

I have not really tried before buying, as it was in poor condition (the 5-way switch pt missing stem vibrato, a belt attachment and especially missing two strings , suddenly, the floyd was the ass in the air!)

I paid 800 francs was the era (the euro did not exist!) (120 for young people!) WAS carrment cheap after the 15 francs (2.30) d penss for belt attachment and the rod of vibrato and a floyd rglage by me on the guitar strings is very new prsentable!

I also change after the 5-way switch (for once really HS)

a very good price quality ratio for me, I do it again without hsiter choice!
Paranoid Android04/17/2006

Paranoid Android's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
24 frets, HSS configuration
Channel fine enough
Pink Floyd
2 knobs (volume and tone)


Handle very pleasant
Access to acute rather good but requires the training
The guitar is quite heavy but it's a habit to
the three microphones are of good quality


Very versatile guitar Unlike the reputation of Jackson, I do not think this guitar is made for the metal, on the other hand is perfect for rock with rounded tone without aggressivit attack.


I use it for 6 months now, bought second-hand and frankly it surprised me more than I thought by taking a jackson guitar have a little too aggressive and ultimately I end up with a guitar really rock type. I think with the exprience I would do this choice, in any case as the first guitar is really good. In addition it is no longer manufactures the opportunity to try if you can get one for a fair price.

planetslide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
Korean model (I think), in its first line, ie without Floyd (not to use vibrato without detuning). 24 frets, HSS config microphone, 5-way switch, two knobs. Body quite heavy and thick black color. Channel super flat and wide, very fast.
Finish suitable for the price, beautiful painting. Correct mechanical, metal knobs solid, reliable selector. Attaching the handle a little "rustic" (no bevel on the heel)

This was my first "real" guitar (after having two dung of a thousand bales), bought new, with whom I learned a lot. When I got it, I felt back in the big leagues! Great for the budget of the time (2500 balls).


The handle is very special very flat, it gives an impression of width rather disconcerting! Hard to change when scratching is used to handle ...
The latter are quite sensitive to acute use. Access is OK but no more. Ergonomics is good but the body is heavy and thick, which looks weird compared to the handle end.

This guitar is very reliable: no problem in several years of use. The knobs are smooth and the selector does not break. Mechanics are correct and the jack does not move.

The vibrato is zero (not Floyd that year, I recall) but just not to use it ...


So there it is gate. If you only know its sounds, this guitar can get away with. If you listen to much more expensive guitars, or if you play again with the scratch after having tasted better, as I do, you are perceiving that sounds really means.

With the distortion that disgusting messes up the nuances, it passes. But plain or crunchy, it perceives the price of the beast! The humbucker does what it can, it's still happening. But simple is not really extra .... Clearly, the transition from micro to another does virtually no change in her is saying!


I always have this guitar, c fun to take it from time to time. The latest models may have changed from the "old" version.

In fact, I was one day left to buy a few years ago as it had put a Floyd on it. And then I flashed the store on a Jackson DK Japan 92. Result: nothing to do! A super Floyd, incomparable sound and much better quality. It'll be ten years since I played it and I can not find better than out 2500 euros.

Conclusion: The PS2 is great for small budget but do not have any illusions. TFW by changing the pickups, it would be easier, but the violin is worth it the effort? That said, Jackson is something else even qd Ibanez in the same price range ...

hexalto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
24 frets / 2 singles / 1 double / Fender type 5-way switch, Floyd Rose, Flat handle.
The need is present.


The handle is built for speed riffs and solos unbout to the other of the handle. This is a typical guitar-oriented Rock / Metal. Access to acute is easy to the 20 boxes ca spoils after a bit, it is more knitting and little fingers are welcome.
Good overall balance, very lightly.
Note that I find the handle a little "cut" to the head due to freight beyond just the edge of the handle. But it may be a default position of the hand from me ... Ibanez sleeves are more comfortable.


If you are looking for a good guitar, good market for hard / metal / Numetal / speed / trash / garage / industrial morning in modern kazoo is the right radius. Somewhat in the same spirit as the ESP M100.
The humbucker spits out without being monstrous (with adhoc distortion) and clean sounds are really clear that equates to a little bit.


I tested a Cort X2, an Ibanez RG, Yamaha Pacifica and a frankly Jackson seemed better. Problem setting DropD Floyd to play (must readjust all) but it's a problem with the Floyd rather than the guitar itself.
It complements my humble guitarothèque with Ibanez GSA for the quietest musical genres.
In short, a good guitar.

gravity37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
Alder body, maple table flammbr />-maple neck vissbr />-rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
Floyd Rose tremolo-JT-580 LP under liscence (action of the vibrato in both directions, a guitar possde dfonce to get the floyd)
-Black hardware
-2 Jackson single coil pickups + 1 humbucker home
Volume tonalitbr -1 + 1 /> Made in Japan


Violin making of this guitar is an instrument of impeccable for that price, the model that I possde a flamed maple top green and the most beautiful effect!
the handle is nice (even if there are finer) is fast with good access to the acute (22 -24 has a bit more difficult)
not the weight of the guitar that can surprise the first time ... (nothing very nasty ca is bearable;))
A blank guitar sounds great race despite the vissbr /> vibrato is good but not what he does best, do not abuse it!


This scraper is super plolyvalente With these 2 simple microphone is easily obtained strat sounds clean fawn.
I replaced the humbucker to the original microphone with a emg 81 and the sound is killer!
distortion in the emg done wonders and makes this guitar a lot, this configuration allows microphones really jou in all registers from blues to heavy.
metallica fans of the guitar is for you!


This is truly a jackson jewelry especially with flame finish gives it a great class.
I bought used after having a lot of thought (some info on the net) but if it again I would.
I rather play in the metal and scratching brings me full satisfaction, I think the alternative to the dual microphone is a good choice.
this model is no longer available then good luck to OCCAZ!

Traps's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
"It is a Japanese.
-24 Frets. 2 jackson simple micro and medium in the neck position and a double jackson in the bridge position.
A four-spring vibrato Bridge stratocaster type.
-2 Knob, one volume and one for tone. And a 5 position switch configured like a stratocaster.
Channel Maplet with a touch of rosewood and quite late, perfect for the bar. A perfect ascesibilité in acute and incomparably better now than a Start.
(PS: I compare the stratum for you to make an idea from a model known)


-This depands of what you ask. I like the above, it is perfect for the bars, the solo s'enchene well.
Acute them are easily accessible. Just as for Deniere freight (from 21 to 24) it must be late .. because it is very small but otherwise it is accessed very easily.
-The ergonomics of the model is very very good. Shame that the contours are fairly square, it is somewhat reminiscent of those of the telecaster but better.
Nikel-Audio is set regardless of the chosen micro.


It is quite versatile, but still is extremely effective for hard rock or metal.
-I play two amps of 65W rms Coxx by a preamplifier and amplifier Samick SM25R all filtered through a wah pedal and a Korg multi effects A5. Otherwise it losque that I connected directly to an amp and no effects except the reverb which I appreciate most
-In his clear is critallin and quite cold on some positions and not hesitate to put a little longer than low on the amp, and distortion is sublime, it is very clean and clear.
I-tros default is not to say about this guitar. If you are connected metal and hard rock, it is for you.
(PS: my guitar has more than 10 years. I bought lai 120Euro has a friend who had been used since the 9 years and remained in his greniere all this time. I ca pence although there's a lot in terms of its )


I use it since summer 2004, and is a guitar that he exclente sagit to play "nag" and god knows its happened to me once in a while. The solo has Metalica or otherwise does not scare him, however.
Staff, since that I was more pop-oriented style funk rock, I prefer typed in the fender, but this guitar keeps soupson of a Multipurpose, ca and my well Dépan several times.
In the pass j'au already tried ibanez in the same type, but it has nothing to do, Jackson gives an extra charm of his guitars. For me, the value for money was démenciel (120E), but even at 220E, and if the guitar is in good condition, it's worth it.
Notice to all metal with not necessarily the means to make this a Gibson SG or a Flying V Jackson US .. take that scratching!

GaBcRaCk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
Trs good guitar except that the microphone bases do not spit too (double coil)
24 cases so it's really great for those who want to play a lot like me in the high
3 micro
Simple to make a nice solo in the middle for a smooth sound and a humbucker for good distortion (though it's basic stuff what)
Two adjustment potentiometers
1 volume and one tone
1 Floyd
is suitable for style thanks to its metal handle trs flat handles some prefer a little bomb ... well short
impecable for fast solos trs (any style metal a. ..) (Michael Romeo, Timo Tolkki ...)


Channel enjoyable trs
CHAC is difficult to acute or else be lengthened fingers:-P
(Although everyone did not even the same hand or finger so you have to test and you see)
Ass heavy guitar (but I waste a little);)


For any metal in my genre is the guitar for you if you're new;)
big sound for a while (due to micro basic jackson) prvoir a multi effect is mandatory! (The digitech death metal is a good value for purchase / price)


Well keep count at least 4 years
(4 years of use)
Money nothing to say it's worth the money (generally 500 in a store quelqonque)
I recommend this purchase but do not worry about the treble (if you are a beginner) the acute trs trs you will not) lol

Performer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson PS2 Dinky
Guitar 24 frets, 2 single pickups plus a double knob Volume for volume and with a 5-way switch, handle Alder heuuuuu ... oh yeah mine is transparent green is magnificient and I cry out loud THANK YOU JACKSON!
The lil gem pocde a Floyd Rose type tremolo.
On my MODEL (SERIES performer) found a system that blocked rope very practical for this enpcher dsaccorder any use but I confess a bit boring to change tuning but it's your sentence (I think !!!!!). Makes the United States (I think) BUT has all the air.


So Jackson on PS2 I find a really enjoyable race, trs fast, with a comfortable indniable.
CHAC is simply to childish treble, no problem at this level. This guitar is as enjoyable to play than it is upright when you are seated. Its weight is correct and not too heavy or too lightweight at home gibson sg. His body is not as large as a les paul which is jy difficultsa of play. And finally on its use I would say that the sounds are simple to obtain trs ny it has only one volume for all the microphones not be the most by skyscrapers which there are 2 volumes and we shuffled a bit sy p Dales.


It is true that Jackson is mtal and that at this level if we gat to the Big SONS. But contrary to what we think and what I think also the PS2 Jackson is versatile. I play a little bit of everything and I happen to find a compromise with my trs satisfesan microphones pasent rock to metal. I play on a transistor combo Marshall and I resord good treble that does not break like some good harmonics with APRS for serious eh ben c plain c Jackson is clean and "powerful".


I'm using my Jackson for the past 4 years and really hard adcrocher jai, I tried another guitar, but sometimes better tro CHRE so that with the PS2 I'm really pleased to report quality price. The highest Jackson on I think that's taking the easy manipulated ca ca ca galament simplicity and green transparent but hard enough to find a beauty Ingala. The only thing I could blame may be the attachment of the Lanir is like all the other guitars and then it slides as and unlike ATACHE home gibson c my good is really to find something because Kelk c is of great guitar and I think I m never tire. Cest a guitar really tested.