Jackson DK2S Dinky
Jackson DK2S Dinky

DK2S Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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All user reviews for the Jackson DK2S Dinky

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Audiofanzine FR12/08/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Jackson DK2S Dinky
(Originally written by the sage/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Japanese Pro Series

24-fret neck with binding

Seymour TB4 (single coil) and Sustainiac pickups

JT580 LP tremolo under Floyd Rose license (good quality on my model)


I already owned a Jackson KE3. The neck is a bit rounder but as pleasant as the one of my Kelly. The guitar is quite light and very well balanced. It's a very good guitar.


Now it starts to get interesting!! Being extremely versatile is one of the biggest assets of this guitar because you'll always find the right sound in every situation. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with SH55 and a Jackson Kelly with EMG81 and 60. Two great guitars for blues (Les Paul) and heavy metal (Kelly) that also provide good results in other music styles. Compared with them, the DK2S is just great for every music style! From Slayer to funk, jazz and rock, this guitar is amazing for every single style (thanks to its single-coil pickups). At first sight, the Sustainac seems to be a useless gizmo but as soon as you learn how to master it the beast is terrific. The feedbacks produced don't sound artificial at all!!

You have to love this guitar!!!


It has the most balanced sound among my guitars. It sounds amazing regardless of the amp (I use a Fender Silverface or 6260 Bugera head + 4 x 12" cabinet). The price is a bit high,

but I would buy it again without any hesitation!!
MGR/Tom A.02/11/2004

MGR/Tom A.'s review"Jackson DK2S"

Jackson DK2S Dinky
Picked up this guitar at Haight Ashbury Music Center (their Sunnyvale, CA store) last week. Plays great. Good action and hardware, but what makes it different from my other guitars is that it comes from the factory with the "Sustainiac" active pickup at the neck.

My new DK2S Plays great. Good action and hardware, and it comes from the factory with the "Sustainiac" pickup at then neck. This is a very cool gadget! Creates awesome controlled harmonics/feedback on demand.

The only problem with mine is that it is defective and needs warranty work. When the sustain mode on the Sustainiac pickup is disengaged, what should be a clean sounding guitar tone sounds slightly overdriven and staticy. This is likely the preamp built into the curcuitboard. I guess the more technology a guitar has them more stuff there is to go wrong with it. I'm really looking forward to playing this thing really loud one its repaired.

All in all very good construction, with the exception of the electronics defect.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

nicos06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" of very good stuff"

Jackson DK2S Dinky
Made in Japan, the pro series is very well made, I possesses since 2008 and she did not motion blurred since the materials used and the finish commands respect ... may be a bit too lol, I said, everything is so well finished has an almost surgical level that almost inevitably do well for these small imperfections sometimes made by a luthier to make it less perfect ... (As my gibson and fender) after I am a guitarist breaks testicle too!
Floyd rose bridge under license, how perfect!
The handle is comfortable, faithful to jackson, a little wide but very easy to handle, and you get used to now, it is a highway to the treble, 24 frets, 1 single coil pickup, 1 double seymour duncan, and sustainer 1, 1 volume control, 2 tones and 2 switches to activate and choose what type of feedback you desire, 5-way switch


Super nice handle, very good access to acute, grat well balanced, can be a bit light, but great sound and very versatile malgrés what one might think, after the field is rather heavy


Perfect for rock, hard rock, heavy, good in other styles
Sounds warm thanks to the double


I for 7 years and for 20 years I used fender ibanez gibson plays and others it is a very good grat in his field, I bought it after having tried many more expensive model and it was grat that I needed the only problem is the floating vibrato, but this disadvantage is not this guitar, just that I 'now uses only fixed bridge guitars because even on my fender american standard, I have blocked the bridge on the table, I will not repeat that choice just because of a system by floating against fixed bridge would be the best of the best ... to me
the sage12/08/2008

the sage's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2S Dinky
Pro Series japan
24 cases net race button
seymour seymour TB4 simple sustainiac
floyd under liscence JT580 LP (of good quality on my model)


I have a dj jackson ke3, the handle is a bit rounder, but remains largely as comfortable as my kelly.Elle is light enough and very well equilibre.C is a very good guitar.


It is interesting that the! I will not go around the bush, it scratched the enormous advantage of being extremely versatile and sound in all cas.J 'have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Mount e in SH55, and a jackson kelly and climbs 81 60 Emg two great guitars great for the blues (LP) and metal (kelly) good records and in other well dk2s is simply excellent partout.Des Slayer in the rhythmic funk jazz rock it sends in all situations and all styles (simple thank you mics). In terms of sustainiac, was very useful gadget and departing but we know just master the beast is not ringing terrible.Les Feedback synthetic at all!
We can only love the scratches!


This guitar is the balance of my collection and it is my fender Silverface couple or my 4x12 and my Bugera 6260 envoie.Le price it can be a little elevbr /> especially since it I had readjusted the intonation, but I reselect this model again!!