LTD H-1000
LTD H-1000

H-1000, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Deluxe H series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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iamqman's review"Someone find the missing guitar"

LTD H-1000
I can't believe the prices guitar with how cosmetically beautiful it really looks we always from the details of the pearl outside the fretboard and the binding is just immaculate. It's really stunning instrument if you really look to the details of it and I'm trying to find where they are able to recuperate the cost of manufacturing these guitars. These are just really beautiful and stunning instruments. Another probably made overseas but still these are just fine looking instruments.


• 25.5” SCALE


The tone of thise guitar is fantastic! If you've ever played any type of super Strat guitar before than you know how this is going to sound. The head stock is little funky and the tuners look a little bit out of place but other than that the overall body of this instrument is fantastic. I really like the tone because it has a nice warm tone that really sounds fantastic with Seymour Duncan pick ups installed. This is a beautiful instrument and sounds fantastic with any type of amplifier you're using it with. I really think these guitars excel with a high gain setting such as a Mesa boogie or Marshall amplifier. Overall you can play these with any amplifiers you have and they're really going to sound fantastic.


These guitars come in new at right around $400 MSRP. I think the reason they're able to cut the costs because of the body would that they use. Agathis wood is pretty cheap and it doesn't sound as good as in alder or mahogany wood. I believe that's how they're able to keep the cost of these guitars at low prices. Overall these are great guitars for the money and they sound excellent in pretty much any setting you put them in.

MGR/Joshua's review"ESP H-1000 Deluxe"

LTD H-1000
I bought this guitar from GuitarZar's in Salt Lake City, Utah. I paid about 800.00 for it. I was looking for a guitar with EMG 81's and picked it up.

This guitar has a great sound when plugged into any amp. I've tried it on a tube amp and solid state. The glossy black paint job looks incredible and the emg 81's give it the sound that you'd want to go on stage with. the emg actives are 2 to 3 times as loud and powerful as any passive pickup, and they don't mud out in high distortion and fast playing. The neck and fingerboard are extremely smooth, almost as if you were playing a silk guitar.

The only thing I don't like is I've always played les pauls and copys, so I'm used to 2 tone and 2 volume. This guitar has 1 tone and 1 volume. Besides that, I can't think of anything.

it's very light, in my opinion a light guitar means that it won't last if you throw it across stage, but then again, who in their right mind is going to throw their guitar across stage without a backup?

Overall a fabulous guitar.

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migeira's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD H-1000
CF Archive manufacturer

Duncan pickups, excellent in Disto, lack of a clear definition, too dull ...


The English Channel is just perfect, in general the violin is perfect, we really feel that this instrument is three times its price.
Balance and lightness of the body are quite substantial, this guitar sounds excellent even unplugged already ^ ^
Access to acute perfect, good performance that is played sitting or standing.


My favorite style of Metalcore is rhythm guitar (style August Burns Red, Darkest Hour, or Misery Signals), I was looking for a guitar of excellent quality below 1500 euros, I was filled.
I found it used, I hesitated between the model and the black sunburst model, respectively, with Duncan and EMG.
The Sunburst Duncan fitted to my surprise are accurate regarding the distorted sounds (of ENGL Blackmore and Bugera 333), but I teams within a few days in EMG (Wylde kit) because I still prefer the sound of the 81 .
The sound is clear when its really very very limited, however, played an Engl Blackmore who enjoyed clear sound that borders on perfection, both duncan matter what the switch position is really grounded in respect clean sounds.


A guitar that borders on perfection and barely holding compares favorably with more expensive models, such musicman or even some home (ESP Horizon Custom).
When one takes into account its price, this guitar is really perfect, value for money extremely rare to find a violin very high profile, exceptional comfort.

A guitar to test urgently for myself when I found an H-1000 in black on EBAY I buy it immediately ... you will be warned!

scyco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD H-1000
Scale 25.5 ";
mahogany body;
Saddle sleeve 3-piece;
Channel collbr /> 24 cases, jumbo frets
Rosewood, 12th fret with H-1000 Emg 81/85 active pickups 3 position selector
1 volume, 1 Tone black varnish Mcaniques Sperzel
Earvana compensated nut by
TonePros bridge
White abalone Binding
at first sight ....... Magnificent

As against a lightweight on my MODEL bavage varnish (approximately 0.5mm) on the handle
But aside from a ca one feels that this has t scratch heals and constructed so that the plant known to produce ESP guitars


In the grip there is on Astonishingly lgret surprised by this guitar.
While sitting trs is enjoyable to play.
The handle is fine and fast enough dovetail with big jumbo frets,
The extreme precision is empty and the sound of the scratching forces me to leave my folk take the dusts in the corner of my living room.
And yes the strings through body give this a superb rsonnance scratches.
A empty rgal


Amateur mtal but open to DIFFERENT styles of music, I do not want to have a guitar too strotype in mtal with an ease in the distorted sounds and have a clean rotten.

Well this guitar is everything I dreamed.
Indeed its use also extremely enjoyable, the sounds of guitars are worth much more Chres in normal times:
Sound clear:

The EMG 85 neck pickup provides sounds warm and enjoyable round for trs arpges plans or simply plans jazz blues the diffrence of EMG 81 bridge pickup is right trs, aggressive and snapping.
Distorted sounds:
forget the neck pickup and paste the selector down and ...... closes the bnouvhe not you dream
The disto EMG right in the face, though rather cold but trs prcis and IDAL for croum croum a string riffs and nags

So for super clean résumé (EMG 85) and super distortion (EMG 81)


It's been four months that I have and I am full of the purchase, I sought a versatile egratte around 1000 euros and I have not seen t dcu because the quality of components, the aesthetics ticks and finish, it competes with guitars much Chres. QualitPrix Report 12/10

So in conclusion, a rock guitar pin and see stuff that big stain (croum croum yehhhhhhhhee ....) but it is very much able to deal with a range of style trs tense.

A test without waiting