MH-50, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard MH series.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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iamqman's review"straight up metal"

When I think ESP guitars I generally associated with the hard rock and metal guitarist out there. This is one of those guitars that just screams metal tones in my opinion. Just alone the cosmetics alone give the impression that it is built for high volatile trading in aggressive guitar sounds. This is one of those guitars it looks really cool on stage as well as sounding great recording studios well. This is the kind of guitar that is meant to be played hard. It is an instrument that just screams to be turned up loud and obnoxious.


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ESP Guitars LTD MH-50 Electric Guitar, Black

ESP Guitars LTD MH-50 Electric Guitar, Black

The ESP Guitars MH 50 TREM 6-String Electric Guitar, Black. Rocking electric guitar with humbucking pickups, great playability and a Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo.

The ESP Guitars MH 50 TREM is a solid body electric guitar with superb playability and beefy pickups, at a great price. The Ltd Standard Series MH-50 BLK is loaded with ESP LH-150 pickups for versatile, fat rock tones. The fast and comfortable, thin U-Shaped maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard on an agathis body provides good resonance and sustain, perfect for rhythm and lead guitar work. The ESP Guitars Ltd MH50 BLK has a 25.5 inch scale and the upper frets are easily reached with the double cutaway design. Other features include dot inlays, ESP-LTD tuners, Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo and Vol / Tone / 3-Way Toggle controls. An affordable, good quality, hard-rocking electric guitar with versatile tones.

The main features of the ESP Guitars MH 50 TREM include:

Rocking electric guitar with humbucking pickups, great playability and a Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo
Construction / Scale: Bolt-On / 25.5 inch
Body: Agathis
Neck / Fingerboard: Maple / Rosewood
Nut Type / Width: FR Locking / 42mm
Neck Shape: Thin U
Inlays: Dots
Frets: 24 XJ
Binding: None
Hardware: Black Nickel
Tuners: ESP-LTD
Bridge / Tailpiece: Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo
Pickups: ESP LH-150 Set
Electronics: Vol / Tone / 3-Way Toggle


This guitar features some different wood combination types. The body what is made out of wood called agathis which is a different type of what that is usually used on guitars. Generally you find mahogany wood that gets the price point is guitar down a little bit. In conjunction with that you have a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. You also have some ESP brand pickups which are very high in their response in town. This guitar is a really shredding aggressive types for those people looking for impress of tone. Even if you hook this guitar up to a clean or low gain setting on amplifier it's still going give you a nice tight response and full-bodied type tone. This is a great sounding guitar that has such a filling sound that goes well with any style of music but mostly the angry stuff.


These guitars are little harder to come by and find nowadays. I have seen them on line for right around $400 or so which is a pretty good price free starter guitar or just a guitar that sounds pretty good. This is again the ESP LTD models which is a sub company under the ESP name. Overall this is a good guitar for the money and I recommended to anyone looking for something on a budget.

Hatsubai's review"Cheap junk"

The ESP LTD MH-50 is a guitar meant to appease those who enjoy the MH bodies but can't afford one of the higher end models. The guitar has a basswood body, a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, a licensed floyd rose tremolo, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a three way switch.


The guitar was a total dog. First of all, the neck joint was sloppy. This is a huge no-no as it can easily hinder tone. The neck itself didn't feel too good, and I think that's because the finish wasn't fully cured or something when they shipped it out. The fretwork had sharp ends that made it feel uncomfortable playing, and there were some high/low frets that needed to be taken care of. The bridge in this is a cheap licensed floyd that doesn't hold tune or flutter like a normal floyd does.


This is one of the guitars that gives basswood a bad name. The guitar sounded absolutely dead, and the stock pickups didn't help it at all. The bridge sounded dull and undefined no matter what you set the amplifier to. The neck sounded flat and overly bass heavy. It did nothing to make me want to keep playing it. The guitar itself wasn't resonant, and that might have had something to do with it, as well as the sloppy neck joint.


If you're interesting in buying one of these guitars, don't bother. Look at a higher model LTD and buy used. You'll get more value for your money, and it'll be way more fun to play. The only reason for being this would either be out of ignorance or to smash it on stage. It's not worth wasting your time on with so many better guitars out there for a similar price.

VisagePale's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)


Made in Indonesia

Floyd rose bridge

C handle very very nice and fast

24 frets, made two double microphone for sounds heavy but very good for its crystalline

volume and a knob a knob and a bass treeble microphone selector 3 positions (1, 1-2, 2)




Handle very very nice and fast (already said)

formed first and then technical aesthetics, not very heavy compared to my SG

The access to the treble is perfect

This gives a very good sound "metal" as hard rock or punk rock biensure




It has suited my style of music, jai but changed style between temp!

Personally I for hard rock but my amp any fund (treeble, gain ..) except the bass is giving me sound a little to deep purple, but also the kind of pop rock blink 182 and all with a background and some distortion sound kind of Guns N'Roses, but this guitar are planned for the metal

MARSHALL MG30 DFX (older generation) and a Korg AX 5G

I like everything




I use it for 4 years now

This was my second guitar

The sound very heavy, requiring, for playing Metallica or Children of Bodom, so it's perfect! But the little problem is the floyd rose, but after changing the string 1 time (like me and yes I was 4 years changed qu'unu rope once when I play a lot!) well I think next time I changed, it will be fine!

Very good value, cheap, good finishes and very beautiful!

Frankly, not because I changed my style of music but I would have redone session yes!


spiritangel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

* It is manufactured by kore
* The handle is fitted to 24 frets, 2 ESP LH are mircos-100
* The bridge is a floyd rose licensed
* 1 knob for volume gnral, 1 for Tone and a 3 position selector micro can
What type of race?
Channel C really comfortable and fast


- The neck is fast and trs trs comfortable with 24 frets and the soloists could show all their pany.
- CHAC is really acute in very easy
- The shapes are beautiful, even when the guitar is lgre
- I use this guitar with Korg AX 5G pdalier and I find it REALLY easy to find a good sound
- The licensed floyd rose original is ok but n'agale the original. If it is well rgl tuning like no problem but s'avre difficult to change the strings (you must be patient ^ ^)

I put 9 / 10 because of the floyd rose but by a impecable.


- Yes I play the visual rock (X JAPAN for example) and the sound is perfect
- I played on a Vox amp AD100 multi effect with Korg AX 5G
The clear sound is more than adequate and the sound of distortion is impecable


- I use it for 2 weeks
- The most and least of this guitar: the floyd rose license
- Good quality price
- No, because I would take a suprieur MODEL ^

osisko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Start guitar shaped, made in asia
24 jumbo frets, 2 ESP LH-150 humbuckers
Bridge Floyd Rose double-barrier liscence (floating bridge)
One volume knob and one tonalitée, 3 position selector
Keys rosewood, body agathis


The key is excellent, handle very "fast", although designed for the arpeggios in "sweep", the tapping, the bending. the cut is ergonomic.
There is no access genes at the 24th fret on the 6th string with any finger, and the weight is average, but does not feel when playing standing.
Clear amplified sound is very clear treble and rich, but it is easy to get a well rounded with the micro side handle.


It is designed for metal. I use a Line6 Pod and a Peavey Bandit 112 amp series Transtube 100W RMS. I can get the sonoritée I want with the pod, but I get as fat as a sonoritée crystal with any type of analog distortion Metalzone. It is especially valuable for palm-muting, muffled notes are very powerful and biting.


I use it for some months, following a very similar Ibanez and a stratum. I really appreciate that this guitar has been designed for the metal before the game look, which is very noble and neutral in this style. I played a lot of different models, and I find that this guitar is an excellent investment for the guitarist metal or hard rock has a price / quality ratio in the best in its class. if I had the choice again, I re-choose, taking into account that it is exactly what I was aiming for my style of play, and it is the finest of its kind in ESP.

Darkside38190's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Made in Kore (LTD), 24 frets really useful for solo! Micro LH100 (ESP) in HH.
Vibrato (optional) Floyd Rose really good, very easy to use.
2 pots (1 volume 1 tone) a pickup selector (acute, grave, or 2).
Flat handle that is really enjoyable! But not as much as that of an LP


Handle very pleasant, access to acute and really easy, it goes down to the cargo without any problems 24me .... nothing to do with a Les Paul! In weight has nothing to say, when changes from a scratch on this LP really feel the difference, super lightweight, it moves well avec.Seul small BMOL ca change would rope that is not really enjoyable, especially when you put as taking the 9-46 because the tension of the vibrato and without a rope as it enters the body of the guitar so when changing the string you have to press the stem of the vibrato for up to have access to BTR REFERRED really ... not practical!

8 because of a change of rope!


... What to say .... it's an entry-level, micro home LP100 ... are they too much potato is flat at the beginning I find them really well, but I saw a real difference in an Epiphone LP standard Assayas ... the right plan is to take it for his violin, which even for an entry-level, is of good quality and change microphones for EMG or other (a prfrer even when the EMG).
With the original microphone is loud enough, so the harmonic well enough in my gout, clean ... it's not for that!

I put 6 because it is not a storm either but ...


I use it for 2 years now, first it is a very good guitar, I got hold of it and I find it thanks I move really fast, I think this guitar for beginners that have not tone deaf and can not distinguish the nuances of guitar sounds!
Uen guitar is fairly typical metal that must be used with a good distortion, this is a solo guitar (24 frets) for solos to the metallica!
Good for the price ... eh not again this ESP is super expensive 350 for this guitar ... with the experience I do not do it again! It must surely be a better guitar for the same price, all and good looking! on the other hand I plan to buy one of her big sister MH250 or more!