LTD MV-200
LTD MV-200

MV-200, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard series.

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All user reviews for the LTD MV-200

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Correct
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Max05100569's review"what a nice guitar"

LTD MV-200
So i found it on my attic, it was given to my dad as a gift from a guy who didnt want it anymore, didnt know it was such an expensive guitar, and it was given free, had to give it maintainance but its now really smooth to play in, its really high quality,

Hatsubai's review"Interesting guitar"

LTD MV-200
The LTD MV-200 is part of the neat MV line that's a slightly modified M series guitar. The MV-200 features a mahogany body with a flamed ample top, a bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and 24 extra jumbo frets, binding and offset dot inlays, a hard tail bridge, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a three way switch. The most interesting feature is the 24.75'' scale.


For being one of the lower model LTDs, the guitar actually surprised me. The neck joint wasn't as sloppy as I usually see. Maybe the guitar was built on a day when the luthiers got a pay raise or something. The fretwork was also better than most of the other LTD models I've seen. The edges were decently filed, but they were far from perfect. There was still a fret level issue, but that's what happens with a lot of these lower guitars. The 24.75'' scale gives this an interesting feel as it's a bit different from other superstrats out there. The higher frets can get a touch cramped, but I find it feels more natural to me for whatever reason.


The Duncan Designed pickups suck. They sound very dull and muddy. However, once you replace the, the guitar didn't sound too bad, and I attribute that to its decent tone wood selection. This guitar actually has my favorite selection of tone woods, so I'm a bit biased in that aspect. The 24.75'' scale also gives it this cool sounding thickness that you don't get from the longer scale guitars. If you get one, be sure to get a resonant one as I bet there are still some dogs out there since this is a lower line of guitars.


For being a lower model LTD, it's actually not too bad of a guitar. I'm not sure if the one I played was any different from the other models out there, but it was definitely surprising when comparing it to the other LTDs in the same field and price range. The frets, however, were still a bit sloppy, and the pickups in this suck. If you get one, be sure to replace the pickups and get a nice fret level to really set it off.
MGR/deez nuts01/09/2002

MGR/deez nuts's review"ESP LTD MV200"

LTD MV-200
I bought it at a local guitar shop, for $380, because I needed a good 6 string.

The neck feels fast, the guitar itself is lightweight, the string through the body design
the two pickups are great, especially the neck position, which is ussually worthless
on most guitars

seperate volume for pickups would be nice, as well as a glue-neck as opposed to
bolt on would have made it perfect.

the guitar's designed very well, and I've yet to discover any production flaws

Love the guitar, the price, definately an excellent choice for anyone looking for an
affordable 6 string electric.

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trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good and nice guitar!"

LTD MV-200
it was manufactured in Korea (yes, it was because she no longer sold!)
the bridge is a type les paul tailpiece with the strings through the body.
the handle is rather plump maple 24 frets rosewood fingerboard.
the body is mahogany with flamed maple top (the guitar I tried was purple; beautiful dress!)
the guitar has 2 pickups, a dual-format single-array in handle and a double treble; 2 are all "Duncan Designed".
for the routing, volume + tone and a 3 position switch les paul style.


The handle is quite nice and I have seen better but still .... it's not a negative ...
Ergonomics is very good both in terms of form and in terms of weight, nothing to say ...
access to treble is very easy, we have a beveled heel that allows the palm to be less generous than on another guitar and the inferior horn and remote as well, which suits well for leads. ..
in general, sounds are pretty good and typed; was a pretty color that I located predominantly in the midrange ... certainly due to the mahogany.


It is well suited to what I used to play, rock and even
hard rock!
we can get some nice clean sounds as long as turning the volume pot on the guitar on the amp ...
but you can get many different sounds, must still be patient!
I tried to cash express a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 15W, and although it was really great!
saturations question, Has it really matter under the hood and solo ouch! ouch! ouch! what sounds!
it was really good; well articulated with this medium that his need to spend much expressive solos for marty friedman!


I've used it today and as I often say in my test bed, I too tried guitars!
what I love most: the color purple, flamed maple top, the original body shape, the sound of microphones, benchmarks pearly strings traversing ...
I like the least, not to be left with!
the price / quality ratio is very good and I had on occasion to 200 €!
I did not buy, but frankly, I already had a LTD M-100FM black, I really enjoyed myself and I think redeem one of these four!

pastourette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD MV-200
Made in Korea
24 frets
A double format "rail-style" HR 101 to the handle and a double humbucker bridge HB102B All DUNCAN DESIGN.
Volume and tone knobs
A 3-position selector.
Bridge TOM (Tune o Matic)
Strings through the body


Handle very fast and very pleasant.
access to acute is no problem.
In terms of ergonomics, there's no worry that a relatively conventional (Start type), however, this skyscraper is incredibly lightweight making it even more pleasant and comfortable to play. Because after 2 hours or 3 together to play up, it was not bad back, and that's a really positive point !!!!!

For sound is not the top, the microphones are good bills against the humbucker does not have enough fishing and precision. For the double neck is not ecstasy, either.

Taking into account the ease of playing I'm going to October 1


Today, this guitar suits my style of play I said today, because I changed the humbucker in the "wood" to place a must: a small EMG81. In other words, it has nothing to do!!

A must in all this is that I played on a Mesa Boogie Rect-o-Verb 50!! So there ... I think the stuff speaks for itself.

So it gives her a fatal saturated (from Metallica to Megadeth through SOAD and I forget ...) and my time in clear, with good catches settings on the nullity of the neck pickup.

Finally, given my gear, I put 10.


I bought 9 months ago. It is the most j'utitlise guitar in concert as repeats. Very comfortable, beautiful and well finished, I'm not surprised that the bill MV200. I wanted a real ESP but after all, given the price, I quickly realized that the finish of an ESP LTD and did not really matter. So the choice was fast!

I urge condition to change the pickups. With these changes I put 9.