Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s

Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stratocaster series.

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Editorial review
  • 12/06/08Squier Classic Vibe Series: The Test

    Squier Classic Vibe Series: The Test - Do you feel the vibe?

    Squier has been making low-cost guitars based on Fender designs since 1982. Because their early guitars have now become collector items for some, Squier is seeking to regain some of that magic with their Classic Vibe Series. This latest series was launched to capture the "vibe" of classic Fender designs as opposed to trying to be exact reproductions of vintage models.

Users reviews

stompboxjon's review"sweet"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
The Squier Strat Vibe Series is an affordable guitar that is vintage style that’s why it says 60’s. I am pretty sure that it comes in a few different color tones if I remember correctly though I have used the same that that is pictured. With the Chrome hardware and a complete vintage type of style it is sure to have your friends and family and fellow musicians in complete shock. Just by the look of it looks like you paid a fortune for it and in fact it really doesn’t cost as much as it looks. And not in a cheap way either, most companies try to make something look better than it actually is, this Strat actually looks great and sounds just a great if not better.


I have been using Strats off and on for years and years now. I have even done a few small gigs with the Squier Vibe Series. For some reason when I ordered it online a while back, it took over a week to get and the suspense was killing me, then when I got it, there was a huge scratch on the front body panel of the guitar. Nothing else looked bad at all, but that scratch had me upset because I paid for something new and I get a scratched unit. They offered to refund me a portion of the or I could send it back or take it into the local GC. So I just took it in the local GC even though I had to drive 2 hours to get there and they had one in stock and just replaced it for me easy on the spot. It really was great customer service for a great guitar.


sounds amazing


For the price of this guitar and for what it sounds like you really can beat what you are going to get. The Squier Classic Vibe series has really shown me how to appreciate my guitars and appreciate music all together. Its well built and I love it.
King Loudness12/30/2011

King Loudness's review"Great value for money"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
The Squier Classic Vibe '60s Stratocaster is yet another model from Squier's recent Classic Vibe series that has been such a hit with musicians since its inception. It basically is a reissue of a mid sixties Fender Strat with great quality, but built to a very attractive price point. Like the original Fender, it features an alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and smaller vintage frets (the neck is a 21 fretter). The tuners are standard closed models, the bridge is a standard 6 screw fulcrum point model, and the pickups are made by Tonerider for Squier. It has the standard volume/tone/tone/pickup selector layout of most Strats too. Squier produces in various factories overseas so you can find guitars built in China, Indonesia, or maybe even other places too.


The design of this guitar is reasonably ergonomic for a Strat. The original Fender models of that time had more sleek contouring and were generally lighter guitars and this one follows those ethos quite well. It's reasonably light itself and sits on the body quite well for my liking. It's not quite as sleek as an original '60s model Fender from my experience, but for the price one can't be too picky. The upper fret access is decent, though there is only 21 frets, and the blocky neck heel can impede pure shredding somewhat, but most Strat players find a way to adapt.

Getting a good tone out of this guitar isn't difficult. Much like the other Classic Vibe Strats, this one is made of decent quality wood, and the Tonerider pickups are a diamond in the rough. Dialing in the tones are pretty easy overall. I find the only real issue is the quality of the controls used, which affects the roll-off and other things that control dynamics in a Strat. All in all though it's pretty easy.


This guitar seems to sound best with a more vintage voiced tone to my ears. The pickups are lower output and the tones are pretty mild when compared to some more modern sounding guitars. Using a clean amp like a Fender is great for blues, country or some more artist specific clean tones by guys like Hendrix and Knopfler. The stock pickups have a nice responsiveness and attack and I'm quite impressed with their bright nature coupled with the darker alder/rosewood combo wood wise. Switching over to a drive channel brings in some nice bright rock tones that are gritty yet have a wonderful Stratty snap to them. SRV type tones come with ease, or you can do some great classic rock as well. The pickups do get noisy when hit with a ton of gain and they can also be kinda thin in that department so it's less ideal for modern rock or shred.


All in all I think the Squier Classic Vibe '60s Strat is a great deal for someone looking for an affordable vintage style Strat that plays great, sounds great and is priced great. At about $350 new, it's hard to find this kind of value in anything else out there, and given Squier's increased quality control as of late, they're much more consistent than the guitars of older times. Definitely give this one a whirl!
MGR/Erik McClurg06/03/2004

MGR/Erik McClurg's review"Squier S-60"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
This guitar is great. I bought it on sale for $150 canadian at a Tom Lee Music Store. I used to play acoustic, but always played songs by bands that used usually an electric guitars (Rush, The Cult, Duran Duran,those bands). It was the last one there, and obviously due to the low price and great quality.

What I like about it was everything. It has great sound, and a great stylish look (different from the regular strat body)The black head compliments the crimson body and dot pearloid inlays. It stays in tune pretty good, and I rarely have to tune it. It has 4 tuning knobs, 2 volumes and 2 tones each for the different pick ups. Oh yes....... The pickups. 2 dual humbucking pickups, each with there own individual tone and volume knobs, and a 3 way toggle, position 1 being for the bridge pickup, position 2 for the neck and bridge pick up, and position 3 for the neck pickup. *Great Guitar*

There is nothing about it that I don't like, except for the strings that came with it. They snapped very quickly, but I guess every guitar needs a string change after a while.

The durability of it is great. I had a party at my house recently and some little kids got into my room. I guess one of them thought he was a rockstar, picked it up, pretended to play it, and dropped it. Hearing the huge bang, I ran into my room to find it lying flat on the ground, the strings vibrating, and a dent in the hardwood floor. Surprisingly, there wasn't a dent not even a scratch in the body. I guess you could say that it is quite sturdy and durable.

All I have to say is if you like to yank on your strings when you play, change them or keep an extra set of strings and a power winder with you when playing it..An amazing guitar for the price I paid, and if you like a guitar with great sound and a great look, get this guitar and get ready for some serious rocking.

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ironbull's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" that he is the great?"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
it is a Strat, need to present the legend, made in China, but here is the Chinese can make terribly much too impeccable varnished, not the slightest fault finish.


for me is the ideal strat and this series is truly exceptional.


you can do anything with a strat except the cavernous big nag.
dozens of interesting sounds all.


here is a few tens of years I try and Squier guitars are my favorite, this series is fantastic, they sound like a fender more crude crude, more "basic" plus "féraillant" and this I love the side, here vibrates in every sense of the term.
the report qualitée price is amazing, the model that I even has a gorgeous flamed maple neck (you'd think came out of a custom shop), the vibrato is not a floyd you gotta go with moderation, for small shots, if you go down the ropes so spaghetti goodbye accuracy, but good in normal use for this type of vibrato the Mecha hold well.
I play Squier and I have not found anything better.

mrguen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I enjoy with my classic vibe 60!"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
Squier Classic Vibe 60 candy apple red.

I was surprised at the reception by the very sound of metal strings and a harmonic beat between strings 6 and 5. So a small adjustment to lengthen the 6th string and it is no longer the helicopter. Since the strings are made and my ears too. It may be a glitch surpuisance the 3rd string is as I found on another Squier model and I wonder why they make pickups with this profile that brings power cords at this point. So the action of central strings may be a bit high, which is a slight problem narrowly on these strings (the third). Apart from that I am pleased with the tuning stability and accuracy of the guitar.


This is really nice this round!


I've never played a Fender Strat USA so I guess the sound could still be better. But inevitably there must be a difference between a guitar and microphones 300 euros to 300 euros ... High-pitched sounds are crystalline and still quite full. This is a real guitar with a lively sound.


I found a Squier Strat, bullet probably in store used products and it made me want to replay the guitar. A month later, ie there a month, I decided to find a good strat and did not hesitate to buy the high-end Squier. The value for money seems unbeatable and I think keep it very long. There is a problem of bad microphones profiles. What do I enjoy most is its accuracy ...

youlix42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
Well everything has been said, made in china
A good set of original note and guitar strings good qualities


The downside of this guitar, and I will say this is the only nail glue a little by hand. C is the big downside I see is this guitar
Otherwise comfortable handle


Sound level, it's really EXCELLENT, I would even say that c is the best strat that I had essaillée!
But I have two other stratum, a jap 84 and U.S. Standard 92 is not terrible moreover

The sound is rock, some criticize him a slight lack of precision, for my part I adore, especially the neck pickup that works wonders


I have the last bit on my strato 3, c is my favorite, only worries handle that hangs because the varnish reminds us that it is the first prize, if in my opinion is the perfect c Start!
I prefaire, the sounds, so the microphones
I recommend this guitar to everyone

Agnesb95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome! Excellent price / quality ratio"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
Neck: Maple, Modern profile "C"
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Radius: 241 mm (9.5'')
Number of Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo Frets
Pickups: 3 Custom Strat pickups, style "Vintage"
Controls: Master volume, 2 tone
Selector Pickups: 5 positions
Bridge: Type "Synchronized Tremolo" style "Vintage"
Mechanical Style "Vintage"
Hardware: Chrome
Pickguard: 3-Ply
Scale: 648 mm (25.5'')
Width at Nut: 42 mm (1.650'') chronized Tremolo
Strings: Fender Super 250L, (drawing: .009 - .042)


The handle is perfect. Comfortable, easy to play. Highway.
The radius of 9.5'' seems to suit me perfectly (I have a CS with a radius of 7.25'' and I think it is less comfortable, but hey, I only have two and a half years practice ... it's probably arrange). The frets are not too big, they are medium jumbo (I do not know how it is possible to play with jumbo frets) and despite the fact that I was accustomed frets smaller than the CV 60, the adaptation was immediate.
I changed the strings immediately because the guitar is fitted as standard with 9-42 and it was a little gum effects with the pulling of strings. So I asked what I ask of the 10-46 rule and that the guitar accordingly. After that it was perfect.
On guitar is very well balanced, neither too heavy nor too light.


The pickups are very honorable for the price of this guitar.
Obviously, we did not have the sound of a Fender Custom Shop but honestly for the price it's great.
The violin is very nice too.
Even without being plugged in, it resonates. Surprising once again for a guitar of this price.


Bought 4 days ago, I can not let go.
Basically, the idea is to take her usual place on my vacation, so as not to have to lug my guitar every trip (and travel lighter). Hence the need to buy a guitar has a very reasonable price.
Conclusion: it is cheap and top. So, then, I tell myself that I'm having trouble to leave behind, it's a shame not to enjoy that vacation time ...
At the time of purchase, I could compare it to the Classic Vibe 50 'and the choice was immediate for the HP 60' I found the prettiest ADDITION 50 '(but if the 50 had been better, I would have chosen the 50 anyway). The 60 versus the 50 sounds better comfort and superior game I found.
I had the opportunity to compare the entry level Fender also (a model at 489 euros) and again there was no photo! In 30 seconds, it was done so the classic vibe 60 'was superior. The finishes are much better and it sounds much better. So why spend more especially if it is for less (small accuracy, fender seemed set incorrectly, the strings were really off the handle, then maybe with a setting that would have done but good anyway my choice was made: the classic vibe 60 ').
I would do this choice without hesitation (maybe even I could do it again ... to really leave on my vacation spot! ;)).

rhum66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
Made in china. year 2009.
Basewood or alder body, C-shaped handle thinner than Fender (jumbo frets), alnico pickups very honorable requiring no change hardware store acceptable alloy undefined (block vibrato works corectement and tune the guitar but not too it is far from the performance of a Callaham block for example.).
Electronic settings for size and requiring no mods.
The controls are the same as the standard Stratocasters, the classic among classic.


It is for me to handle "great" success this guitar is a C finer than the standard Fenders, radius 9.5 with medium jumbo frettes.un handle so modern with a rosewood fingerboard homogeneous, all properly assembled.
perfectly round notch in the side by the mounting gap; provide the Chinese on this one ..
Candy apple red finish, beautiful, red is not really red dark red, the candy apple that I love.
Plate-and plastic element mint green (green worn ...), and always discreet class on a strat 60 '.

No cosmetic defect, superior finish to Mexican entry level and equal to the upscale Mexican guy Deluxe.

I put 9, is excellent in terms of build quality, finish.


- The pickups do not have to be changed, they are simply good; mordants, expressive, relatively quiet for a strat ... their character is more modern than vintage I would say it is in the registry of the strat. U.S. standard and least side american vintage.
- The SONC lairs are dapper and claironnants with gloss and lanervosité position out of phase and a good dynamic direct sound.
The light-crunch is excellent ... (blues and rock ...), the output level is very honorable that smicros have juice but without the side of texas special, they are much clearer ....


Guitar-vacation that I re-discovered in every holiday, then, and I ended up back home permanently because too "good" to be ignored.
-I have a dozen strats from all backgrounds and range, including CS, believe me, the range has classic vibes of an extraordinary build quality and incredible value for money which makes it simply inevitable this award.
Try it practically buy ....
I play through a good tube amp, I therefore confirm that the instrument is perfectly balanced in the state and has a truly beautiful stamp.
and with this kind of guitar, steers right and left are affordable without fear of being bitten / damaging a great guitar price.
So a weapon to do everything, play without breaking the bank.

Mahog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
China manufacture under license Fender
Alder body, part number unknown (thick paint)
Maple neck, 1 piece, varnished
Profile Handle: Modern C
Rosewood, very well done
21 frets Medium
3 single coil pickups Vintage style "old white" staggered Alnico 5 magnets with
Vintage style synchronized tremolo
Scale: 648mm
Width at Nut: 42mm
Color: Candy Apple Red (beautiful)
3 knobs (master volume, tone micro 1 & 2)


The handle has surprised me unique profile patent (that I changed my Godin summit), but very playable.
The ergonomics are excellent, this is my first strat and I'm not disappointed about the shape and weight, it is even lighter than my other guitar.
Sound, I have not tested other strat, but every mic has its own sound, it's simple, it means, the output level is correct, so far no change expected.


Used with Zoom and vht amp lamps, I'm happy sounds obtained, I was very surprised initially sounds (association alder and microphones that simple exchange of mahogany / humbuckers!), I have decrease the tone of the amp, now I'm used to it.
I leave aside the references are not wedged in there very but I found sounds known.


Purchased in aout2012 B stock in toto by vpc, it was a demo model, so already played and set a few scratches on the pickgard. I did not know what she would and I was very surprised at the quality of all for the price. I do not foresee any changes at this time, preferring kept this guitar as it is.
If you buy a model "classic vibe" squier is also to be in the mind.
I made this choice, it is a recent opinion, I reparlerais a few times maybe.

gatsby451's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" CLASSIC VIBE 60 VIBE 50 CLASSIC VS"

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s
these guitars are made in China with a very different specifications depending on the model ..
these are not the same innings, although the finishes are the same
odds of heads are not identical, or a real focus on each of these models
as a rule the VS 50 predente odds shorter than 60


the sleeves are both pleasant, with a + for 50, fully adjusted relative to the 60, whether that level of harmonic string height
so I do not know if it comes from the store (I doubt) the two models were the models for exhibition, and this m'rtonnerait that we have fun with this kind of settings alone, mostly hauteyr the ropes. ..
if not for both, standard fender, with, I repeat to 50, scores more "massive"


then there is a question of taste .. except to say that 60 is more "difficult" to own at her .. she seems made for the saturated rock ..
the 50 was a joy of its connection .. can be also to the factory settings .. short, I prefer by far the least vs 60 which is "typed" more neutral for my taste
I play a Fender tube amp and a modified "network" using a home studio boss gx 700 especially for clean tones with a bit of reverb ..


you will understand my heart swings to 50 ..
the woods are not the same, the odds of either body (vs. the 60 is more "long", approaching probably scores of fender model of these years, same for scores of head, and 50 has an I something more personal than the 60 .. vs a little more massive, but honestly it is not obvious, it suffices to have a trained eye and a meter ...
change the pickups? why not, the violin is very good, and guitars, I've seen pass through the hands of notemment fender)
for the 50 would not change anything .. for 60, I saw the spirit tate .. SRV (pickguard, sunburst, aged hidden microphone, the risk of not being quick to the custom shop signature to master .. see)
also something to change the vibrato block ... attention, it would seem at odds MIM fender .. just to earn a little more sustain
head of the nut is a kind of plastic, ausi it plays on the sound quality ... to change or not ... up to you
the mechanical side is a visual "cheap" but seems sturdy .. to see in time .. on the other hand, I find it lacking for two models of precision race seems too short ..
last thing the body 60 is in one block, one of 50 in 2 .. it seems to come somewhat at odds with what I just said (maybe) and I do not know if this is a standard for these models ..
anyway, any impact on the natural sustain of 50 ... I say to you .. I love it
these guitars are a good investment and resupply of pbs already are being felt.
for the price, feel free I feel like a series that in the future will have its place of those sought by collectors