Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Squier Showmaster HSS NLT

Showmaster HSS NLT, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Showmaster series.

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All user reviews for the Squier Showmaster HSS NLT

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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Vil Coyotte04/10/2007

Vil Coyotte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Everything said about adj t CHARACTERISTICS.
It's a Stratocaster-type guitar, HSS configuration with a pitch of 645mm long enough.
CHARACTERISTICS therefore quite versatile.
5-way switch, mechanical and low-end floating tremolo, no blocking of strings.
You can not see if the body is in bits stuck moult, but the wood of the handle (with reinforcement plate screwed mtallique) is very well.
The lacquer is trs good quality it is not easy to be a quail.
For the price it is difficult to be more.


I find the handle very enjoyable, I have big hands.
Even if it is not as fine as a Ibanez, the profile is neither round nor flat IDAL, and glides well polished.
Access in acute is average, the body is canker, but the assembly of the handle is thick and not profile.
It is heavy but balance without a will result in a crazy sustain (shame).

Its default:
- No rglage factory: the vibrato and the pickups are not visss prs.
On mine the string height (action) ranged from a 3 mm along the rope and place, the vibrato of silent throughout, and microphones in a roller coaster.
But hey, everything is trial and error and APRS RULES (I'm not Luthier) I got a rsultat correct.
Hsiter not support the back of vibrato on the table to stabilize it.
The pots and jack Dessers quickly too.
Ask your dealer to review (a is a regular 30min)
- Yet it dsacorde quickly because there is no blockage of strings (even without using the vibrato)
- The biggest is the default binding, it is not adjusted case by case, and therefore border on certain boxes. The do anything, the handle is straight, but can not really lower the action on pain of cooking pots. Should be adjusted by the frets enlvement of Contents, but I have not run my bones ...

The TRS is bilant contrast: enjoyable to play, re-rglage quickly forgotten, but without the curls c'tait better ...


Premire is my guitar, I play a Roland micro cube, or a lamp prampli headphone.
The pickups are fairly cheap simple, double is doing not too bad, especially in the treble.
The sound is pleasant plutt like "brilliant", without pushing too much gain.
The average micro double distortion and high aprsrglage not sound bad, boys were at the cost of bte. Report this cot Q / P is good trs.
The sound of the central trs flat, and the neck pickup only suffers from the hum.
In short use I get sounds pretty good, but not as much versatility envisaged.
After a few months I changed the strings for pulling harder.
She cash trs good (3 springs in the vibrato) and the sound is more pchu.
I think the MSM version deuxime Humbucker with the handle must be idalie.


I use it for over a year now, I start my dbrouiller.
I had not tried before a lot, and I wanted a guitar the least possible type and most flexible for beginners.
Once Fully RULES trs is honorable for its price.
Take the MSM version.
J'changerais willingly floating tremolo useless against an adjustment of the frets.
With a little more careful editing and a better fretting, she is the queen of the newbies.

If c'tait again:
- At 130 it is hard to beat.
J'hsiterais with Ibanez GrG170 whose hoop looks better (I was afraid to get used to a handle end trs typ).
In any case I have further n'achterais rgl correct action and the test cell by cell shrinking.
- In fact I would put probably a little more money for an instrument with less compromise.

Ant0ine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Made in Asia, Indonesia I think ... or in China ... Good for the price it comes not US eh.
22frets, 2 singles and a double humbucker.
1 volume knob, one tone.
Channel target.
No more basic!


The neck is pretty good, but to say it's a highway ... The freight can be quite catchy, and evils are in abusive slides fingers.
Access to acute ... Quite well without problem (without being a genre but it's strat sg)
I find the guitar quite heavy even when it should not be exaggerated but can not be said to be the lightest.


I play punk, rock, pop rock Péchu, bluesrock of anything that is played with a distortion (but not styles trash style black, death), while good, is a skyscraper cte first prize for this kind of Zique jtrouve .... Well, I wanted a guitar flights to play rock, it gave me cque jvoulais, so it's going.
I play with one of the most basic amp, a Fender Frontman 15G.
I push the bass and treble to the max because the sound is really lacking power and heat, finally good considering the price.
The cleans are pretty crappy sound, I play only distortion or crunch.

PS: the sound ezt really drooling with microphones simple distorted but it's going with what I play!
The Libs forever!

(All grades are given based on the price :!!!!!!!!)


Jlutilise since September 20 005 ...
I think it's the ideal: a guitar "high-end low-end" ideal for beginners who want a rock guitar not too expensive!
Well obviously not exaggerate huh ... This is not the best of the best, but it is doing a much ...
The sound is cold enough to hide the misery I play too hard with the treble and bass a bottom and a slight gain (drop, above 6 is to porridge!
But good for the price eh! And then you got the little logo fender also ^ ^
Issue price / quality ratio ben ... I think it's honorable, not unbeatable, but it can go.
With experience, I would do this choice as a first guitar.
I'm pretty happy in general, but I think I will soon change guitar ......

Messer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Guitar factory in Indonsie
22 frets, two single microphone, a double


Very pleasant and ergonomic handle
access to the treble is corect
The ergonomics of the guitar in general is bone type stratos
The sound is very sharp corect, saturation should not be tros require the lack of saturation in prision


I play metal, this guitar suits me quite well especially on the quantity I play three strings.
satration in the acute pa nen's very beautiful, especially the worm 20 frets but nest pa andicapent


I use this guitar for 4 months, I n'st pa tros worry unless ac cord with the MI friction that some of the cargo, but filled with this no longer feel.
I try many pa's guitar before but covers only APRS have played on a lag arkane, I find but a mediocre guitar squier pa does not replace a lag. ^ ^
The report quality is very good price when you get into seeing the guitar and that one seeks grate a versatile fasil DACC.

el_paresso's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Made in Indonesia ...
22 frets, pickups: 1 double and 2 singles
1 Volume 1 tnalité
stick thin enough


Channel pleasant
relatively easy access to acute
correct weight, and shape: according to taste
very nice clean sound and good sound saturation


I play pop-rock, and I'm really happy, clear sound is beautiful, and the saturation same kan it comes to follow (with dual microphones) ...
I play a Peavy amp, and although its spring ...


I use it for almost four months (new guitar) and I'm really pleased, this a very Binne guitar to start in the pop-rock, really great value prixc'est ...
j'avaé typed before a guitar strato (label, was a Baltimore) and since I have the Squier, the sound is 10 times better carément is a really good guitar ...
qq small defaults: MI-strings and the frets that verge LA (but with a good amp, it does not get along) and the buttons are ossi trends has come loose (but it pulls like a cup of trournevis and c is good), and the lifts are down (but I've just chosen to give her his style) but it really is not a default
With experience I would take the Squier Showmaster NLT HSS as a first guitar because it is really great ... for the fans!

gothicangel666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT
Guitar Made in Indonesia


Channel pleasant, perfect for beginners
relatively easy access to acute
excellent ergonomics (this is a classic)
This is the musician who is not the guitar sound.


Perfect for playing rock / metal


Excellent guitar for this price. It may be simple but has its charm