Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
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All user reviews for the Vigier Excalibur Original HSH


Grandpierre's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best, I love it"

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
The color is blue with Urban key in rosewood. Floyd is licensed Vigier ball bearing, and handle a / their famous system 90 10. HSH configuration, this technique are Seymour Duncan I think.


The best round I know, thanks to carbon, it never moves despite large variations in the Canadian climate! This is probably the handle that makes the guitar is so great (see notice of Bumblefoot).
The balance of the guitar is really excellent in the game standing and ergonomics also. The sound is excellent unplugged thanks to the quality of the violin. For the rest, it is a matter of taste for microphones. The original ones are very versatile for my taste and are well suited to different styles I play (Big rock, blues, funk, etc..) Like the original split simple microphones, especially in the middle position clean.


See above. With my old band, I plugged it directly into the Boss GT-10 and it was very good. I also had a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25, a very good supplement for versatility.


I use it for 15 years and this is my second guitar, the first being a Mexican Telecaster that I do not like (bad ergonomics corp and the handle, it really is a skyscraper which dates from the '50s ...) but I always have.
All other guitars I've tried, it is by far the best for all its qualities. I would do this choice with his eyes closed so I had fun over the years with this guitar!

bbhack's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The superstrate made in France"

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Homemade French (at least at the time). Moreover, in 92 there were only two models rested: the original and custom (with a table and finish most successful)

The rest of the features are rather well known legendary handle 90/10, maple fingerboard, alder body "artificially aged" set MSM Saymour Duncan, vibrato Khaller amended by Vigier, split microphones on intermediate positions ....


It is an instrument that is in my opinion a reference in terms of ergonomics and comfort.
This applies to the handle but for everything else, except perhaps for the volume knob which is placed a little too high for my taste and requires a little time to adapt.
I also loved the "small changes" made by Vigier such as the principle of "coin 5F" replacing Allen key for changing strings at both the nut as vibrato, or the fact we can keep the ball on the strings.
Casually, this is probably the guitar "floyd" the best thought of the time.
I would add that it is also an instrument almost impossible to tune, even if you force the vibrato on a sustained and very little gallantry.


We are in the presence of a pure product of the 90's designed for a fairly neutral sound should work upstream on the amplification chain. Remember it was the heyday of racks of all kinds, and the hack sound velocity manly ;) .
In this register the Excalibur excels. on the other hand therefore we would like to make more of its roots (read two pedals and a small tube amp) is less obvious to find his account.
Indeed it is a superstrate, the guitar "go anywhere" and the character was sacrificed on the altar of versatility. A little too much for my taste.
At the same time I think it is set Saymour sth and that may be a change of pickups could bring little more missing.


Bought in '92, played a lot of 92 to '02, sold there qq days.
This is my first guitar "pro" and I confess that I find it difficult to criticize so she gave me sensations.
Regarding the value, I would say that is huge for this item. In 20 years it happened once in the luthier for setting and yet is because I was too lazy to adjust the floyd myself.
For the rest it was a lot of concerts, recordings and repets, qq travel with variations of temperature and humidity fairly consistent, never ask concern. For the time 5600FF represents approximately 1.1 minimum wage I would say it is even quite exceptional. I do not know the recent copies, however I find that they are much more expensive (> 2x the minimum wage) and for that price you can find other guitars "luthier" that was not the case in the time.
In any case I hope that "my" copy will delight its acquirer because it is an instrument that begs to be utlise and it makes it really good.

oregon1's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Thank you Mr VIGIER!!"

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Made in France!

FLOYD easel

Carbon rod with handle

Acute easily accessible

Effective dial


The handle is not pleasant ... It is THE race!

Unique, incomparable.

I have other guitars brand, but it certainly is not for sale!

0 fault!

And Mr. French is a guitar!


All styles, it digests all styles. This versatility is rare.

The clean sound is fabulous.

I play on VOX amp

In saturated sounds, it excels.


20 years! Potato and always!

I ressigne tomorrow if necessary ..

frankkyz's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH


handle very nice, beautiful wood screws without setting but we need not reach the ropes to very low without breaking the head to adjust the handle
it is very thin and lightness
yes the access to acute is easy they would defo one of the round on the body where there is the screw that holds the handle


With this guitar you can do everything Hard rock Heavy, thrash, jazz etc. .. the sound is also good with or without distortion not like some good guitars which are one or the other


It's been 3 years since I used
I have six guitars Jackson soloist, deluxe fender, ibanez and 2 that I have made (out of competition) i have bought and sold a lot since I was 14 to my 34 years but this one is probably my favorite.
I love everything except the price can be (like all the rest good guitars)

dave-77's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" ras"

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Has any prcdemment said.


First of all, I will start with the points ngatif and yes there are.
on vigier there is a problem that a lot of people, c is the zero-fret fast enough to use s c is not dramatic but there are for 50euros to replace it.
deuxime point, finally, so to speak adpend people, c is the volume knob, just like we can resolve the problem by ordering a plaque with the Vigier.
for the rest bah c is the top.
the body is a finer chouilla that a Start and a can must weigh 3kg prs.
the floyd is a vigier made in Germany with ball bearings that hold the trs though both agree that an original and better than the edges of at ibanez.
ah! the handle, here is what I got in scrapes ibanez (rg, s, jem, js), jackson, gibson, fender, lag, musicman, c well is the best, the string action is low profile is narrower that a row over some millimtres my petrucci (musicman) and prs can also pais that dernire (profile D). JP6 between my and my vigier I could not make a choice, there is a MODEL cons of ibanez is at a height c is the Q or Z rgt320 nothing to do with the row c is the top of ibanez but more products.


for they are duncan pickups, I who am only dimarz ba I must say that I have my t bleuffmoins JP6 powerful, direct and cold I can do anything if the stuff is not derrire am problem but for me the sound is not my c priori we can always change the pickups, switch pdale, presets etc ...


yes and yes and yes I do it again this choice with his eyes closed.

Cyper's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Guitar manufacturing Franaise,
24 frets, 25 frets (fret 0),
Vigier Floyd / Shaller,
1 volume, 1 Tone,
Channel 90% Rabl (I believe it) and 10% carbon, rather thin, not too round (I) and super fast!


The handle is a comfort that I had never taste before, especially for the price (1100 OCCAZ '). Very smooth, no hooking and heel that seemed prominent in no way constitutes a gene (I have fairly large pognes) -> So yes for the ACCS to treble.
Ergonomics is the most enjoyable, not unbalance ... stratode one in fact.
The sound suits me perfectly, the pickups are original but the guitar is on these 17 years (2008) and they plutt age well. I practice in normment mtal but also funk, jazz, and I always find a Russian sound, if not n'tait forcment the sound that I liked silent Intgr always in the mood for the song and request it when even the most important.

Edict of 16/10/08: I changed the bridge pickup which delivers more than enough juice my taste. I pass one DiMarzio D Activator (DP220). It sends the heavy and still prcis: a pleasurable sensation in the extreme. If so ...


Yes, the sound is right for me whatever the bowl in which I either branch up Submitted, I always have done what I wanted. I do not say to throw the big sound typical Cannibal Corpse via a fender twin but hey, we can work out. Oh! last dtail: sustain NFE .. its m. ..!
I use it through an EVH 5150 III. Compared to the test I did with a Peavey Wolfgang U.S., the rhythmic sound distortion is less straight forward, much less without prcis be more. However in the lead and clean, the fight is already lost for the peavey. This guitar has a crisp sound: one thing to say: BIG UP!

Edict of 16/10/08: APRS change evokes micro above, the U.S. Peavey can go get dressed. The grain is DIFFERENT but power level is not equivalent prs and precision is better (I think). So I can now have all the sounds I want to clean the cleanest of the most extreme distortion while remaining matre for my guitar. Ol


I am a musician since ending for 16 years (2008) and I am passionate about the guitar for 6 years. I was able to hear a lot and I jou shovels on a package before buying this guitar. I use it for 2 years now and I'm really happy trs, I was able to approach different styles without having to buy 12 guitars. I beacoup the instrument as a whole. That said, I taste with Tom Anderson and PRS U.S. ... it's another world: the rest of the exca high mid-range is Why I do not put 10. I tried MODEL moult before buying one l. The new exca are scandalous compare the MODEL: dcevante violin for a very lev. For the price, a OCCAZ 'well maintained is a real bargain. With eprience, I would do without this choice hsiter seen the budget that I era.

Arbaal's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
French skyscraper, MSM, I possde over an Air Norton / SSL6 / custom Custom TB11

The pickups are not basic tip top, not enough gniak and chest


Rock'N'Roll / Big Rock / Metal
It is well within the capabilities of the bte, for against the metal base with his microphone lacks a bit ^ ^
The guitar has the volume knob a little too high, it's a shame, then the knobs are not super progressive either, but hey, you get used to ...


The is the best ^ ^ The violin of the guitar gives full power to microphones, there's potato, the dynamic is, it lacks some sustain I think (floyd requires: S), it is far from PRS's and Gibson's, but it is doing about as much as a fender US, so it's usable ...

The guitar is super versatile, and it has a well, which is appreciable ^ ^
Precision with return (unless the RG3120 that I had first of all same)

It lacks a bit of heat and low, but the mediums are present ^ ^


If I had to take one, it's crystal clear that I would, but with a TFW config Di Marzio, or Benedetti

Opinion APRS 1 year: Guitar sold, we are in love with beginners, but it sincrement nothing very specially, its not true ... It looks like everything and nothing ...
Good for scratching a studio guitarist for example, the guitar has no personality!
In short if I had to take one, it's crystal clear that I would not do it;)

Especially with the soaring prices Vigier's, which is totally pointless! The guitars are a little better than the high end Ibanez (and worse than the high end ibanez trs)
Soon a Vigier Indus will cost the price of a Custom Shop Start?!?!
I'm for personal shredder pass a strat HM United States is less versatile but it has a real sound;)

Philou13bis's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
Guitar made in France
24 cases = 25 frets because Vigier guitars have a system that replaces the 0 fret nut classic
Easel ball bearing type floyd exclusive Vigier
Volume 1 tone
5-way switch for my micro type strat HSH config (there are several types of micro config)
Channel exclusive system Vigier 90/10 insert a carbon replaces trussrod: no adjustment not strain the neck is perfectly straight Guaranteed!
The neck of my guitar is maple veneer for a highway range ...


The handle is ergonomically pleasant with a snap point, notament rope at the blocks at the bottom of the handle or on some guitars hanging on one hand there is little nickel ... Access to acute is one of the strong points of this round the heel is super profile cutting is perfect
The guitar is very light alder, strat-looking but lighter ... The Sustain is truly amazing for a guitar with Floyd .... It's not a PRS, but we approach it ... no problem languorous ballads to Santana or Gary Moore
The microphones are of different config type (choose when ordering) mine is equipped with Seymour Duncan ...


This guitar is perfect for my use in a cover band pop / rock.
They are very light it can blow up without the back enchainer sets ... The versatility of this instrument is amazing!
You want a Start sound and hop are two intermediate positions wouaouh! the way you want heavy or deep purple ACDC there is the bridge you need!! pti zztop hop on a neck pickup and send you a very heavy full of rhythmic harmonic .... Remember The Floyd Vigier a dive bombing, a game pti vibrato as Steve Vai, you release everything and is granted to pTis onions ... It's more simple I give my guitar between songs regardless of the slaps I put him in the head! Is more a dinamyque crazy that makes you want to unleash on your guitar!
I play in a POD XT Live that perfectly complements the versatility level corny ...
The only position I do not use the center position is = 2 humbuckers out splitted phases is a little space ...


I use this guitar for 2 months
I like its ease of use, sustain, its light weight, versatility, indestructible side when I play!
I play for 8 years, I traded this guitar against a PRS ce24 was heavy, a little too "precious" and lacked the clear ..
This new scratch is very expensive ... we just D'OCCAZ find good deals for the coast isa little lower than on American guitars of similar quality
I would do without hesitation that choice

vandal-heart's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH
I have very little time for a Vigier Excalibur original and I must say that this Gratt put me a good slap ....
Good reputation of the Vigier is well established, for guitar is the top ... and is more French (hahaha Gaullois proud ^ ^).
The handle 24 cases with the carbon rod offers comfort and incredible sustain, the neck is of extreme rigidity and allows patients to Vivaldi to have fun like little microphones fous.Les concuent specially for Vigier by Seymour Duncan offers almost unmatched precision ... basically if you are not a specific minimum and noise are an amateur way "heavy metal stain" this guitar is not for you.
The Pink Floyd special vigier system with a ball is how to say ..... Incredibly, though I beat a dead horse over the tuning is not moving.
The only slight snag is that the volume control gene a bit, but perfection is not good ... though ...


Well everything has already been said on the handle ... a marvel.
Access to acute poses no problem, although a little practice for the operation of the 24th box is required.
Start simple, though the form is used, the colors are really class offers Vigier (mine is wood finish with a mirror plate type). The weight is gone, you can play sitting on his bed without having to readjust the whole 5 minutes (not like my Lag Roxanne).
When the sound ... see below!


I play mainly symphonic metal, rock and blues, I also have a lag and roxanne jackson roswell ... Vigier offers more than the two together (well ptetre not as aggressive as the jackson though);
I played on a marshall and I zoom multi effect (to avoid lol), the bridge pickup has a snapping sound and aggressive in your distortion and sound in its crystal clear, simple micro gives a very funky and the neck pickup very warm sound ideal for blues or his heavy way John Petrucci.
5-way switch with his palette is more appealing, a new sound every day ^ ^


I've had a few weeks and I must say that I never tire of exploring the sounds and the potential of this beast.
To summarize this scratching is a mixture of all you can find the best on the market: Fender Start, Ibanez high end, even ptetre Lag Roxanne and The ... basically if you like blues, funk, grunge or metal non-linkinparkien this guitar will charm you for sure.
I got it almost new for 1350 euros and I have no doubt that I would do this choice, the wallet has taken a sacred but hey it's a slap Gratt that keeps all his life.

YanDid's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Original HSH


-1 For the position of the volume knob ... I "freinquot; with a rubber pad, which does not run it by mistake.



I play almost exclusively with the bridge pickup, but it is because it matches my style of music ... But I use so little that trs of ventail sound that makes this guitar.


T say everything on this guitar, and all true. That's why I Reduces my info at least above

I possde 7 years, and for the world I'll spare ... a joke, I often say that it will m'incinrer with (except the carbon rod ... but hey ...)

In seven years I had two small problem:

The selector is experiencing a bad contact, near the bridge position ... I'd have to do change.

The mid-bass had an unfortunate tendency to dtendre, but my dealer was involved (changing the position of the saddle) and now everything is nickel.

Sometimes I feel ashamed so I am not at this skyscraper. But Damn, it makes nothing, it's like a jewel ...

But happiness ...