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All user reviews for the Yamaha EG303

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Fernando Supersonico01/03/2020

Fernando Supersonico's review"Yamaha EG 303"

Yamaha EG303
An excelent guitar for the price. I've got the Yamaha eg-303 for about 20 years ago brand new, I had tested the squier strato, tele, epiphone lesPaul special model and the Yamaha pacific at the time to compair taking in consideration of the "quality/ price" of those other guitars, and the Yamaha eg-303 was really the best option. Light but not extremely light, really strong body, dropped like 100 times and still as good as the first days, the neck is kind of indestructible, today I own a fender telecaster thinline and other strato, I've played in gibson sg and les paul and still own the Yamaha and I have to say that the EG-303 is still my favorite, is hard to compare the pickups because they could be actually better but having that in mind the Eg-303 rocks really good, I've played hard rock, blues, jazz even surf rock and the Yamaha make its way through all stiles sounding really good. Fidelity big time. I have to give it 5 stars cause after 20 years of owning several guitars I never stoped loving the sound of the Yamaha. I think it is originally a beginers guitar but in my humble opinion, with little better pickups it can easily compete with the bigones (fender or gibson).

MGR/Jeremy's review"Yamaha EG303"

Yamaha EG303
I bought this Guitar of a friend for AUD$200 which included a 30watt amp and a soft case. it's in pretty good condition and is all you need for your first guitar.

what i like about the EG303 is that it can withstand any sort of bump (eg. when you drop it), this making it the ideal beginer guitar. it also keeps tune very well and i guess is worth the money when you think about it.

it's probably a bit too heavy and bulky, and once you get better you are probly going to want a better one almost straight away. its sometimes frustrating to play aswell as it doesnt always have the best sound.

It's a very solid tough unit that can handle any sort of bashing and still be fine. No matter how much you play it, it will last a very long time.

The EG303 is more of a begginers guitar but it's all you need to start off with and it should last a very long time. i recommend the EG303 to any one starting off as it is very cheap, and very tough.

im only rating it 2 because im comparing it to pretty much every guitar out there, and there are some guitars this one can't compare too.

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MGR/ErcDaMerc's review"Yamaha EG303"

Yamaha EG303
I bought this off of a friend for $100 with the soft case that came with the guitar.

As mentioned in another review it is great for a beginner and it does stay in tune very well. This guitar has lasted 3 years of getting knocked around, intense temperature and humidity (both highs and lows), and me playing the hell out of it. I had the trust rod adjusted once and haven't had to mess with it since.

The whammy bar does not rotate smoothly. Furthermore, this guitar does not produce great sound without a little distortion.

Also, the soft case sucks and will fall apart.

This guitar is very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse.

This guitar is great for a beginner. First of all its sturdy and won't fall apart if you knock it around a little. Secondly, its cheap and if you decide you want to invest some more money into your instrument you can upgrade your pickups and what not and have a great guitar.

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MGR/Poorman's review"Yamaha EG-303"

Yamaha EG303
Got it secondhand from a friend. It is almost new when i got it because its seldom use. It came with a small 20W amp for a affordable price of US$200.

Its a cheap stratocaster copy, tough bodyworks. Dropped it a few times with only scratches and dents and no other damages.

The guitar tone reflects its price. Feels ok for beginners but intermediate players will almost want to get a better guitar or change the pick-ups. The input jack sits at the base of the guitar and not within the body of the guitar like most Fender Strat ver, making it vulnerable to be broken if the guitar rest on your lap.

Tough works for the body like i said. Quite a good weapon in a guitar brawl.

I would give a 4 if taking into consideration that it makes a good deal for a beginner guitar, but compared to other better guitars out there, its only about 2.
Final verdict: 4+2/2 = 3

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MGR/awesome guitar01/04/2003

MGR/awesome guitar's review"Yamaha EG303 Strat Style Guitar"

Yamaha EG303
i got this guitar a long time ago, when i first started to play the guitar. It was my beggining guitar, and i was pleased with it because i had always wanted a double cutaway strat-stlye, if not a Fender strat, guitar. I bought it used from a friend, who had owned it for a short while. It was in great condition, and bascially new.

It's not to heavy, or bulky. It's nice and light, and fits good. The neck is basically a "C" shaped neck, though isn't very wide. Strings are close together. What I like is that the neck is a baritone neck, and is very long. (mine is anyhow)

Well, in terms of looks, i wish it weren't the standard black body, and white pickguard. I don't like strats to be a solid color that much. I prefer wood grain or with sunburst--that kind of junk. I made the exception, but from now on i try and buy guitars with sunburst color. Another thing i don't like about this guitar is the plug in. I would prefer it to be on the top of the guitar, just below the bridge (like a Fender strat)but instead, it is on the side of the guitar. It gets in the way a bit. The last thing is the strap buttons. They are standard ones, but the strap this guitar came with doesn't hold to well. The pickups of the guitar are standard single coils. They're not that bad, as the other jackass reviewer said they were. They're as good as any Fender standard strat. The other reviewer (one of them)on this item said the guitar was cheap. Well, if you don't like the pickups, just install some other ones. It doesn't mean the guitar is bad! There are many jackasses out there that buy these thousand dollar guitars that come from the factory already buffed up and hot rodded. Well let me tell you something. Many of the famous guitarists that use strats, or strat-style guitars (like SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, etc.)use simple and standard strats. NOT 1000 dollar strats, but standard 200 or so dollar strats. Later, they beef them up with seperate parts. Thats why they sound so good. So, once again, to the jackass reviewer that said this guitar was cheap, screw you! If you buy this guitar, you can make it as good as any other.

The construction is as strong as a Fender strat. Quality is excellent. The nut may need to be replaced with a better one, maybe not. Once again, the jackass reviewer insulted this aspect as well. Well, since he's probably got a whole bunch of expensive strats, he thinks that his beginner guitar, the Yamaha EG303, is crap. Well, i've got expensive strats too!! And yet this Yamaha is as good as the others--its my main one.

Do yourself a favor. Don't listen to the jackass reviewer, who harshly criticezed this guitar. It's normal for those out there who want a guitar to want to buy a very expensive one! But, you have 2 options: you can buy a expensive guitar (1000 or more dollars) that is already beefed up, or you can buy a standard guitar (200 or so dollars) and you yourself later beef it up with seperate parts. I admit, it's hard to not want a expensive guitar. I fell in love with the Fender American Strat Texas Special, which is already beefed up, and well over 1000 dollars. So, i've only bought one expensive guitar. The others i bought were standards, including this guitar, and are as good as the expensive one. Great guitar, go buy it. Once again, SCREW YOU, to the jackass reviewer who has his head stuck up his butt.

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MGR/Zane Nemechek12/03/2002

MGR/Zane Nemechek's review"Yamaha EG303"

Yamaha EG303
I got it in Des Moines, Iowa My dad got it for my bithday from a pawn was $160

I like the shape of the guitar itself and the width of the neck. It sits very comfortable in my lap and thats a plus.

I dont like the volume and tone controls they seem to be cheap.I dislike the neckstrap screw, it always seems to come off.The strings are also to close together and it the paint smudges with fingerprints easy.

It seemed to be put together ok. except for the volume and tone controls other that that it stayed together.

This guitar is a beginner guitar and would not stand up to a past a beginners level playing.

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MGR/Gman & Jman from "Feedback"03/30/2002

MGR/Gman & Jman from "Feedback"'s review"Yamaha EG303"

Yamaha EG303
Got this guitar as a package(Gig bag, guitar, 15w amp) for my 14 birthday. Paid about $ 200 for it.

This guitar played pretty well and gave different tone qualities. Pickups were alright and it had an attractive black finish. Stayed in tune well, perfect for a beginner.

After about a year, this guitar completely crapped out. The input jack had always given me a little trouble, but I didn't expect it to fall out. The gig bag is a piece a plastic shit and the package didn't even come with a pick. I had to use a damn dime and a pick cut from cardboard. The neck was kinda slow but since it was my first guitar I didn't care.

Besides the input jack, this thing is fuckn tank. Its survived many violent acts of aggresion such as being thrown across a room and even stepped on. Maybe thats why the jack was messed up but I don't think so. Your better off buying American or Mexican products. Japanese guitars usually suck.

Its a nice beginner guitar and I learned to play on it, even though the neck cuts the shit out of your hand. But it made my hands tougher.

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MGR/Dan's review"Yamaha EG303"

Yamaha EG303
I bought this guitar along with a practice amp for about 170 was a gift, so I'm not entirley sure where it was purchased.

This was a decent first guitar...good for a beginner to learn the basics on...the tone is relativly good for a cheap guitar.

My biggest problem was with the neck. The strings are so close together it feels almost as if it were built for a kid. This guitar has probably the slowest neck I've played on. The single-coil pickups are virtual crap, and getting any kind of sustain is impossible, even with the use of different effects pedals. On top of that, the strap nut is odd, so most straps come lose way too often for my taste.

The quality is okay...for a cheap guitar. Like I said, this is okay for a beginner, as long as he is under 14 and not into any heavy music. The tonal quality can be good for light blues, jazz, but this is by no chance a hard rock/metal guitar.

This is a stratocaster style guitar.

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