Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 15 reviews )
 12 reviews80 %
 3 reviews20 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Cedric Lee01/09/2008

MGR/Cedric Lee's review"Yamaha 112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
I just started playing and I listen to blues, rock and everything in between.

I've been reading a lot of reviews and I found this guitar to be great for the price. I purchased this at Pro-Music in Markham, Ontario for a discounted price however the price on the tag is $259.00 CDN.

I personally like almost everything about this guitar - Alder body, HSS stock Seymour Duncan pickups, stays in tune exceptionally well. Playability is really great. The single coils produce a clean tone and the humbucker produces a beefy sound.

The vintage styled tremolo bar - The bar on this guitar feels really weak compared to higher end guitars. I have not compared this guitar's tremolo bar to other tremolo bars in its price range though. However, it isn't much of a problem.

Alder body which is great. I did find a bump (excess laquer) on the guitar a couple days after I brought it home - Remember to inspect the guitar very carefully before purchasing.

Probably the best budget guitar imho - Well constructed body with decent stock pickups (if you do decide to change pickups it is rather easy). This is a great purchase for players just learning to intermediate players who need a backup guitar.

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MGR/bladerunner's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
I've been in and out of music for 20 years plus...currently a hobbyist. Play guitar and bass. Wide range of music taste from playing country to rock, jazz, metal

Purchased this guitar for 259.00 canadian dollars at Steve's music shop in Ottawa, Canada.

EVERYTHING. The guitar is a beuatiful instrument. This thing is all about quality and crastmanship.. I compared this guitar and was debating of either purchasing this one or the Fender Satin Trans Fat Stratocaster® HSS. I played both for an hour each. the Pacific has many tones to it..from country, jazz, blues, hard rock...and light metal.. I played it thru a fender amp at the store and at home on a line6 spider II 75 watt amp.. Here are the key features that made me decide: Quality, craftmanship, built like a tank, alder wood, neck bolted on tight and close to rest of guitar body, nice range in tones, fast neck, not neck heavy while wearing strap..Overall is just felt right for an inexpensive music piece.
I found the fender satin trans, too light, kinda toy like, and felt if it tip over something would of crack.or break off. As well the walnut / satin finish of the strat look prone to dents and marks, pick-up were nice though for stock pick-ups and nice overall nice tone with duncan style pickups..although they felt like they could come loose and fall-out...As well where the neck was bolted to the stock, it did not look too tight..it looked like you could insert a peice of paper in-between..not good for intonation, sustain..
If's funny many people say the pacifica out classes some fender mexican and lower to mid fender end strats... They are right about that. It screams nothing but quality craftmanship.. the most bang for the buck...It's a work-horse and will last for years to come

With today's technology one doesn't need to spend an arm and an leg on a good instrument.. I have not been brainswashed into the marketing machines of owning a Fender or Gibson mentality.. If you have a good qualtiy base to work with, you can simply change out the tuner and pick-ups (trix-out your guitar) and it easily can compare to those $1,500 + Fenders and Gibsons out there on the market. Funny how changing your pick-ups will radically alter the sound of your guitar

For the price, it's what i have expected... Nothing but quality, craftmanship, tight, easy neck action (like butter). Stock pick-ups (but you can change them out easily), stays in tune

Fantastic quality, the best, comparable to any guitar on the market. Got the violin sunburst classic look with tremelo - wammy bar. It's suitable for all sorts of music and its perfect (very good at playing nickleback, hendrix, blink 182, ash, clampton, pink floyed etc), although I suspect it's a tad weak for metal. For what i need it for and what anybody wants a guitar for. The construction it fantasic, everythings were it should be. BUY ONE, IF YOU'VE GOT A BUDGET.

Not too many of these guitars i see for resale...simply do an ebay search for them and you will get a handful of pacifica guitars 112J , (even less hits for the upper models such 412J, 612J model)...compared to too many hits for the fender squiers( which you will hit double even triple digits) I never hear enough about these guitars and i find it impossible to over rate. Who cares about the logo on your head stock of your guitar..Yamaha is worth showing off and giging with on stage without a doubt..(sorry fender / gibson)

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MGR/Smith's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
I bought this guitar 6 months ago an i pain for it 280 euro(300$)

Guitar is very easy to play, have a nice sound, body have made from alder wood,

at my oppinion neck can be a bit widher, screws on botom are sharp so when you plat palm muting it can hurt(but eventual you used to it and there gona to be no problem)

alder body is very, very nice,guitar is about 6 kg , neck is OK and you it's stay tuned very very long...

it's quite gutar for that mony, for begginers and semi pro players...

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MGR/Sebastian Stan Bach01/27/2004

MGR/Sebastian Stan Bach's review"Yamaha PAC112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
I bought the guitar at Tom Lee Music in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for $399 CDN plus taxes.

The weight and speed of the guitar allows me to play 80% of the Yngwie Malmsteen and Guns N Roses songs that I cannot do on other guitars. I love it to pieces. I bought A Brian May guitar three months ago but I still do not get the same satisfaction as I get our of this little guy!

I wish that they would make the In-Jack port 3 cms lower towards the ground. I have broke 5 cords due to the way my cords exits the guitar. But then again, I use the guitar like a basketball so I can't blame the design too much!

Great guality. Actually perfect quality. It's as great as you can get unless you get a custom made hand assembled guitar from Hurracaine stressed trees.

I'd get the guitar is I were a begginner. But I'm a professional here and I'll get another one once this one shows age. I've had it for 1.5 years, use it 18-25 hours a week and it's like new. Just changed the scratch plate once. I broke around 150 strings but that it due to my heavy Malmsteen-like playing.

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MGR/hazza's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
i payed 170 quid for my yamaha pacifica 112 j and i brough a marshall dfx50 watt amp if it i brough it from bonners in portslade

i like the shape the waight and i like the action on my guitar i lobe it in balck wif white scrath plate

i love it all the only problem went u get a new guitar the action was to hight so i had lowerd but apart from that i love it

i think it is well good wif the humbuckers and 2 single pic-ups it plays a nice sofe sound wen on clean but wen u want it distorted it will shine

i love the yamaha guitar there all good

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MGR/Rick's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112 J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
I bought this guitar at a store in Canada. I payed $600 (Canadian) for the guitar with an amp and everything else, I dont remember the exact price of the guitar alone.

Everything (mostly). Great feel, lightweight, powerful pickups, Awesome trem, it will stay in tune for days.

the shape of the headstock. But i got over it.

Built like a tank. I'v had the guitar for two years and I'v thrown it into the grass face down....AND ITS PERFECT (a few scratches tho)

Buy if you can, this guitar is great. Solid with an awsome sound. My friend likes it better than is USA Strat!!!

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MGR/E-JAY's review"Yamaha PAC 112J"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
i baught this yamaha for 250$ new from the yamaha dealer in leb.

everything is good in it..it's my first guitar it's great for the beginers..inexpesive too and it has a very good sound quality and shape..u can play any kind of music on it ..jazz..pop..rock..it's good

there's one thing i didn't like in it..the color..balack and white..that's all so i've changed to black..completly black..and it seemd great

very good quality..very good tone ..it's perfect for the beginers

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louisblond's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
See below


The handle is nice, it has a normal weight, heavier than my 7-string and much lighter than the other 7 strings. access to treble is good, not incredible because only 22 boxes and form stratovolcano is designed in part to this. I find the neck and frets really designed for learning, I really feel that we take quick reflexes and good brands with this guitar but this is by far not a professional guitar.


then one expects the time expected, the sound, the most important thing. Well for the price it's really well made I knew better but I mostly known as the worst Epiphone studio. Versatile it allows all styles except the true metal nag, but that price may guitars can expect that. So right away you do not expect a fat is a strato!
SSH structure is in good order.


I've had 2 years, I have other guitars but today was my first guitar that I think is not bad for developing dexterity and speed. That said vibrato is not terrible but still at this price it is well made.
I would do this election time it remains a beginner guitar, nothing like a guitar that slap in the 600-700 € more.

h0racio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Made of Indonsie.
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple vissbr /> Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22
Pickups: 2 single, 1 double
CONTRL: Slecteur 5 positions, CONTRL volume and tonalitbr /> Bridge: Vintage tremolo
I wish the finish prciser really cares, mine is an Old Violin Sunburst best effect.
I put 8 because it is a scratch to beginners but good quality trs.


The handle is particulirement enjoyable for me to have no trs large hands, I am perfectly comfortable. All my friends who tried it found it really easy to play silent.
Also, I do not really know how to explain it, but there are just simply press your finger on the string to make a good, not as needed on other guitars to push his finger into the handle to hear notes.
For the frets on the accde dernire very easy thanks stratovolcano shape. Well-sr the fact that there are only 22 frets is probably something.
Question weight I can not really compare but it seems to me really lgre and easy to handle.
I put 10 as the grip is just incredible.


I play mostly rock and hard-rock/mtal from Offspring until Deftones, to Metallica or ACDC.
It's a versatile guitar trs, especially if one is not too difficult. Besides, I like that prciser serious tuning (Dropped D and C # G # C # F # A # D # with 10-46) are magnificently.
I use it on my Ibanez TB 15R I bought at the same time and I just jou on an old Marshall 100W which I have no name. I would not lie by saying that it kills the sound, that is fabulously clear and crystalline that sustain distortion is terrible. But it is suitable trs.
In gnral I do not really like the middle pickup, be it clean or distortion. I mostly use the humbucker for clean sounds but the neck pickup is nice trs.
I put 8 because the pickups are not great but a scratch on the price they are just fine.


Premire is my guitar, I've had three and a half years and I never tire of it. It is perfect for beginners, several friends have started with a Pacifica 112J and are of the same opinion.
I'm a bit of tinkering, including replacing the bridge pickup with a home SEHG srement EMG and replace with blinds son rduire for breath.
When I have a sufficient level of guitar (and a Reserved enough money) I would change but until the latter suits me perfectly.
Report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, I highly recommend all beginners because it is really simple to use and it is a guitar that can keep a long time, and can act deuxime guitar more.

EDIT: I replaced the humbucker with an EMG SEHG and it's better, the sound is better Dfine, less messy and almost out of breath. 30 For with the fdp is a good Manir amliorer of this guitar.
Mr Flo08/29/2007

Mr Flo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Guitar-Made in Indonesia.
-22 Frets, 2 microphones and a simple double (HSS).
A SETTING THE-volume and one tone and a micro slecteur 5 positions.


I find that the handle is enjoyable, not too thin nor too fat.
Access in an acute-easy, much easier than on a Les Paul.
-Good ergonomics, guitar is not too heavy.
For me, the sound is good but quite powerful if you play with other guitarists and a drummer like you will need a good amp.


Guitar multi-trs so perfect for beginners who want jou a bit of everything.
-I play with a different amp and multi effects Korg 1500 I believe (I do not remember the rference).
Without much tweaking, just get a good sound.


I use it for 3 years and I'm happy, that's my electric guitar Premire and is very well get started.
Most: Trs good to start with, versatile.
The -: Microphones low.
I try not seen that much MODELS j'tait debutant.
The report is qualitprix trs interresting.
I remake that choice but if you do not your beginnings confience vendors who will pass you less property.