Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
MGR/Sebastian Stan Bach 01/27/2004

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J : MGR/Sebastian Stan Bach's user review

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I bought the guitar at Tom Lee Music in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for $399 CDN plus taxes.

The weight and speed of the guitar allows me to play 80% of the Yngwie Malmsteen and Guns N Roses songs that I cannot do on other guitars. I love it to pieces. I bought A Brian May guitar three months ago but I still do not get the same satisfaction as I get our of this little guy!

I wish that they would make the In-Jack port 3 cms lower towards the ground. I have broke 5 cords due to the way my cords exits the guitar. But then again, I use the guitar like a basketball so I can't blame the design too much!

Great guality. Actually perfect quality. It's as great as you can get unless you get a custom made hand assembled guitar from Hurracaine stressed trees.

I'd get the guitar is I were a begginner. But I'm a professional here and I'll get another one once this one shows age. I've had it for 1.5 years, use it 18-25 hours a week and it's like new. Just changed the scratch plate once. I broke around 150 strings but that it due to my heavy Malmsteen-like playing.

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