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Tube-Tech Studio compressors user reviews

  • Tube-Tech CL1A

    Tube-Tech CL1A - "Tube-tastic compressor!"


    This is a hardware outboard compressor made by Tube-Tech. It's one of the more popular outboard compressors out there, it's been in use for decades and has a stellar reputation. It's a tube-based compressor, so you know it'll fatten up the sound you'…

  • Tube-Tech CL1B

    Tube-Tech CL1B - moosers's review


    The Tube Tech CL1B is a single channel compressor that is all analog and is a tube based dynamic processor. It has XLR connections in the back and is a rack mountable unit that will take up two rack space units. UTILIZATION The configuration of the…

  • Tube-Tech LCA2B

    Tube-Tech LCA2B - moosers's review


    The Tube Tech LCA2B is a dual channel compressor. It is analog and has tubes in it. I believe there are XLR inputs and outputs in the back. It is a rackable effect unit and each has a digital meter. UTILIZATION The configuration of the LCA2B can be…

  • Tube-Tech CL1A

    Tube-Tech CL1A - moosers's review


    The Tube Tech CL1A is a single channel compressor that is analog and is tube based. It is rackable and has XLR connections. The all tube and analog inlay of this unit makes for a great warmth and fullness not achieved with your standard outboard comp…

  • Tube-Tech CL2A

    Tube-Tech CL2A - moosers's review


    The Tube Tech CL2A is a rackable dual channel compressor. It is an analog piece of outboard gear with tubes in it. The connections in back are XLR. UTILIZATION The set up is standard for outboard gear as it has XLR connections in the back. The cont…

Translated user reviews
  • Tube-Tech CL1B

    Tube-Tech CL1B - " Legendary!"


    Mono compressor, tube, threshold, ratio, gain, attack, release, everything expected of a good compressor .... UTILIZATION For everyone who knows childish for operating a compressor ... Manuel well. SOUND QUALITY This device is the classic fig…

  • Tube-Tech LCA2B

    Tube-Tech LCA2B - " Tube compressor very hot"


    It is a Compressor / Limiter Tube upscale. Two channels, Adjustment Ratio, Threshold, outpout, attack and release channel. 6 preset attack - release Available. all floors are light. XLR connectors. Model Two rack units. UTILIZATION Typical con…