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moosers 01/25/2009

Tube-Tech CL1A : moosers's user review


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The Tube Tech CL1A is a single channel compressor that is analog and is tube based. It is rackable and has XLR connections. The all tube and analog inlay of this unit makes for a great warmth and fullness not achieved with your standard outboard compressor plug in.


The configuration is pretty basic for an outboard compressor and is easy to setup. I've never had to use the manual so I can't say how useful it is - it is really easy to control and I'm not sure the manual would teach me much I couldn't figure out by simply just using it. If you have access to the manual though, I would take a lot at it as I'm not sure what the nformation that it possesses is.


The Tube Tech CL1A is as warm as any compressor I have used. This compressor works great on vocals, but would probably sound good on anything that you would want compressed including drums, guitars and bass. Its extremely easy to get a nice sounding, full sounding compressed signal with. I track vocals with it all the time, and it adds a loudness and warmth to it that I can only get with real tubes like this has.


I've been using the CL1A for about a year. It is one of my favorite compressors and have always heard good things from other people about how much they like it. It it one of many compressors that I use, but if I only had to use one this certainly wouldn't be a bad choice. I can't say enough about the unique warmth that this adds, and while it definitley costs a pretty penny that most home studio owners can't afford, it is a top of the line compressor that is used in a professional studio environment. It can color the sound with warmth or you can get a cleaner signal depending on the way you set it. Overall this is my favorite Tube Tech model even though they make a number of great sounding compressors.