fabrice.fargues 08/01/2011

Tube-Tech CL1B : fabrice.fargues's user review

«  Legendary! »

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Mono compressor, tube, threshold, ratio, gain, attack, release, everything expected of a good compressor ....


For everyone who knows childish for operating a compressor ... Manuel well.


This device is the classic figure, thanks to its sound, divinely hot, it gives substance to the signal. The voice is terrible, the heat is present, but the definition does not suffer quite the contrary, it is a delicate work or "muscled" on demand, it is able to highlight the more subtle shades or any "crush" on its way ... The lead voice is gorgeous, turning the "big button" (gain), and the voice naturally clear, without putting the rest "in the basement" ... Magic ...


I am fortunate to have some compressors, and for a long time now, I am the best ... On lead vocals, coupled with an Avalon AD2055 EQ is simply monstrous, definition, air, heat, everything is magnified ... The price is well justified, even if it takes two to € 5,000 channels, but a good compressor, whether at Manley, SSL, Elysia and consort, the price ... Emulation under TC PowerCore is "enough" similar, but the "grain of his" is not there, for comparing the two in situ, there is a marked difference ... This unit still has a bright future ahead of him ....
Only sensible choice for those who can afford it, a pure joy to work with, especially an extraordinary musicality ... I say legendary ....