AKG K 702
AKG K 702
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All user reviews for the AKG K 702

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
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Editorial review
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Users reviews

JimboSpins's review"Loud and hurt my ears"

AKG K 702
I have been using the AKG K 702 off and on for 5 months now and the first thing that stands out to me is how loud they can get. For some reason I feel like they get louder than any other set of headphones that I have used. In the studio we had to keep these only about halfway up because it seemed like they were always blaring loud. They are circumaural open headphones that come with a 10 foot cable. They are very light and portable. When you purchase them, you will not get a hard carrying case which would have been nice considering the price of them.
The frequency response is 10Hz-39.8 kHz and the impedance is 62 ohms. These open back dynamic headphones cost a lot and they are pretty light.
I have used the K 701, and K 271 MKII from AKG. All 3 are great but I prefer the MKII’s because of how comfortable they are and plus they are cheaper than the 701’s and the 702’s. The 701’s were around before this pair was and the crazy thing is that they are both the exact same price. The specs are virtually the same and the only difference I could distinguish between the two is the color.
The sound of the AKG K 702 headphones is very clean and crisp but after wearing these for about a hour and listening to music with them I would get a headache because I felt like the highs where very harsh in these headphones. It was almost unbearable after about an hour I hated the way they sounded in my ears. I have used many AKG headphones and none of them made me feel like that so the 702’s just are not for me. I do not recommend these; I would suggest getting the MKII’s if you want a great sound and comfort.

ZeroPoint's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super helmet"

AKG K 702
It is self-adjusting and you envloppe many ears (even large as mine = 0). Trop.La not good (the 29/06/2014) I saw at 211 euros on the site so what will of plus.Je have 4 months for the price and more with a 3m cable you can change me think it is worth seeing.

I use it for all my computer and then stereo.
It is very comfortable and ears breathe, not like headphones fermées.Tu can discuss that with any one while listening to music.
I keep my head about 2 hours and the semeine double the weekend and I think I can say that it is top and does not tire the brain = 0).

It is strong enough and has the detachable cable right side gauche.Niveau performance for the price this is the best I think.

The audio quality is very balanced which is good for mix.L image stereo is removed and can be distinguished very well for example a guitar that is 30% right and the other (solo for example) is 10% towards your side gauche.Des bass is therefore neutral for lovers bim bam boom big I recommend.

MaiMai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Highly recommended!"

AKG K 702
AKG K702: Comes in a nice neat presentation box, these headphones AKG K702 monitoring type is open Revelle be a very nice tool for mixing and mastering. Listening, bandwidth seems very friendly, not aggressive or high frequency of large low tiring! I appreciate the musicality and distinguishes the precise position of each musician or singer in a set. Of the same brand, I also owns 271 MkII, closed type and with less spatial. Sobriety is a trademark Akg! To delve a little deeper into the extreme frequencies, I am also using another listening, Sony (boosted too much below 200 Hz and 12 KHz to exaggerate!) Can carry the K702 long hours without penalty through off padded leather headband but also by large soft velor ear pads that surround the ears well. The drivers are of large diameter and well away from ears, result: it sounds airy and spacious! The cable of sufficient length is detachable via a mini XLR, very convenient for example when replacing connectors and adapters jack 6.3 and 3.5 or more are provided! The materials and quality manufacturing (leather, velvet, plastic, stainless steel ...) reinforce the impression of seriousness of the subject, Made in Austria ... in short, I recommend strongly that more than listening to great value / price quite reasonable. Do not hesitate!

Use and ergonomics are of an excellent standard!

To see in the long term, but everything seems met to ensure proper strength!

The audio quality is simply excellent for editing and mixing!

lcarre10's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very nice product"

AKG K 702
3 months of use exclusively on my kronos. I have not tried other models because that's what I wanted headphones after reading all the articles and opinions about this product.
What I love most: the overall sound quality
What I like the moions: weight after one hour of listening.
value for money: very correct: 200 € used.
I would do without this choice problem.

I use the headset especially for playing the keyboard and so far very little to listen to music on my stereo equipment.
The coating is nice but I personally find a bit heavy and tiring after an hour of this game is probably normal you tell me .... but for now I have no other option because no monitors.

Headphone minijack and solid.

Very good quality and sound insulation écout even if I do not have elements compared with another device. Very good overall balance, especially in the midrange and treble, a little less in serious but it does not interfere with listening. The stereo image is accurately reproduced.

quash1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent"

AKG K 702
I just acquire this headphone and I was a little scared over what was said on the bass, but in fact it made a great headphone that is in the bass, medium and treble
it is perfect for mixing, mastering and adjusting instrument.
normal if it is for one, it is for two to see three.
people who complain about the lack of bass are made of people get too involved in unconventional sounds.
it n 'there's listen to the songs of blues blackfoot "every man should know" live.
This song is based on bass, on any chain this piece will make a superb low and when you are listening on the headset, you realize that the bass is set to the millimeter. it is sufficient to adjust the bass on this song if you want a good low fat.
or do the same with another song, this is not a disability, because this headphone is not made for listening, but for mixing and mastering.
stand the effects of manner not to put too much or not enough.
same for the space, I think the record is superb and can tweak its settings on the sides.
it is expensive without being expensive, everything is relative, you want to be good, or you want to shit.

al171717's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great helmet"

AKG K 702
How long have you been using?
I've had 3 months

What is so special that you like most and least?
I'm a fan of his extremely loyal restitution can I love a least its lack of bass and sub bass. This is very minimal ... I manage to agree on a number of music

Did you try many other models before buying it?
I have not had the opportunity yet I spent whole days to go testing and customer reviews on this headphone as well as competing brands for a headphone of this type.

How do you rate the quality / price?
The report quality price seems very good

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, without hesitation. A great product that I think I would never part with it.

However I think this headphone would only do harm to another headphone cheapest 100euros without a good dac and a dedicated headphone amp, I listened for a few weeks on the output jack of a computer and I don ' have not taken advantage of this excellent headphone compared to now ...
PS I listen to all my music in flac!

waxxmaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A headphone extremely accurate"

AKG K 702
How long you use it?

I shared a test "hot", because I just got this headphone, and I must say I am amazed.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

In regular use only headphones Sony MDR-7506 closed that fits not quite in the same range of use, I will keep for decision (since the AKG is an open headphone), and it is flattering to the Mediums This is not the case at all of the "AKG (good for corrections / mix master, a little less pleasant for the composition, the AKG lack of heat on this point of view.)

What is so special that you love the most, least?

This is a very good headphone for the use intended for it >> corrections mix & master.

Indeed the details and errors mixes "jump to the ears" immediately, he is ruthless on this point of view, I say I was surprised because such corrections EQ suddenly became easier and the mixture of the instruments.
Once the instruments in frequency ranges intermingle too close, it is there to remind us that a good shot of EQ is to remember. I mean, unlike my monitors (Mackie HR824 mk2) and my old headphones (Sony MDR-7506) where it saturates quickly or it will not, and that's good, you come out with a very clean mix .

The sound is neutral and close to the monitors, thereby not having to return on both X & co EQ ... it's very nice.

It is not tiring to wear, or listen to (unlike the Sony which is very tiring and projecting in the treble / midrange). The atria may be a little much, but it is comfortable and is quickly forgotten.

The bass is like you may have read elsewhere a little behind, however accurate. I think it helps a lot also makes it less tiring than other headphones. I would advise against anyway for fans of electro music made on very low for the components (for mixing things will go)

Level of manufacturing quality, we vera with time but it's pretty perfect on that side obviously it looks to be solid. The two elements that tire generally over time (atria and cable) are apparently available separately.

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?

Certainly for home-studiste it's always a bit wrong to put that price in a headphone, but for the most demanding one is not disappointed with the result, it's worth it! And this choice I would do without hesitation. Audiofanzine thank you for your test headphones that allowed me, finally, to choose a headphone almost perfect!

Modesty23's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GOOD headphone, BUT NEED RUNNING"

AKG K 702

This headset is great, however, to make sounds with big bass (eg Dnb)
I did not really like, actually, made sound too perfect:-P

I am separated because in the end, nothing better the good old monitors for the product.


AlexJansen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" surgical"

AKG K 702
This headphone is, as the brand makes clear, a headphone designed for mixing and mastering. In other words, a kind of 'work hard hat. " From this perspective, it does its job: retail, spatial, neutral frequency response. It is completely flat, and lets nothing pass, and if something fair in your mix, it will point directly above the ear, without mercy! So it's not a flattering headphone, which may have some remarks about the alleged lack of seating in the lower etc ... I think we're too used to eat low in all directions, and the K702 is there to remind us.
I find this headset just perfect. My mixes made with sound then easily on all media (channels, radio ...), it's a headphone analytic surgery.

The only small negative point: the leather under the arch is a little difficult at first, but using it softens and becomes more comfortable. They also say that this headset requires a few hours break-in (100/200) so that it delivers all it has in the belly I personally did not notice any difference between when I tested for the first time and now (although it must have 400/500 hours).

If I break it, I buy the same.

solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very nice listen, but lack of heat"

AKG K 702
The object is beautiful, the cow! Cocks headphones, black and white design on a well AKG ... Comfort is good, it tightens just enough.

Listening: Printing clarity, space ... The highs are very present, accurate, flattering, or even over-represented ... The mids are very clear but not really present, not really penetrating. The bass went where?? We hear them, it goes down very low but they are really missing attendance seating ...

Finally a headphone precise, clear, bright but the scene is a bit far, a little abstract, lacking a little presence ...

I set the bar a little high, but for the mix / monitoring: it remains a good high end headphones! But I keep my Beyer DT-880 Pro!

Bases of comparison: Beyer DT-880 DT-770, Senn HD-650, AKG K-240M
Headphone amplifiers of the Presonus Central Station / Convertos RME