Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms

DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms, Studio headphone from Beyerdynamic in the DT 770 Pro series.

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livewidmusic's review""Classy Audiophile headphones""

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO comes in 32 Ohms, 80 Ohms and 250 Ohms. I went for the 250 Ohms version, as these are very suitable for professional studio monitoring applications and the best among the series for audiophiles especially. This closed reference dynamic transducer headphone is a circumaural headphone constructed to fit around our ears. Weighing around 270 grams, the DT 770 PRO provides a frequency response from 5 - 35,000Hz, providing a nominal sound pressure level up-to 96dB. This headphone has a single sided cable for connection coming with a gold plated 3.5mm mini-jack plug and 1/4'' adapter.

I have done extensive research before purchasing the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, as I always do with all my products. After listening to these headphones from various different studios and receiving recommendations from several musicians and artists, I understood that the DT 770 PRO is something serious and still uses it since 1 year. Since I am someone who always travels and arranges music and mix on the go, the DT 770 PRO does an extremely professional job. I had previously used several headphones from different companies (not naming them), but they always failed me. After doing a basic mix with these headphones and when you playback on the monitors, you will realise how well the sound reproduction is produced by the DT 770 PRO. Though I do not suggest to get used to mixing with these, but for a beautiful start and for monitoring and listening to extreme detailing of the sounds and arrangement, this headphone stands out and is one of the best in the market. For $200, these headphones have to be grabbed immediately and are highly recommended for quality sound monitoring.


1) Innovative Bass reflex system.
2) All parts are replaceable.
3) Soft inner pads, hours of playback and monitoring will not give you the slightest fatigue.
4) Reproduces almost 90 % of sound detailing after mixing through these and playing back later on monitors.
5) One among the best Audiophile headphones for monitoring. Period.
6) Not over-priced.


1) No drawstring bag (Promised to come along with the purchase, but I did not get one).
2) The 3.5mm mini-jack is not that strong as it seems to be. A quick mis-handling can destroy the wiring. (This happened to a few of my friends and had to replace the whole headphone).
3) The box this gets shipped with is very amateur and not at all safe. To be honest, did not like the packing at all.
4) Optional ear cushions and travel bags are available for purchase on the website (Something that should have been given along with the purchase. C'mon!).
5) Slight coloration in the high mids and highs while monitoring.
6) Not recommended as recording headphones. Slight leakages noticed.

I had planned months before itself to purchase the DT 770 PRO's. After searching for something that could fit softly on my ears, playing back audio for extended hours without any irritation or fatigue, and something that can be used for mixing and monitoring at the same time, Yes, I went with the right choice, and will go for it, even if it was now.

-Livingroom-'s review"A reference in their own right"

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
I use them to control my mixes, especially the subs. They are very comfortable to wear. And they suit all music styles. They are very comfortable, but after a couple of hours of listening, you will feel them clenching your brain and heating up. But that's the same for all headphones.

They are very sturdy. I know several people who go on tour with them under questionable conditions and they are still hanging in there. However, the inner velvet-like cushions wear out in the long run.

These headphones are very precise (5Hz-35000Hz), they are well-balanced and can be even unsettling because they seem to have lots of highs. In fact, they are excessively neutral, except for a small dip at 80Hz. Their SPL is very good, at the professional level. They are closed, but don't isolate you completely from the world, only the indispensable.

I've been using them for quite some time, but I got mine two months ago. I love their price in relation to their quality and their well-balanced sound. In short, their reputation is well justified!

roska's review"The Standard"

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
I use these headphones in the studio and on the road FOR MIXING, MONITORING AND MASTERING.
They are very comfortable to wear due to their lightness, you don't notice when you have them on. Their acoustic comfort is remarkable.
All music genres sound good due to their excellent response. They go very low and have very natural highs. The frequency spectrum is perfectly balanced.
You can wear them for hours without any fatigue. People who wear eyeglasses, like me, won't be uncomfortable with them because they don't put as much pressure on your head as the Sennheiser HD 25.

The headphones are pretty sturdy and all pieces are interchangeable. The cable is long, it doesn't get in the way and doesn't produce any noise.

The audio quality is excellent. Don't forget it's a standard reference in the professional world. They isolate you very well from the outside world and don't let any noise through. So you can work in your MIX without bothering the person next to you. You can choose between three different versions (in terms of power), depending on your studio work. The 250-OHM version is better suited for Mastering and Monitoring. But that's a matter of preference.

I've been using them for two years. They are versatile headphones for a pro or home studio.
I don't want to compare them to other headphones in the same category because it would be ridiculous. All headphones have their own color and particularities. There are quite a lot of good references at this price point (AKG, SENNEHEISER and others).
You need to try them and take the one that suits you best. It's your ears that decide. There aren't many rules.
So, in conclusion, a good choice that I would repeat without a doubt.

PhiBee's review"Good product, good compromise."

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
I use them (250 Ohm version) in my home studio to compose, record, control my mixes and rough-mix.
They have a rich (in the lows) and wide sound. Despite their weight and size, you can have long listening hours with them without any fatigue.
Like every listening tool (headphones or speakers, regardless of their price), you need some time to understand them and get to know their "qualities" and "defects."
I now know them well enough to "mix" in silence, even if I still prefer to use speakers.

Solid, mini-jack and 1/4" jack (with screw-on adapter).
No degradation for the time being, neither the sound nor the cushions.

Good overall quality. Comfortable listening (Too much maybe? They bring to mind Genelec speakers, which are pretty flattering and require some time to "know" them and use them properly).
The 250-ohm version (with Yamaha AX-490 amp, from when they still made good and not so pricey amps... But that's another story) is comfortable enough to work in an effective and detailed manner. In terms of isolation from the exterior, they are ideal for my room and surroundings (which aren't very noisy, I must admit): No complaints!

I've been using them for 3 years and I'm quite satisfied. They fulfilled my wish list back then: Sound quality, manufacturing quality, use, and price.
I recommend them and, yes, I'd buy them again (even if that's a simplistic and not too rigorous way of seeing things, given the number of new products that hit the market every year!).

PS: For studio recording, go for the 80-ohm version.
Geo la bidouille10/31/2014

Geo la bidouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good headphone!"

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
A headphone that meets its commitments very effective, especially considering the price.

The headphone is well done as a whole, although I find the whole a little stiff on the ear. This velvet invites us to try this headphone yet the comfort is not up to what was expected!

Very well designed

Good sound and very good isolation, it was a bit hot!

Amyuzik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great"

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohms
I use it for 3 years and I am very satisfied.

I have not tried many other models before it. I already had a Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I always but not for the same purpose (I think, moreover, that the HD 25 more dynamic but this may be due to its different isolates, and his side "DJ").

The feature I like most is the sound quality and the one I like the least, his tendency to take very hot ..

The value for money is great for me when I see the price of some headphones like Beats or even Bose and although technologies are not the same (level of insulation) I remake this choice without hesitation.

Nevertheless, I would advise to use more miking or assisted mixing.
I'll be curious to try the DT990 to see the difference isolation and comfort but the DT 770 is prime.

I use it in my home studio for miking and mixing in different styles ranging from Electro Dubstep to Rock and Folk or even Trip Hop

The coatings are very nice.

It adapts well to my head and ears. However, I have rather large ears and the earbuds are good all around.

For me the headband is not too tight against by being closed headphones, use a somewhat longer it takes very hot and listening can be tiring despite the sound quality.

It seems very solid to me. For 3 years the arch has not released the pads have not degraded.

I'm not sure the cable is detachable but there is a threaded adapter to go from the connector format "Headphones" and Jack

The audio quality is top notch. There's a slight bump in the lower midrange but does not pose any problems, does not make its draft or another.

The noise level is lower than some other headphones (I have the Sennheiser HD25-1 II which I believe is 30 ohms so obviously louder at the same volume), but in the studio it is not annoying. It could be for use as nomadic headphones for MP3 player but it insulates very well so no need to explode the eardrums.

Insulation is very good. I happened to have some repisse the click sounds in some decision but the volume was quite loud in the headphone and the take was rather close to the microphone so nothing to worry about. For an even greater isolation, I believe that there is another version of the same headphones (DT770 M I think)