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Sennheiser HD 650
Sennheiser HD 650

Studio headphone from Sennheiser belonging to the HD series

Thread Comments about the review: Really HD?

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1 Comments about the review: Really HD?
Really HD?
It's Headphones Week at AudioFanzine and this Sennheiser HD650 review is the first one in a series of five reviews. Five different headphones will be reviewed by three of our editors, Los Teignos, Red Led and Will Zégal.

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The HD650's are a fantastic set of cans. However, like almost any true upper level headphones they require some care and feeding. You will get the best from them with lossless audio sources (AIFF/FLAC/WAV, etc) A decent quality DAC is also part of the equation. Custom cables are another option to raise the bar (Toxic Cables/ALO Audio/Moon Audio, etc) Ultimately, the old computer saw, Garbage in-Garbage out, is true for the HD650's. If you give them less than what is available they will present less than they can.

Care for them poorly and you won't be happy with the HD650's. They cannot make silk from a sows ear. However, buy them, feed them good signal from good complimentary components and sources and they will reward you with superior sound for years to come. :bravo: