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All user reviews for the Ultrasone PRO 750

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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jelly.roll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ultrasone PRO 750
see above,

yes, yes, yes, yes

planned budget exceeded € 100 but honestly no regrets as the quality is far above the lot and other models.

headphone remains a long term investment then all make an effort and do not be disappointed with his purchase in a few months. (Delivered in case, folding a pair of velvet ear forward, straight and spiral cables supplied - to note that the cables are detachable headphone swap so wish ... well lots of little things that are more- gains over the long term

taking acoustic guitar and mix
also listen to stereo

zic style, rock, metal, jazz, blues, soul, brief Acoustic full of various and varied things except techno boomboom and other nightclubs and rave parties style

detachable connectors, strength I have therefore not yet acquire back but it looks to be made to last for years!
it will replace my akg 240, which celebrates 11 years of good and loyal service (1st true headphone but noisy as semi closed

there is total slaughter, I had to take ages past 2 headphones to another (ultrsone 750, akg, beyer 770 etc. .. I do not have all the refs all headers) the results 'Ultrasone has all buried.

fabulous, dynamic balance, not listening fatigue comfort or canal side or port side, spacialisation formidable all instruments are distinct and above all be heard! skins resonance toms clearly audible sounds we rediscover songs!, acoustic guitars perfectly restored, ditto for the piano? voices ....

perfect no outside noise isolation disturbs tuned!

Keyzer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exceptional!"

Ultrasone PRO 750
I will not make a long comment, everything has been said below, I could have AKG / Shure / Sony and other famous headphones (especially during my transition to SAE) and then slap .... absolute comfort, quality and spatial dynamics really impressive, almost one out of the context of "I use the headset to control just a little," I would not say you can totally mix with, but just 295 euros and on the board of a seller (we did not have time to try it), I am completely hooked, short, exceptional simply, I tip for those who want to break their piggy banks worth it 10 times. try .. otherwise ranges below minus dear (obviously), I feel like we are in the must

toulatata's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ultrasone headphones great thank you"

Ultrasone PRO 750
I use it for almost a year. I had the Sony's audio-technica sennheiser, I listened to the beyer. Ultrasone and this is the best, I mix it with tired at night because I can not do otherwise and it is the top. the 750 is much more than the medium 900 that is wider and lower down but I feast with. I can highly recommend it, to test the 750 and 900. bright and lively Ultrasone headphones that not destroy especially the ears. for those who did not tune the dj one looks a lot I have listened to 130 euros is the top

vogenhauer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent accuracy"

Ultrasone PRO 750
1) How long you use it?
I use it for a year now can close. I can not do without even leaving it out on the subway listening to my iPod.

2) What is so special that you love the most, least?
+ A very wide frequency response
+ A precision in the low midrange / bass sound
+ Comfortable listening notable légé.
+ A spatial response found in other brands, with their S-Logic system.
(For the record, there is provided a demo CD with the headphones and the very first song I thought were really the instruments in the piece, bluff!)
+ A box and a nice design
+ The present sharp and very precise

-The price of 300 € in general. Personelement I bought on ebay<span style="position: absolute;"></span><span style="position: absolute;"></span> from a dealer in the U.S. seriously for 200 € including shipping (good deal)

3) Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Before I had a Sennheiser HD595 (open), I have used the Sennheiser HD25 and Sony MDR7506
Nothing beats experience ULTRASONE Pro 750

4) How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Value for the regular price for the product quality. For some, this may seem expensive for a headset. But when you need a headphone monitoring of extreme precision, it is the price.
Here we pay for, with the finish, accessories and audio quality.

I pressed very curious to know what gives the pro 900 and other higher-end models

madchap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not far from perfect ..."

Ultrasone PRO 750
I use it for a few months and before that it had an AKG k240M (600ohms)
The headphone comes with protective carrying case containing a pair of velvet ear parts and two cables, a right and a twist, and a demo CD that allows you to make a quick idea of ​​the potential of the headphone.
Although it costs almost 300 euros, the value for money is good.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: you have the proper position if the sound can be a bit odd. It must be right and push forward until the back of the ears that affects the atria.

I bought it to mix the audio in addition to my other headphones (which starts to get old) and I use it with a small amp ART plugs into my Edirol soundcard.
I also used to play guitar (POD HD500 and VSTi), and of course listen to music.

The headphone is very comfortable but it takes a little hot all the same. is a strong headphone and reasonable volume, it is completely sealed for someone who would be a score. It insulates well but it could be a little better because you hear when even a little of what is happening outside (It's not an anti-noise headphone either but good!).

I rode mine for more than 500 hours and after all this time, it sounds really good. The bass is deep and well defined extremenent. The mediums are relatively flat (no bumps or hollows particular) are precise and sharp-edged and bring considerable detail without being aggressive (and I am very sensitive to acute aggressive). It's really a pleasure to mix with such mean grades. What seemed at times quite similar with my AKG now sounds separately. It reproduces music in a very precise, almost clinical, and I am Extremely happy for that.

The S-logic is something that surprised me a little. When you listen to music (of all .. the jecoute Harkor tekno free of nag at the cyber grindcore, to classical and samba ... you name it!) S-logic is really very discreet .. I would say almost inaudible. For cons to mix it really helps to situate or is in space and it comes into its own when you watch a movie or soundscapes (with effects spacialisation), the you really feel like they in the midst of her, it's really impressive!

So in the end my point of view and for my use it is an excellent headphone. I have read many comments very slices (such as "Genial" or "Sea $ $") which is quite rare for a headphone of this type ... I am on the side of the 200% satisfied and does not include how can not love a headphone if balanced and accurate. I did listen a lot of people, most of the musicians and everyone found it very good. I hope it will be as strong as my AKG! in the meantime I urge you not to buy it but you interresser!