AlexT 04/23/2011

Ultrasone PRO 900 : AlexT's user review

«  It's all good! »

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I use this headset for 9 months for the composition / mix (20%) and listening (80%). My old headphone is a Philips HBC910 as far to say that I made the leap. Naturally, the PRO 900 outclasses even let up on the HBC910 both ways. Given the price difference is not surprising.

The manufacturing quality is the RDV, plastics inspiring confidence, 2 cords (1 + 1 twisted right) tip 3.5 jack screw on a headphone. Joints for folding and storage in appropriate box (most of south wind after a few tweaks my Tenori-on as it goes, two in one!), Very convenient! I travel a lot, I love it!

I had the opportunity to compare it with Sony headphones in the range of 150 € (sorry, I can not remember the ref. Qlq.chose MDR ...). Low PRO 900 are much more spare, identifiable, clear as those made by Sony, which seemed to be a mix between low and high frequencies. At medium, I should not have fine enough or the ear piece was not suitable. Regarding the acute, PRO 900 was clearer, more percussive. Across the spectrum PRO 900 seemed more detailed, detaching the sound of each other.

In conclusion, PRO 900 is a pair of cheap but quality, comfortable, convenient and providing (the record of my ears) listening analytically quite usable and appropriate to the composition or mix.

I remake this choice, yeah, sure!