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All user reviews for the Ultrasone PRO 900

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 19 reviews )
 14 reviews74 %
 3 reviews16 %
 1 user review5 %
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doc benway02/03/2014

doc benway's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ultrasone PRO 900
After 2 years of use, I'm happy but it is not the holy grail I expected. I still have to work hard even when mixing really trust him .. I understand better microphones EQing or compression on my speakers (BM6A) on the headset. I had to make a mix entirely through headphones when I bought, the result was very disappointing ...
So I would say its good, useful either in the studio, but do not rely too. I do not think it is neutral.

Use in recording and mixing on the acoustic music mainly.
Very pleasant to wear, beautiful boiboite with different wiring inside.

Seems solid, detachable connectors therefore, 2 cables screw, small wholesale jack-jack.

Very good sound I found a little "product" big bass and treble quite kind but no big surprise between my headphones and monitors many rules.
Good insulation.

clement2635's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ultrasone PRO 900
I use it for 1 year, and I have two other headphones akg Q701 Quincy Jones and Beat By Dre Studio (we do not ... lol)
Each headphone has its quality and its default (the only quality dre is its manufacture and comfort ...)
It is hard to compare the 3 headphones for each sound is different, does not prevent that the PRO900 will work best for his mix despite its treble and bass too present.
This is a headphone with a good value
I do not regret the past year with even if I'm using more.

I took this headphone as a complement to my monitors (adam A7X), and work for certain frequencies distorted by the acoustics of my room (yet Treaty.
I even made complete by using prods (electro / dubstep / dnb) and the result is stunning.

Beautiful production, we see that it is strong, lightweight, does not hurt after a long, pleasant to wear brief port.
Comes in unebelle briefcase, bag parts, 2 different cables jack (6.5/3.5). I made a good break, and the sound has not really changed over time.

So the advice will be different while being objective Extremely low, Very much treble, despite all the sound is really clear, it's still a work tool, so the sound is not really nice and embellished.
Pat Flam10/08/2013

Pat Flam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not for me, where is the music?"

Ultrasone PRO 900
I've had three weeks. I never would buy, I call into sales.
€ 400 for the sound, it's crazy.
This is just my honest feeling.
If you want the sound truth, get away from this thing.

Using sound recording and listening sockets.
Very comfortable to wear
Adapts well to any morphology, but beware of the placement, moving only radically changes the sound ...

Solid, detachable connection .....

So there really tastes differ from one individual to another.
Personally, this headphone is unlistenable, aggressive in the treble, midrange is cut (finally dug an incredible way for the price, the lower arch are predominant and not natural for a penny, it is simple, listen with your instrument ears, save it, replay it with the headphone, it's the same ...
Even rap or techno, I do not choose. I much prefer a 280 hd seinnheiser example ...
Los Teignos09/12/2013

Los Teignos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Headphones apart"

Ultrasone PRO 900
I use it for two years now and it really is an exceptional headphone ... but complement. I use it to check things out at the bottom and the top, however, that to get an overall idea of ​​my mixes, I have more confidence in my Beyer 880 or my Sennheiser HD25.

The price / quality ratio seems correct, since it has no competitors. If you are looking for a headset to hear the low, it seems a much better choice than a Beat because many much more accurate. And it is very interesting also in the top, price aggressiveness ...

Anyway, I highly recommend it, even if it is not off-road headphone that can be used in all circumstances.

I use it for mixing and pre-mastering only, since the acoustic seal is not his forte and he would propose repisse too much if I used it in headset jack. The music I make from rock to electro to pop or more jazzy stuff. The port is relatively comfortable and made in high quality materials. It fits properly to my morphology.

Its connectivity is unscrewed: it is therefore not come off by itself if you step on the cable. What bothers me the most in this context is the atria that tend to dissociate themselves from the arch and to always tighten.

This is a truly unique headphone in his report that, in my opinion, is not balanced (do not use it to get an overall idea of ​​a mix so) but allows you to hear that no other headsets I tested in this price range (Beyer DT880, AKG K702, etc..) allows to hear. Features include a detail in the low end is lacking in all of its competitors, while acute, although aggressive, are very useful at the time of editing to hunt small imperfections.

As stated above, the insulation is not his strong although it is a closed model: it is therefore careful not to use it for decision.

His sensible offer realistic stereo image technology has not impressed me more than that: a headphone is a headphone and I do not see me pay my pans with other speakers.

Antoine59552's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "The best investment studio of my life""

Ultrasone PRO 900
Everything is in the title simply
this is the best investment of my life at all levels
I would do without hesitation that choice

I use this headset for my computer music oriented production house and electro. I was looking for a headphone can offer me a studio quality worthy of a pair of monitoring conducted to a large part of the mixing and pre-mastering.

this headphone can easily completed 80% of work and even more depending headphone styles
I rediscovered music

it is very solid, the packaging is nice, two cables spare pads that could be better

this is the slap in the .....
depth is the bass quality is just incredible it's like a festival and the record is incredibly clean.
When the stereo I do not even speak. I'm staying on my taping chairs with their demo cd. Work the stereo mix with this headset is a treat.

antoine62400's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazed at all levels."

Ultrasone PRO 900
Bought € 300, the value for money is excellent.
The headset can be used to return the records, there is very little repisse.

I hope I did not make the same decision in 20 years, but it will without hesitation.

Purchased in addition to low-end monitor for 300 € 3 years ago, I was expecting a mostly neutral headphone that would be my point of comparison (and especially correction) compared to my main monitor (the acoustic piece untreated).

Use and ergonomics at the top: 1 box protection, 2 cables, I take them everywhere with me in my backpack. on the other hand, it is true that it is large (9/10)

No fragility felt in 3 years. Despite the compression in suitcases or in the bag, the headphone has never took a shot and still seems like new, no degradation of sound recorded.
I agree with a previous review: 10 years of life to a minimum.

Without being a pro, you can immediately feel the precision of treble (bright but not aggressive) and the presence of low (far ahead). Talking in low: They are accurate and do not spill over into the mids. In fact, listening well, we realize that there is not more volume on the bass, but the headphone down very low: this is what gives this huge depth sond! It is an ideal complement to monitoring speakers (8 ") and my other headphones because when the realization of my mixes, I realize immediately realize if bass is not precise enough or if they spill over the medium .

chcrosne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ultrasone PRO 900
used for 8 months
I have not been wrong before, Koss, AKG ...
Before buying I did some tests with my CD store and this is the one that convinced me the 750 model is less well defined but also in serious and I liked him another which I Forgot reference.

Well it is not given.

Using sound recording, mixing, studio.
Comfortable to wear although it may take a little warm.

Solid and unscrewed cables, mini and large jack provided along suitcase / bag.

Exelente quality, the spectrum is respected and superb stereo imaging.
Insulation for a closed headphone is very good.

Arno0ob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A jewel"

Ultrasone PRO 900
It is expensive course. But:

* The audio quality comes at a price - always. I prefer a thousand times set aside for me to buy quality equipment rather than having the low end that will not allow me to end work "properly"

* I see it as a long term investment. I kept my almost 10 HD25 in working condition, I can not imagine having to change the PRO900 before the same period. Therefore, it is expensive to buy, but over the period of use (estimate short 10 years), I will be back in less than 40 € / year. When I see that within cost about the same amount and die within a year, a year and a half, I think there is no photo.

* Is what I would do this choice - yes yes yes

* I have not listened to a lot of other headphones, so I do not have the ability to argue on the benefits and shortcomings of this headphone compared to the competition. The only important point for me is that it matches my expectations. Quality - reliability.

Home studio use only. No dedicated room at home, my home-stud in the living room. I do not use more than 2 ~ 3 hours / day, as my musical activity occurs only in the evening after sunset children so I can not say if it is too tiring. Personally, it does not get tired!

I invested in a Sennheiser HD25, several years ago, and it was really the end of life (crackling / saturation in the left ear of frequencies) foam sticking out. In terms of comfort, tended to HD25 (too) compress the ears. It was a quality as the soundproofing was pretty good, but impossible to work with without long breaks. Here I can stay more than two hours of non-stop work with the PRO900, at no time did I feel the need to remove it to relieve my escourges (and I wear glasses).

I put 10 because it satisfies me completely.

The strength, I would not know what to say, I have not tried to throw it out the window D. on the other hand, large positive, the power jack is provided in two copies, and 6.35 mini jack. It is screwed into the hull of the left atrium and in my opinion it is a really good point, impossible to pull the cord if mishandled.

Also provided with a rigid carrier bag and foam twice.

Ditto for the note, it is absolutely in line with what I could expect from a headphone of this quality. I guess there are better or nicer but at what price?

Bluffed. This is the term I would use to describe the first listening done with this headset.

I generally listen to everything from jazz, electro, reggae, rock, not classical masses, but hey, to each his style.

To give you an idea of ​​the degree of accuracy achieved with this headphone: I'm a big fan of Roy Hargrove and I listened to his ablum loop Emergence big band, released in 2009. Well, we hear the triangle - distinctly!

So, after I do not have the technical knowledge to compare to others, whether he is pretty good at low frequencies, it has too much treble or midrange, but for me it is a real treat, a good tool that allows me to discover more albums.

Kaprikorn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Training"

Ultrasone PRO 900
I bought this headphone almost a year ago.
Once out of the box, I was really pleased to see the qualities of manufacturing quality. Nothing to say, it is well presented, it inspires a true sense of robustness.
Listening to the CD supplied blew me away, especially in the bass (monstrous deep)
Just listen to the track "also sprach Zarathustra" to be convinced!
I once read on a forum a user who expressed his disappointment of the bass. Objectively, I said:
- Either this guy was deaf
- Either it was not long to be!
Not really difficult to say that these headphones lack bass. But beyond the fact of having, it's accuracy is totally bluffing.
I think this requires a headphone "training" of the ear (hence my title) to discover the subtlety and great qualities. We do not turn the question into two hours.
According use (composition or listening) can sometimes say "average ..." or "awesome!" but never "blah". And, with experience, I tend to say that if there is something "average" is that really the source is not of high quality. Because it lets nothing pass headphone (micro breath, cuts, etc., means any if one has spent time lead over his ear)
The only time I found it tiring headphone, it is compo. Never listening, even on pieces hyper compressed or saturated.
Com but, it does not surprise me too much. When EQ for example, frequency sweeps long, etc.. In short, it produces "sound operations" can be very repetitive and "non-musical" where fatigue (this is only my opinion!)
On electronic sounds ultra compressed, I think we perceive less sound pressure with a monitoring system. Let me explain:
In a very typical piece of the "loudness war", there are still some passages without kick (but at the same maximum level)
Much on my Fostex 2.1 I hear clearly the sidechain compression when the kick enters (we feel that the melody tumbles few dB to make room for the kick) as the Pro 900, I have not felt too much. I think that this may be a phenomenon related to headphones in general (sound pressure) but I do not really know. Psycho-acoustically speaking, there's no such decrease in volume in the headphones that I have seen with monitors.
We all know that the headphone mix is ​​not ideal. But I think with this one, you can do it without a problem (except possibly in some cases of hyper compressed musical styles as mentioned above)
Issue price is not given, it is true. But like anything of value, if one cares (which is my case) is a great investment.
And for those who still hesitate because of the price, here's my advice to acquire smooth (what I did):
Purchased 10 times free with credit agency, then I found a coupon on the net 50 euros (for the opening of revolving credit)
Review: Price 395 - 50 = 345. With the cost of revolving credit (thirty euros I think at the end) I was actually cheaper than the price and nine credit! What else? :)

laulau010's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very well"

Ultrasone PRO 900
How long have you been using
Aquis recently running a night at moderate volume, I did not try other models baucoups différant one focal brand which is very surprising by its claretée one and two beyerdynamic akg and beat (pfff)

The feature I like the most accurate and low hyper acute deep the great set overall accuracy of the sounds that I found to work great waves of tables in osc virus ti (for example) there is the same super reverb with this quasque
great as if you mix with mini monitors with a great depth.

With complex sounds and the sounds of live 8 (with sound effects synté well that not drool same same with a big kik more HA HA)
it is perhaps néssécaire keep on hand a well quasque moin and low anceinte games

quasque this is too peutére values ​​sounds that I was wrong to have this Advent quasque there is a risk that the dimension (s-logic has much to do)
seen that particularitée of this technology is not deafening.
Colégue well with you one who will lend you a headphone walk-man.

It perhaps lacks a bit of medium that are slightly recessed but nothing very Gave to see after a break-in period!
Quoit happens all is clear not panic

of a sudden discover and re néssesaire bookshops and patches since there are more pretty distortion of my old gear lol.

I think the virus ti sounds is great with this quasque.

for those who desire the noise of a Boeing 777 Takeoff
or f1 is not to buy it qui'il
one can save for your old gti and faittes mix in cofre.

the quasque is 96 db (Sound pressure level 96 dB)

this is not done to disco or (dicotec it depends) for ball that says that Pete is not enough!

Finally good quality / price is good German
therefore finished well equip cables spare pads and a nice boiboite.

ps: buy music in comeback
http://www.comebackmusic.com/pro-900-ultrasone, fr, 4, PRO-900.cfm