mhch 10/23/2009

Ultrasone PRO 900 : mhch's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Here is a month since I bought this headphone and I'm still amazed at all of music dtails agree. The bass is deep and detailed, but clear and without overload, the major extreme is the same as with the prsence. the rest of the spectrum is also trs prcis and Submitted. Spatialization remarkable.

The sound isolation is excellent, I can not hear the speakers when I put the headphone, and I hear only my nylon guitar (probably the only remaining physical contact transmission) when I record, which allows me to hear the sound as it is recorded.

I tried the 7506 and beyerdynamic high-end purchase, and the ultrasound 550. And I thought they were excessive, even screaming at times, compared to one that is neutral and prcis all frequencies.

Compar my powered speakers TBS2a PMC, also remarkable, the only diffrence resident in the extreme serious on this headphone, and digs deeper, it would take a normal subwoofer to go down so low, and felt that the spatialization: the instruments seem RSID lgrement more "up" in space, but is also the spatial prcise.

I prfre far these headphones my speakers when I DSIR to focus on the bass line costs, such as transcription, then they are clear and easy to hear trs.

The finish is remarkable, for example, the cable jack is fixed APRS insert that screws, two cables one twisted the other not (I prfre), and adapter jack 6mm - 3.5 mm.

I do not know what I like least!

While the price is lev but the quality is at the appointment, and finally it is cheaper than a subwoofer or speakers high end. I will say it even possible to measure the quality of its speakers. Thank you my God PMC bear comparison, unless of course serious in the extreme.

I do it again this choice without hsiter.