Dj William WiLD 05/22/2009

Ultrasone PRO 900 : Dj William WiLD's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have a few days ago, so still running ... (I'm still listening level has a lightweight in terms of power)
What I like most the prcison the spacialisation Systm of ultrasound, low Submitted just enough ... nikel to compose and pre-mix without too much surprise by switching on my monitors DYNAUDIO ...
Yes 7509HD Sony, AKG, Beyer, and PRO 2500 (trs trs is good too ... but open a little boring if the world was doing something else ... ct or night if your CHRIE not sleep away ... LOL)
The report QualitPrix: Well then let's say for my part I looked for "EC" headphone long ago, the 2500 pro suited me but open ... so I opt for a closed then I really took a slap on the PRO 2500, for my part it was a musical exprience because I had never heard of the headphone as spacialisation ... it is immersed in the sound which helps me in the composition and the pre-mix ... really! so I'll say I invest! especially since I put it weaker than other headphones so in the end it's my ears thank ULTRASONE sr! and then the Ultrasone Edition 8 is really above my means! pfff ouaaaaaaaaaaa 1150 euros is a heart attack!
The report qualitprix excellent for me ... (Aesthetics is more sober, hard carrying case, two cables and two atria supplmentaires: COOL but it is only more ...)
With exprience oh yes, but I would hear by just 8 EDITION curiosities!