raf 12/29/2010

Ultrasone PRO 900 : raf's user review

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* S-Logic ™ Natural Surround Sound Plus
* Principle Dynamic, closed
* Frequency range from 6 to 42.000 Hz
* Impedance 40 Ohm
* Sound pressure level 96 dB
* MU Metal bufferboard, Reduced emissions in field shall conduct free ULE (Ultra Low Emission) standard
* Driver 40 mm titanium-plated
* Weight 295g (without cord)
Purchased some ten days running almost 24/24 so about 70 hours
and already the sound has really changed from the early low level that are more round
Spatialization is impressive from the beginning but I knew already because I have an ultrasound Pro 2500 for 5 years
bandwidth from 6 to 42 real
Compared to other brands like Sony, which announced 7509HD 5-80 um I say that low down to 100 max and again (for me it's a cardboard headphone stereo very poor low nonexistent)
Here the entire spectrum is present and the lack of bass and treble a bit garish medium sometimes on 2500 (open face headphone) was corrected
This headset allows the bass not always obvious in a home studio (I have Dynaudio BM5A)
The RPIX is certainly a little expensive but rather than buy several headphones at 200 euros it is worth buying one of the departure
I would do without hesitation that choice but I have for years it is no longer guaranteed 5 years and handmade in Germany and not in Asia as most headphones on the market

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