ADAM Sub 7
ADAM Sub 7

Sub 7, Studio subwoofer from ADAM in the Sub series.

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All user reviews for the ADAM Sub 7

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
 2 reviews100 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Correct
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Benjisun's review"Superb Compact SUB"

ADAM Sub 7
Ce Subwoofer est vraiment bien en usage Hifi/Studio.

Couplé à des ADAM F7 il ajoute une extension importante dans le bas du spectre.

Sur des musiques type Ambient ou même des production pop on perçoit clairment la différence.

Il faudra le régler assez bas en fréquence et en volume car sinon il prends trop le dessus sur les monitors.

Voir mon test complet ici [ENGL]:

sw80's review"Goes great with the A5's or A7's"

ADAM Sub 7
The ADAM Sub 7 is an active bass speaker that has a 7 inch woofer. It comes with a wireless remote control which is very handy because usually you put your woofer under your workstation and with a remote that means you do not have to get down that every time you want to adjust it. On the front of the ADAM sub 7 it gives you two motorized knobs that let you change the input level and crossover frequency settings quickly. You can even use the wireless remote to change those options quickly as well.


I use the A5 studio monitors with the ADAM Sub and it is a perfect combination, I have also heard the A7 with the ADAM Sub 7 and it sounds amazing but it is a little more expensive. There is a low cut off frequency at 31 Hz with the Sub 7.


This sub has 10kOhms of impedance and it weighs about 25 pounds. It comes with a 5 year factory warranty directly from the manufacturer and it should because this sub itself cost 600 dollars and by the time you add some monitors you are around a thousand dollars so having a warranty is a huge bonus.
This woofer will sound great with your monitors depending on which ones you have, I do recommend getting the A5’s or A7’s to use with it if you want the best possible performance you can get out of this sub. The main reason I chose to use these amp was because that I had the A5 studio monitors and it was recommended to me to use these sub with those monitors because they work great together. The sound is amazing and the bass is really low. I am able to get a better mix on my bass with this sub than I could on any other sub so far. I am very happy with this purchase and hope it last me a long time for my home studio.