Access Music Virus TI Snow
Access Music Virus TI Snow
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Access Music Virus TI Snow

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 15 reviews )
 11 reviews73 %
 2 reviews13 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

sw80's review"It never gets old"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
The Access Virus TI Snow is a portable synth with a built in audio and MIDI interface. The first thing about this unit that I noticed besides the sounds of it is that it is very portable. I have not seen many desktop synths built this well and still be affordable and portable. If you have used the Virus TI then you know how well the sounds are. The Access Virus TI Snow has the same exact set of sounds as the Virus TI does. The Access Virus TI Snow even has the same software integration as the original Virus TI did. If you own the Virus TI then I would not buy the Access Virus TI Snow because you will pretty much be buying the exact same unit, so it would be a waste of money.


Setting up the Access Virus TI Snow can be easy or difficult depending how your set up is. The sounds on the TI Snow are just flat out amazing. For the price this could be the best sound set that you can get. The pads on the Access Virus TI Snow are by far some of the best pads that I have ever heard. Out of all of the synths that I have had like the Juno, Fantom, Motif, and a lot more that I have used. The Access Virus TI Snow still has the best pads and some of the best basses on the market.


The Access Virus TI Snow has over a thousand presets and you can even get thousands of patches online for free. There are 21 buttons and 6 knobs on the Access Virus TI Snow, these buttons and knobs make it easy to reach and edit the functions that you want to be changed. It comes with some effects like the flanger, chorus and phaser.


You will have everything you need with the Access Virus TI Snow to get some really great sounds in your music. You will never run out of ideas or sounds with the TI Snow.

elektsnow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Snow
Such as Snow White, but Black


Such as Snow White, but Black


Such as Snow White, but Black


Such as Snow White, but Black
Buy Access virus is never able to walk back after the other-synth sound like crap cot has him (aside some like)

grosbasile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mass is said"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
View on site


The general configuration is it simple?
Child, clear, intelligent clear when I think I hesitated with an IT desktop for double price fearing not have quick access to settings, but first I have no regrets because just press shift and the corresponding parameter right and bam you have all the settings at the speed of light in the 3 knobs, left and right and left button for pages, if you tweak together with the filter, the parameter is left continuous display settings and put themselves in harmony with the rest. Logic and cleanliness even though quite waldorf ( I sold my blofeld for innequal volumes Patch (a nightmare)) failed with <span class="skimwords-unlinked">blofeld.on</span> based shift with another parameter and voila again all under 3 knobs! I would say it is even more convenient to play Snow live because there is no risk of getting lost in a maze of button and commit the irreparable, unlike 90% of the opinions given here and on the net, I say to the opposite, the desktop IT is more for the studio and the snow cut for clean and uncluttered live!
# The manual I have read online fast and as I said it is logical CLEAR AND FAST!
on the other hand, if you buy a secondhand like me, the Factory reset is done by putting out then leave the TAP Tempo button push on again and then relaxes and once again we turn back (turn the sound to zero to avoid the Wholesale click peter your membrannes) (J # was too much hassle to find the info!)


WOW., Was talking alot ... I understand now
before I use Roland Juno Waldorf clavia Nordlead, the Korgs, VST as Zebra, Nexus, Rob Pappen, Zeta + Ace Massive G force Alchemy etc, etc but now I no longer use that My snow they all sound like a toy aside (except reaktor and Prism that are still in my sets).
Is the sound HUGE, living, fluid, organic, biomechanic, Pure or Apocalyptic, space, galactic, tribal or radical, horizontal or vertical as you please, The Snow Virus TI IS ALIVE!!
More thousands of its interchangeable online and free ...

This synth estl'omega ... the alpha, the omega you restore the phoenix wings in search of its electronic high-flying (but not only sounds of pianos and other beautiful guitars purity.
The Virus TI for me in all its forms (desktop or keyboard) is what is the best to date
Mass is said


I dream about, Access did it ,a amazing discovery just like the day I discovered The Maschine sequencer, Live Hardware layer, also the TI Snow, Total Integration in NI Maschine is honey, happiness, blows we control all the parameters snow in hand with 8 knobs Maschine and 5 snow on the fly ...
When we go on the Access software, we enjoy, think everything is simple, easy to use, clean, efficient, logical, seriously.

Value for money is unbeatable if you think about it because this synthesizer give you more than 10 VST Synth would,and I doubt that you resell so fast ... and I have not heard better sound from any synthe.

A small pipe before the end, the New checker monitors nearby Monkey Banana, German Construction costs Jewish and costs you twice in the competition for quality can be even smaller and made to take advantage of a pure listening your Virus TI Snow is the nerve center of a musical production Professional high Trampe!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Powerful"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
I use it in Vst edit my patch and my sound card audio fastrack ultra to record.
Plugged into usb on macbook


The setup is very simple, I regularly download updates and patches across the site access, (indeed only downside for me would offer access news more often)

Editing is simple, especially in usb mode (vst), unlike the previous review, I did some testing parcque I was skeptical about the performance vst, for me it was like using a plug directly ... and frankly you can go is really great! all the native instruments, Rob Papen, arturia ... quality, power, color must be deaf not to pick up the difference, and the virus enters a mix to perfection ...
What I can advise the user that has left a notice on catastrophic virus is to buy a good sound card, RAM, and an EQ.


Perfect for techno, trance, club, house,
The bass is powerful, expressive and deep groundwater
The effects are good apart reverb that sounds terrible but not as good on most synth


I use it for a year before I had a virus b, access for me it's big sound is to make electronic music, if you want to do something go your way and buy a keyboard ..

benten808's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" elegantly versatile"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
Virtuel._ analog synthesizer oscillators, filters, envelope filter and amplifier, blah, blah, effects, blah, in short, ... Synthetic terrain with digital technology ...

It is a smaller version of the line carrying a single virus TI DSP chip 2 at cons his fellow ... Reducing the number of lanes in multi timbral 4 (4 different sounds in use simultaneously) against 16 ...

Fewer controls on the front ... However, three knobs are fully editable ... And engaging live, I never hacked more than 2 or 3 different controllers simultaneously. For the octopus just as they use a good MIDI controller to slides, knobs, buttons ....

Polyphony varies depending on the complexity of sounds in use, I already saturated in a couple of times in abusing frankly frankly.

The modulation matrix allows you to control up to 6 different sources, 3 destination settings each time. All without restrictions of choice ... It's like having a patch bay crazy.

MIDI compatibility, USB (via PC VST, Mac, 32-bit or 64 bit).

I lower the rating due to a compatibility problem that I solved PC by offering me ... mac ... Developers in Access are very Mac-friendly and customer service will not always be able to find a solution to your problems of compatibility software or hardware ...


Manual Quick delivery is good but not exhaustive. The site offers online music access a range of textbooks very rich. Consulting the reference guide is essential for a total use.

Access has also published a guide on the pedagogical use C virus in an optical "sound design". It is beautifully done and is entirely consistent with more recent products of the brand ... Read and implement essential as it expands your creative horizons and your understanding of the contraption.
The programming of the module from its facade gives the impression of a little repaint a room through the crack of mailboxes on the front door ... I use systematically the plugin interface that is perfect (well, almost).

The sound editing is of infinite wealth ... As pulled from the tips on various synths, I've easily transposed to my IT ... It is very easy to study manuals for other brands to emulate their concepts of IT ...

Access has made several updates to the OS Virus. In some cases, new features have been added (effects, ...).


The sound that comes out of this thing is purely related to the quality of your sound programs ... For better or for worse ... I am fully satisfied with the sound rendering and signal to noise ratio is excellent. Like it or not big fans of tech ... With that, Brown Brown, can do very, very solid!

Many sound libraries are available and offer a good range of tools to those who would not pay too much in sound design ... For my part, I prefer to make my sounds from scratch. But I also use some sounds programmed by some very talented members of the ACCESS community working in a variety of styles.

This synth can produce sounds simply magnificent. I make industrial rock, but this trick can rake very very large ... GLITCH, TRANCE, EBM, Progressive, Funk ... No limit!


I design and sound recording with my TI snow since four months. This is my first hardware synth and I'm totally satisfied.

Using the plugin and the 3 Controllers are configurable front features I like most.

Access is expensive, but it's worth it totally. The concept of the virus is a very good solution for virtual analog synthesizer ...

I have at home ever synth access ... I could not do without.

Service to review ...
bams oliveira12/11/2010

bams oliveira's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" virus ti"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
The manual is up


clear and sufficient?
yes of course


sounds they agree with your style of music?
yes I made the psytrance chill of the minimum
its sounds great Garas cold hot round edged bizar
complete it well with my g2


the next rack dekstop is more than i love knob

greg3000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Access Music Virus TI Snow
You can easily find the features on the site of access or elsewhere, so I will not go their job ... but rapidly
The interface also makes sound card (input output jack) and midi interface (1 + e 1 s)
The peculiarity of the virus is that snow is controllable via a plug in a sequencer like any other vsti.


Configuration is very simple, and the manual is quite clear to begin.
To go further it will use the pdf manual available on the site.
Editing the sounds is much more convenient than using the plug through the interface because the snow has only a small screen and a few knobs.
The good news is that 3 of the knobs are assignable to parameters that you want.


For sounds, we will instead move toward electronica, sound design etc. ...
Even if we can create the old organ sounds realistic enough, or even the drums that sound real, see flutes ..
In all sounds sounds electros current, or I suspect the use of a virus, which then I said, I can do it with the virus ...
The sound is distinctive, but still deadly!
The possibilities of the arpeggiator are excellent, noted that the data that they can control what you want ...


I use it for 2 years I think, and before that kind of synth, I had used as VSTi.
So my advice is to be taken lightly but:
since I have thrown my plugs in the garbage, and my progs have taken a look pro.
Value for money I think there is nothing to say.
I can specify that Access update regularly provides new packs presets, and a personalized answer if you have a concern.
Another thing, if you push too beast, is sometimes a bit unstable, at least in "plug", but creation is weak enough to be annoying, live I can not give an opinion.
I was fairly new to mix and master, but you can get an idea on myspace "Nomad For Love" / nomadsforlove
all sounds come from the synthetic virus snow ...
With experience I will ever be this election, with money I will buy the CT ... which has many more knobs and features editable quickly ..

Maxidingue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Snow
Version expander is no keyboard!
5 assignable controllers real-time 3 + cutoff, resonance
a max polyphony
Publisher PC / MAC VST i


Super easy to use
Edition as simple as soft Hard


The sound is pure ACCESS
Effects very effective
Arpeggiated sounds are for me the most convincing


I have the gear for 1 month. I had a desktop before
Mini Maxi's machine, but
There's no equivallent on the market. I sold my Radias for this beast. NO regrets
Report Quait price is reasonable with the snow (desktop and a cheap thriller)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Snow
Reue Saturday, 07.06. I was looking for a machine that can both collect some sounds of "pass and the ability to tweak the ... I servi.en few click on the ROM and RAM has an idea of ​​the potential of this machine . not being of the generation "techno / jungle styles" I begin to understand that we can spend time designing a sound just for fun.

the utility that I test with cakewalk is a undeniable asset. I had two crashes but nothing serious.


I am of the stage and I needed a machine that could get me out of the beaten track pattern and fantom xr (I use a lot of bidouills sounds on the latter). I wanted to find some textures I could find some software and it's done just by fiddling the oscilloscope.

I ride a project with other musicians using sonorits such as hang, and even the pitcher udu drums. the contribution of IT sonorits snowboarding should allow me to juxtapose these two worlds.

I took me a while before I decide, not being very aware of the possibilities and especially since most of the features on subjects lend themselves Machine analog modeling confusion. I test the P08 for example, and I immediately felt comfortable, my ears students being shot p5, p600, JP8. ... However, I see more marketing than anything else and TI's most innovative I think.


I started by finding and tweak the prophet style tablecloths and others, lead sounds and frankly has done. FM makes beautiful things. it really is the machine I needed. I tried the preset that can be obtained via the website access, there's also the matter from preset and to do his taste.


I test the r3, Alesis micron, SH201, Earphones demos blofeld, Plugiator etc .... but I decided to add at the end for IT snow.apres 10 days of testing, I am really happy !!

negative point:

the SLIP anti shoes left on the 1st day .. shame .. a small detail.
soft plant time to time and it is sometimes the galley adjust osci, in particular tonality.

the diversity bag.
At this price, I still can not believe it.

2HO's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Snow
Version without keypad (desktop). To report a bug exists across the board with the Virus TI OS 2.7 (last update): the MIDI In and Out are unstable. Owners of IT Desktop / Polar / Keyboard can reinstall version 2.5 for the MIDI ports are stable, not the owners of the SNOW. So until the next update, live in the south drive.

Connection of good quality despite the bug report above. Strong and effective audio connectors. Supply + external USB connectors. Virus Control mode everything goes through the USB MIDI messages, and even sync audio, and it gnial!

Sound banks are both varied and incredibly rich. A small lack of originality in sound dj Cerain heard everywhere, but a little fiddling, the multitude of tilt can be varied almost without limit types (I think of the oscillator is a new grain . The styles are trs Varis, every few minutes you can play the electro, trance, techno, hardstyle, and even the elctro-clash or glitch (blah, but some like). ditables All sounds are, half the sound is even and renregistrables effaables.

Obviously the Virus Control is the must ... no comment (see comments from other IT).

Amazing polyphony: 50 voices for 4 shares and is super modern. Each track is incredibly rich: it can push each track trs far, a lot of depth and prsence.

I put 9 / 10 and not the max rating because there are some bugs caused by the OS in beta: I&#39;m back for the beta versions but for the Snow we have no choice! Too bad for those who lack patience. I do not use that MAC may be the PC version is it more stable (that would be thundering). The main bug is the host to freeze the boot of a project (once started it is more stable) and the use of Soft Knobs (the 3 pots of rglage). The latter seems to bug disparatre when I put the pots in snap mode is the mode o knob is only active when he joined the current value, trs useful when g re 4 shares at the same time.


Gnrale simple configuration despite the impressive number of rglages. There are as many (see more) rglages as in previous versions, all in a small bote, at beginners Obviously we are a little skeptical ...

The edition of the sounds is very simple using the Virus Control, I have not had the courage to try a manual edition via 5 pots and tap the buttons, but I think that a good interface with a lot of pots will be faster if you want ncessaire CRER from scratch.

Manuel clear to the grip (with a few strokes of humor penss well, it&#39;s enjoyable when you start) you want by ds against the matriser bte manual is the only English and in PDF format, it&#39;s not a top. So I put that 8 / 10.


The sounds are perfect my styles (electro, techno, trance), but I suspected. What surprised me though, is the incredible eclectic of bte: I will change almost every week history of style to go around!

Sounds are trsralistes in terms of pure synthse. The vocals are a bit of heat but as the virus is generally east of the synthetic TRS, we gain this kind of an ct l ism hyper hyper modern artificial (!)

Effects effective and of good quality. The reverb is not transcendent, but it dfend. The delay is of incredible precision (it&#39;s hard to return the soft APRS). Say anything about other, more correct than the whole.

The expression is the thing I was most bluff at first: this synth is rel! After months of searching for a dark groove and expressiveness in plugins coteux sometimes it was just the impression of playing in the same court.

I love the banks and Acid Arpeggiator presets containing trs trs motifs and expressive. The CATEGORY Drums is a bit poor, but APRS while there are machines for a.


I&#39;ve had two weeks, and since I sleep less, I work less, but I&#39;m happy.

What I like most: the size and despite the size and incredible performance, and re-enable the relevance of the three pots of rglage (the presets are great tudis in this sense) the expression trs drives sounds, VST interface which allows publishing and management of hyper sounds simple.

What I like least: the plugin only delivered in beta (but with two small bugs which disappear when used independently).

This is my first hardware synth, but I dj shelved most of my VST. So Obviously I do not regret at all.

Excellent qualitprix despite appearances: it is small, the number of pots and shares is much lower than in the desktop version or another, but the 50-voice polyphony me because what ultimately DCID are 16 parts so the polyphony does not play more than 4 instruments? When other synths of the same size on some forums you can read a comparative imbcilit hallucinating: THE FIRST COST you understand why it is 1100 and not 350!

I would do the same choice with closed eyes, her ample Access MRIT reputable, and this virus is a worthy successor to the previous version.