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Thread My Introduction.

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1 My Introduction.
ok so i have to say something about me. lol
erm well....
Lets start at the beginning....
I was never interested in music at school simply because the music teacher thought a music lesson consisted
of playing a few records whilst we all sat and listened. Did nothing for me. Used to look out of the window. lol
After i left school i knew i liked the idea of playing an instrument but was unsure of what instrument.
So each weekend i would go into town and watch in admiration the guy from the music store playing the keyboards and selling them just as fast as he played them too! lol
I still wasn't tempted. but after several visits his sales pitch won me over and i purchased a keyboard. cost £158 had 6 preset sounds with a few pre programmed drums. bossa nova, waltz etc. lol
That kept me occupied for hours on end i can tell you.
And i couldn't even read music. lol
Anyway years later and after several changes of keyboards i went for piano lessons as i was playing by then but not able to read music. so i went for the sight reading. but hated the teacher as he wouldn't let me play songs i liked. all i could play was classical.
as good as classical is, at the time i wasn't interested. so i stuck it out for 2 years then packed it in.
After that i continued with music and moved onto recording gear.
Spent a lot on this and that which said it would do this and that for you but didn't. lol
I learnt the hard way.
Practice practice practice. thats what i did.
Lots of errors along the way.
Then years later i submitted some music/songs on a demo tape to enrol to get a place on a music course to become a musical facilitator.
I got on the course and spend the best part of the year teaching in a music department alongside the music teachers.
Learnt an awful lot in that time which i didn't realise until later.
Now i teach privately from home a few students piano/songwriting and vocals.
I try not to take onboard too many students so i have enough time to help the few i have already.
So for a few years i just did a lot of teaching and let my songwriting go by the by for a while.
Then in the last 18 months i've got back into making music up and started to enjoy the creation process all over again.
And after writing those new songs recently i looked online to find other musicians and found myself here!
So i posted up a message asking people to kindly listen to my songs and am now awaiting my first review.
So thats my story guys.
Feel free to call by if u think i could help you in any way on musical matters. ok
Many thanks

My music can be heard here ok if you want to etc..