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Thread Hello all..READ THIS FIRST!

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1 Hello all..READ THIS FIRST!
Hey there, i'm new to the forums(duh!:P) N i love to answer questions so make sure u ask me;)

Here's my setup (it's a bit small I know.):

*AMD Athlon box with 1 gig ram
*Audiophile 24/96, 192 sound cards
*UB 1002,802 mixers
*A couple o keyboards-PSR2000(Yamaha),Juno-d(Roland)
*Shure SM 57,
*M- Audio NOVA mics as main mics.

Yeah n some speakers obviously...

Now guys tell me in what other aspects i could improve this set-up...

I'm waiting:D
Probably the best thing you could do would be invest in some reference monitors for doing your mixes. "Some speakers obviously" tells me you probably haven't invested much time thinking about this end of your set up. Trust me, it'll be like pulling the cotton out of your ears, and it'll be much easier to mix tracks that translate well from on environment to another.
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OOPS! Sorry i didn't take care to mention that.. I already have M-AUDIO STUDIO PRO 3 Monitor speakers...is this a good choice 4 my setup?

I am jacksed, I want to build a home-studio, I dont know what are the things I need. Right now I just have a PSR 2000 and computer connected to it. Can you tell me what are the basic requirements for a studio, and their functions.

kindly help me,