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Thread Newbie With A Nuendo Question

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1 Newbie With A Nuendo Question
Hi Everybody,

I'm new to this board and I thought maybe the best way to introduce m'self would be with a (potentially) embaressing nuendo question - I'm trying to record some audio tracks with nuendo 2.2 using an audigy2 and running the latest KX drivers. The problem is the audio from the other tracks playback keeps leaking into any new track Im trying to record into - how do i keep the input seperate from the playback when im recording?

(Like i said, this could sound like a veryvery stupid question & its probably just 1 button I havent pushed but I've only just switched to computers from "old-school" recording so any help is appreciated).
What outboard gear do you have (mixer/monitors especially) and how do you have them hooked up? If you are using a Soundblaster based sound card, you may have to dig through the properties for the card and uncheck the dreaded "What U Hear" box.
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try using ASIO4ALL that worked for me to lower latence you then need to go in to device on the top of nuendo open device and where it says audio bay change it to asio4all that should solve it www.asio4all.com also make sure that the moniter and record button are slected