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Thread Newbie taking the plunge

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1 Newbie taking the plunge
Hi All, I'm new to all this so be patient with me. Last time I used a sequencer in anger was a Commodre 64 with the Sequencial Circuits dongle and software. Midi was new...the Yamaha DX 7 was on its way!!!
I am runnining a PC based system with the Emu 0404 and bundled software, Cubase SE, Proteus X ets...
all this runs into a Zoom MRS 1266 multi track where the 'real' instruments (guitar and base) are added, cuts down on the cpu work load...a few odds and ends, Paul Reed Smith guitar, zoom multi effect, some Behringer gear, works for me.
Used to be a 80's Heavy Metal guitarist, bit of session work, nothing big mind..a few low key gigs, just write for fun now.
But heres the problem, I can get all my VST instruments working in Cubase SE, and effects and real audio should I wish, but although the track being used shows the Proteus X correctly in the 'out', there are no sounds listed. When I bash the keyboard, the meters register that there is midi input....but no sound.
If I call up the Proteus X by the edit button on the Cubase track up pops the Proteus, sounds there if played from the little graphical keyboard on screen, but not from the midi keyboard....ahhh
by the way if I run the Proteus x as stand alone all works fine from midi...
Any one have a clue?
You probably need to designate the midi port that the keyboard is on as the input source for the proteus track. How you do that in Cubase, I can't help you with as I'm a Cakewalk guy!! :cool:
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