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Thread Freakuency Says Hi

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1 Freakuency Says Hi
Hello all,
I'm new to this particular forum and wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. Looking forward to getting to know many of you and also looking forward to learning alot at this forum. My interests lie primarily in ambient electronic/trance. I'm currently setting up a home studio with a mix of both digital and analog/vintage synths, while recording will happen purely in the digital domain. My influences include, but are not limited to, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Future Sound Of London, Chemical Bro.s, Sasha, Crytal Method, Moby and many others, but you get the picture.
Stay safe, everyone, and stay creative.:D


Hey Boiler',
I'm a texture artist primarily, but I also model and light. I work at ReelFX Creative Studios in Dallas. I work in Maya 6.5, Max 7.5 and BodyPaint, Z-Brush and Photoshop. I was a traditional artist for twenty-five years, before I moved into the digital/3d realm. I still love traditional techniques, though, and will never give up the tactile experience of painting on canvas.

I got into music in '81 and have been in several bands along the way, but none of them really satisfied me. I'm now building a digital studio in my home and its almost complete.

What kind of artwork do you do?
Nice to meet a fellow computer graphics artist in here..... whats your area of specialty, where do u study?
Hi Axeman,
Thanks for the warm welcome. Cool on the Blues, man, keep rockin' on. Looking forward to learning alot here. I'm a computer graphics artist by trade, but I'm passionate about learning more about music creation. Thanks again and TTYL. =)
Welcome Freakuency!! I'm a blues guy myself.....
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD