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Thread G'day - here's my setup - from Early Bird

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1 G'day - here's my setup - from Early Bird
Hi all. What a site for advice!
Im a beginner with the following setup:
iMac, Logic express, Tascam us-122 audio interface, EMU Xboard-49 midi controller, quite a few gigs worth of virtual instument synths in the shape of Kontakt2.
Ill only be doing audio recordings of vocals and acoustic guitar - the rest will be virtual intstuments and effects.

(Pretty open minded in terms of the stuff i want to come up with - Electronic, Funk, (if i could aspire to anything i spose it would be Gorillaz type stuff). (although ive just listened to a Johny cash CD for the first time in my life - what have i been missing!!))

Already got a couple of questions if any of you could answer:

Anybody know how to get my knobs and sliders on the Xboard to control the plugin effects? Keyboards working fine - just dont seem to be able to get the knobs and sliders working???

Realistic bass synth - ive got some great sounding bass instument plugins but is there any plugin that will deliver the sound you get from moving between frets on a real bass?

Muchos Gracias

Early Bird