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Thread Hello world!

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1 Hello world!
Hello there. I am a hobby musician with influences of trance, electronica, new age, celtic, and latin styles. My main instruments are my keyboards and modules:

*MOTU MidiExpress XT

*Wavestation EX
*Wavestation A/D
*M1-R EX

*Yamaha A-5000
*Kawai K-5
*Akai X-7000
*Dell Dual XEON PIII 667MHz running Cakewalk, Audacity
*Frontier Design Wave/PCI + Tango24
*Akai DR-8 for backup
*Behringer MX-9000 48-Ch mixing mixing board
*Behringer Composer Pro compressor/gate/limiter/expander
*DigiDesign S200 Effects Processor
*Behringer Effects Processor
*More to come :-)

I am currently working on getting Linux to run Rosegarden correctly (trying many distros), and hopefully I can get the right hardware to run Ardour.

If you have any questions on hardware or software, please feel free to contact me. If you need any work done, also contact me to see how we can work together.

Hello nice setup is it all hardware. I'm new to the scene been a Reason freak for a few years so decided to go sx3 and vsti but i love my hardware OB12. Need advice on a HUI was thinking of a mackie universal and i want an access virus mmmm.
I used to be a trance man but trying for progressive/house /trance feel now .