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Thread Problems with recording audio in Cubase Sx

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1 Problems with recording audio in Cubase Sx
Hey everyone!

I'm Joëlle and I'm setting up a little bit of a homestudio. I make my own music, I'm using Reason and Cubase SX 2.0 for half year now. I make the music in Reason and than I record my voice in Cubase. My problems is that everything I record sounds a little bit weak. I put the volume of both the audio and the mixer output to maximum and still I can't get it up to a volume of normal songs.

I hope you can help me out?:)
Tell us about how you're recording your voice (mic, mixer, soundcard, how you've got it hooked up, etc).
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Well I have a build-in soundcard is on the motherboard, this is a Asus K8N. And my mic is terrible actually, it's a shure c606 which is not really ment for recording I think. I record in my room with no isolation or whatever and I can see now where the problem comes from. I'm thinking of buying Pro Tools. I saw it at a friends house and I like the way of working far more than with Cubase Sx.
I think you'd be much better served by getting a decent soundcard, a decent mic, and a decent mic preamp. Software just records bits of data. It's not where I would start to better my sound.

I have achieved decent results with a simple Sure 58, a small Behringer mixer, and an MAudio 2496 sound card. You could probably pull all that off for what you'd pay for the new software....
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Yes you're probably right. I just don't know if I can get a reasonable quality by recording in my room. I don't need the best but just a recording without too much noise would be nice.
Hi, i also use reason and cubase sx2 for audio. Normalize ur vocals then compress the vocals track after recording. this will boost ur levels and also keep them at an even level. then add EQ for some clarity.

Does any one know much about multi-track recording in SX2?
I have an audiophile 2496 soundcard and a Behringer 1204fx mixer. I know I need an interface but what will be the best for recording bands?