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Thread Greetings From the Rust Belt

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1 Greetings From the Rust Belt
Hello all:

I am primarily a songwriter looking to sell, have gotten deeply into MIDI/recording because of lack of contacts and money for demo sessions. Am using a Motif ES for patches, a cheap Yamajammer keyboard for input, AT 3035 mic for vocals, and a Fostex VF160 for tracking. Like my rig pretty well, but I'm having some analog noise issues with the Fostex. Trying to go digital into Cool Edit for post, but kind of clueless as yet about the SPDIF format. Trying to keep the noise down. Looks like a cool site. Not sure how active it is at the moment. I hope it is, cuz I really need help on the SPDIF thing. I'll post that over in the (hopefully) appropriate forum.