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Thread Hi Spudniko here I wanna know how to use midi better

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1 Hi Spudniko here I wanna know how to use midi better
Hi I have just took a step back from using audio software from using VAZ, Fruity Loops Reason and Acid Pro to buying a Akai S2000 sampler,
Roland SH-32 Synth,
Roland MC303,
Evoloution MK125 keyboard,
another Midi keyboard (cant remember which one)
Yamaha MC1202 12 channel mixer,
Yamaha Qy10,
Opcode 64X Midi Patchbay
Edirol MA-10A Monitor Speakers
2 x Technics 1210s decks
Numark Kaos pad mixer
Korg DDD5 Digital Drums
RCL PA Speakers

However when i bought this stuff I had no Idea how complex midi is Is there anyone who is able to help set all this up as I really want to get this running thru acid pro 4.0, This may be easier once the patchbay arrives. But all i want to do right now is get the 303 to play sounds created on the SH32. Any help would be appreciated even if its just a number of a company who can get me up and running. Failing that Bandmembers welcome for Acid,electronica,hiphop shennanigans.
My influences include Squarepusher, Madlib, MF Doom, Luke Vibert, AFX, Venetian Snares and any oldskool rave stuff 90 - 94.