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Thread Hi all....

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1 Hi all....
I just found my way here after googling for some info on some monitors... (Am drawing up a (wish)-list of stuff I'd like to buy as&when/if I get the money).

I don't know how active this place is - (it could be dead for all I know) - but I thought I'd say 'hi' anyway. :)

Music wise, I'm a fiddle-player - (I play a lot of Celtic (Irish/Scottish) music aswell as Old-time/Country and Bluegrass), and play the guitar and keyboard a bit.

However, I'm beginning to realise that I'm a lot better at writing music than playing it. :D

I'm good at writing TUNES, and tunes which work with other tunes, (i.e. harmonies), and more tunes that work with those, ad infinitum. Well, maybe not that many, but still... ;) (The most I've managed so far (I think) is 2 main tunes together with 4 harmony parts (2 each) + bassline - (See (listen to) Excalibur on my Web-site)).

I use VSTi's exclusively atm, (mainly because a) I need a decent mic to record my violin, and the flat I'm in (with the neighbour's dogs), means that it's not worth it, and b) my guitar is bust atm). The two main vsti's I use being Edirol Orchestral and Super Quartet - (to go with my DA2496 sound card).

Unfortunately, (well I say that, but...), with my latest peices of music I'm already starting to go beyond these instruments, and I'm going to need something better at some point in the future...

Again, (as you'd expect due to what I play), I mostly write celtic style music - (though using the orchestral instruments etc,), but recently I've started to get into writing full orchestral peices. (I've written 3 so far - though one is pretty short). I guess it was kind of inevitable given the instruments I'm using.

Anyway - enough of me waffling - here's my music:


Let me know what you think :)

Darren Tomlyn
[s]Tune-writer[/s] Composer and Fiddle-player