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Hi everyone,

I am René :) and active in music since I was eight years old. I started having pianolessons in a classical sense and later I also had some lessons on the organ. As a child I quickly got fascinated by the organs and synthesizers I saw on tv every week in the Dutch musicshows Toppop and Countdown. Also, my pianoteacher of that time (in 1983) played a Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer in a band. During a lesson this synthesizer stood next to the piano that remained untouched that day. Since 1987 the interest in electronic music started to grow immensely. The music of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jeff Wayne's “War Of The Worlds” got soon my interest. Also the Dutch radioshow “CD-show” provided the needed addition on the field of EM. The music of Patrick O'Hearn, Mark Isham and Steve Roach also became a part of my EM-record collection. Only in the autumn of 1993 it became financially possible for me to obtain synthesizers and within eight weeks after the first Korg and Yamaha-synths the first electronic composition was born.

On my website are some soundclips of my latest album "Pro Sequentia". This record is inspired by the music of German artists and groups "Klaus Schulze" & "Tangerine Dream", but also the French composer Jean Michel Jarre.

Other music I listen to are: Marillion, U2, Kraftwerk, Coldplay, Talk Talk.

Well, that's for today. I hope to meet interesting and friendly people here on the forum.

best regards,