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1 Hey!
hey there! name's Josh and I'm aiming to start my own home recording studio. i have some equipment, mostly in the form of recording/edit software (I use Acid, SoundForge, FL 4, Audacity). My instruments are an E-series Takamine acoustic/electric guitar and my voice, as I love to sing also. The mic I'm currently using is a $10 Labtec internet mic that I bought at Wal-Mart; I have a crappy little built-in soundcard, though I do have audio input.

so, for the moment, I'm a lo-fi digital computer producer, though I plan to progress. looking into getting a Behringer mixer (either USB12 or USB8) because I'd like to experiment with a "digilog" (digital/analog) setup. hope to hear from anyone with any ideas soon! I'm open to ideas, suggestions, concerns, and questions.