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Thread let's hear it!

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1 let's hear it!
Is there a spot on this forum where everyone can post some of their music? I would love to hear everyones stuff.
There's no place on the forum in particular. You have to host it somewhere else and put a link here. Like the link in my sig line......
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Cool! Thanks...
desperate for attention - please look at me!
just kidding. looking for feedback on my stuff. critiques / comments / whatever.
check it out:
I listened to phatmajik off your site... nice panning 'n good sounds all round, track builds nicely and the drums are nice 'n' live :) I wouldn't be able to dis it from a studio point of view, and its quite a nice track, but I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you how to write a better song... because thats not really my forté :P I like the chorus, its nice 'n' blissful. perhaps some bigger delays or verbs on it, just to make it 'soar' y'know? nice fade out at the end btw :P I often' cant be arsed but its nice to hear it done, it works. :)

Yeah, I love feedback. definately just... need... FEEEEEDBAAACK. Im mental on the stuff. Anyone who could say 'aye that sux because .. blah blah blah' or 'I like that because XYZ' I would happilly give a big kiss to. no, seriously, I would. Im that kind of person =o)

The url for downloads is below, have a listen to 'Bring it on Ft T-Bone Tom'
recorded the vocals in a garrage with some drums and things kickin' about so they sound a bit weird (verby, then compregated) , but I got them into the track and mastered it all up and did my best. Its by no means complete, but im quite proud of it. Whats annoying me at the moment is how I suck the bass out of some of the drums further on in the mix, to make more space, and its just nae sounding good. (its prolly my best so far, I think :S )

looking for critiques, thanks, URL below :D