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Thread Hi All! Introducing myself....

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1 Hi All! Introducing myself....

Simon Parkes, based now in Llanidloes, Powys, Mid-Wales, UK, 13years within the music industry six of which I co-wrote/produced alongside the late great DJ Tony de Vit remixing for Shamen, Louise, S-Express, Rozalla and Taylor Dayne.

I have a mad passion for hi tech studio equipment and computer music.

I mainly use Cubase in various forms (VST5/SX etc...) but pretty new to SX since i grew up in the old school of Midi based music and found it difficult to change over.......but im getting there!

I hate manuals so i pretty much dive into new equipment head first and just tinker until i get what i want.

Before music i worked in Comnputers and Electronics (domestic/digital and commercial)....I still repair and build PC's!

Tony de Vit was my success story but i also had releases via PWL before that.

I have worked in various studios, setup bedrooms studios together with a major expensive full professional MIDI/digital studio. I now own and run a smaller but fully functional Digital/MIDI studio and seperate Audio editing suite for private/hobby use.

I hope i can offer some help and advice together with chatting to like minded people. :)

All the best!

Welcome Simon!
I am sort of new in audio recording but I am reading and discussing a lot about it.
As you will see, many people in this forum, aren't English native speakers, so it is a good idea to keep your language the clearest as possible. I am Brazilian for example. ^^
Anyway, feel free to ask and to even help!
Once again, welcome!

Jonas Reis

enemistar - modern, progressive, psychedelic rock
hey Simon!
Welcome Simon!! :cool:
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Cheers all!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I jump around onto many music forums with bangingtunes.com my main one (not plugging it just that i joined this one first and seem to be there most of the time....Im sure we can all share some help :) )

My main setup consists of a full MIDI/PC digital recording setup:

as listed on http://www.bangingtunes.com/forum/topic/t23825/page1/ (yep! it is all for sale! I just want to scale it down)

I also have a smaller PC audio editing setup (mastering suite) based around a Yamaha O3D digital mixer.

I have used Cubase VST since it was released...just after Pro24! But havent gone up to SX as yet due to not needing to.

I have just got into VSTi synths after spending over 13 years using MIDI and hardware synths.......so always learning :)