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Thread I-Have-No-Money.

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1 I-Have-No-Money.
Hello there,

I am George. I am from Greece. I am usually broke.
I am an electronic music dude and have been satisfying my need for bleeps mostly through software. In the past I have worked with Cubase (up till v.5) but since my OS decided that it will no longer share my PC I/F port between two apps, I sticked to Reason.

I will be making your life a miserable hell with questions! :)

hahahah gooood 8)
I am Don. I am from Florida. All musicians are broke or millionaires. I am a guitar music dude. I have my own studio. Try Cool Edit Pro. It will be nice and share.

Quote: All musicians are broke or millionaires.

Yeah, but I don't know any of the millionaire ones!!! :lol:

All the musicians I know are either broke, or have a day job...... 8)

Welcome, guys.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD