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Thread i was looking for you

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1 i was looking for you
hello everyone!
music is my hobby since 1982 and i've been playing guitars since then.
i'm so glad that now with a pc i can produce my music in a low budget and with features that once were only a dream :-)
i've been fighting with 4 tracks cassette recorders, trying to get the best from the less, using my guitar amp's reverb for the drum machine... then i spent all my first salaries to get an 8 track reel 1/4" tape recorder, a 12/8 mixer, a better drum machine, valve preamps for guitar and bass and a digital multiFX. too sad i had to sell back almost everything when my daughter was born. too happy when i realized that a pc could be turned in a home recording studio, and if you want to listen something i made with a couple of friends (completely self-produced) please visit http://www.baskabi.tk and post your feedback.