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Hobbyist bassist to recording engineer.



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 06/02/2004 at 07:12:34

I just finished grad school so I'm back to spending my free time in an enjoyable way. My family has pooled their money for me to get something nice. I was going to get a new bass guitar (I've only owned used equipment) but then thought I like some type of home recording/studio type set up.

I almost bought the mBox on impulse but I don't think it will run well on my Mac (G3, 40G HD, 600 MHz, 384MB memory).

Here's the equipment I own:
Computer mentioned above.
Bass, guitar, mic (Shure PM58) and an amp for each.
Korg SP-100 digital piano (w/ MIDI in/out).

Here's what I want to do:

Record songs I've written.
Record music to practice to.
Compose the drum parts and/or tracks, via a computer or piece of equipment, for said music and songs.
Possibly sample my own basslines for use in composing house/dance tracks.

I'll be combing this site for a while before I post the requisite newbie lame question. Until that time, free free to email me ( any suggestions you might have or reply to this post. I don't want to go over $500 (but prob'ly will) since that's the "gift" plus some from my pocket.

Currently I'm leaning towards a smaller digital recorder and a drum machine, but I haven't researched either yet.

Thanks for the forum,


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AFfinity Poster

2 Posted on 06/02/2004 at 09:19:01
Hello LibrarianDude and welcome to the board,

I'm sure you will find here many good people to share experiences ;-)
And please, let us listen to your song!!!



2 posts
New AFfiliate

3 Posted on 06/09/2004 at 08:47:48
Thanks Fred.

The research continues.... my buddy has a Zoom MRS-1266CD - Multi-Track Recording Studio and I had him show me some of the features. It seems to cover all the things I need except it is over twice the amount I was gonna spend.

I'm leaning to getting one used or an older version (1044). Being a newbie, I wouldn't know if there is some blatant reason not to go this direction. I know I'll now be spending at least $550 (prob'ly more,).

The MRS-802BCD (which is similar, no drum pads) is also an option.

Any input would be appreciated. (Should I repost this somewhere else on this site?)

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