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Thread Hello there, I need some advice

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1 Hello there, I need some advice
I'm a multi-instrument musician who has just recently found the time to do some recording. I have a MT100 Yamaha Multi track and will be upgrading my computer system to a Pentium 4 with all the bells & whistles to go with it. I have requested that the sound card be of the very highest quality within a fare budget.
I really would like to do a Mike Oldfoelf type thing on my computer but maybe not that fancy technically.

What Software should I get? Will My yamaha MT100 be useful. I'm a bit of a noveice to home recording, although I have spent time in a big studio, but their you depend so much on you engineer.
Can someone there give me advice, or a bit of a walk through to get me going. I'd like to save as much money as possible also.
Right now I'm having a hard time understanding Midi, Mp3, and how you tranfer analog to digital and then tranfer a computer file to a finished demo CD.

Also if there are any Progressive Rock musician who wish to exchange ideas I would enjoy that a lot as well.

Bruce Dun
can the Progmyster