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Thread for the millionth time...

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1 for the millionth time...
Hello - I'm a guitarist/home recordist from Minnesota. Need some monitor advice and I'm sure this same question has been asked a million times before. But I'm a rookie and am hoping those who are more wise than I on this forum can indulge me.

My studio consists of a small basemen :?: t room (8X10 feet). I've treated this small box acoutically to the best of my ability. It's reasonably dead, but not totally.

I have a cassette-based four track (please don't laugh, I'm cash strapped), a Mackie mixer and Samson power amp. I "mix" thorugh a pair of Polk audio high fi speakers (I realize this is wrong, but again, very little cash)

I want to buy a set of real studio monitors and can't spend very much. I found a pair of Alesis monitor 1 mk2's at American Musical Supply for $149 (US) they are a scratch and dent deal. Seems like a good deal and I'm wondering if any you have opinions on these monitors and whether you think adding real monitors would make any difference given the bad mixing environment I have.

Thanks for helping our a rookie in need!
Do you have a Dad or Uncle or Buddy who is handy. The technology that has taken over all aspects of music, has'nt changed much for the science of speaker/monitor technology. You can build your cabinets out of MDF 1/2" and any Speaker shop that specializes will sell you the tweeter Midrange and bass woofers you need for a good sudio monitor. THE LIBRARY is an excellent source often overlooked to find speaker design and you will save literally $1,000's of dollars on speakers honest. My brother and I built 8' high double 15" bass woofer enhanced monitors in a previous life for about $400, that we saw in stores for up to $8000 dollars. Your basic components of acoustic design are Physic of sound (Get a speaker design from the library) Good quality speakers, MDF or Plywood, And some insulation as a low end buffer & a bit of black paint!.
WALLA you have your studio monitors.

Good luck my friend!