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Thread hi all - starting up a studio (need a soundcard)

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1 hi all - starting up a studio (need a soundcard)
Hi there everyone!

I've just started to take lessons on studio recording after wanting to set up my own system for nearly 10 years (but never having read a thig about it).

I'm learning using reason and eventually Cubase too, But need to get a soundcard. Any suggestions?? (£150-£200 and I need to be able to input a Guitar and mic either directly into the card or need suggestiuons on how else I could do it that would fit on a desk).

I've posted a thread in the soundcard area if you want a bit more info on my dilemma. Oh! and I'm hoping to produce sounds Like Vast, NiN and KMFDM and eventually perform live.


Tom M
Hi Ron-

I'm a big fan of MAudio soundcards. Assuming you are going to do only a track or two at once (rather than a whole band at once, which has different requirements), I'd recommend an MAudio Audiophile 24/96 card. They're around for about $150 US. I would also recommend a small Behringer mixer like the UB1202- those are under $100 US.

With those two items, you will be able to turn out decent sounding demos. Whether you can or not is up to you!!! :D
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Oh yeah- don't forget to try to budget for some dedicated reference monitor speakers. You'd be surprised what a difference that will make in your recording....
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
cheers mate! :D
forgot to mention, will that soundcard be happy to play games and DvDs through it?
The new EMU cards are cool. They have awesome a/d converters plus a dsp ( for reverb etc.)
I actually use a MOTU 828 which is I find to to be awesome ! I recorded a band 2 days after I bought it using my dell inspiron 8200 laptop and it went without a hitch!.
I would recommend the 828 MK2 though cause it has a mixer onboard for zero latency. ( around 700 usd)
If you are downunder, i would look at buying one on Ebay as you will get raped by local stores who are a total rip off.( pay twice as much as you should).

I'm an aussies in USA.

End rant!