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Thread Just to say Hi

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1 Just to say Hi
Hi Guys

Well I suppose it was bound to happen at some point, possibly the worst nightmare newbie has entered the forum.
I have recently aquired some equipment, but with very little practical experience or knowledge of what exactly to do with it, and I kinda hoped that you wizards could possibly put up with ridiculous questions that are patently obvious to everyone else except, of course, me.
I have been playing guitars now, lead and bass for many years and I can bang out a few chords on keyboards, but I've never really thought about getting anything down, until now.
I have a number of guitars, electric and accoustic.
a Yamaha midi compatible keyboard
a Yamaha MT400 4track recorder
a Yamaha R100 reverb/delay unit
a 100W lead amp head and speaker cab
a 30W bass amp
a pair of studio monitors
and various sequencer software, Cakewalk/Ntrack studio/Orion pro.
Well thats about it guys. I won't pester you any more this evening as it's time to call it a night, but don't rest easy, I could be back. He He

Have a peaceful night

Welcome to the board. Hope you'll learn a lot from this forum. Feel free to ask any questions you have, members are usually very helpful to beginners.